March 22, 1977

His six-day living hell over, and his body dumped like garbage.

Two points about these horrific photos:

One, they were in the FOIA response from the Michigan State Police. The addition of these photos into their pathetic FOIA response was punishment for my dad, who dared to question the MSP about the investigation into his son’s murder. It reeks of now retired Det/Sgts Garry Gray and Dave Robertson, as well as MSP FOIA coordinator Linda Ortiz. That’s how this agency rolls.

The FOIA request asked “for the records related to Christopher Brian Busch and Gregory Green [sic]. In particular, this request seeks all information and documents related to Mr. Busch and Mr. Green’s [sic] involvement in the Oakland County Child Killer case.”

Apparently the MSP thought photos of my brother’s dead body was responsive. My dad did not need to see that. But I know you enjoyed that stunt. There is a special place in cop Hell for you two “gentlemen.”

Two, does this look like Tim’s body was carefully placed in funereal fashion, as described by so many in the press who drank Oakland County’s Kool-Aid for decades? The photos are proof that the Oakland County child killers were no “babysitters.”

More FOIA bullshit:

Note that they redacted the “suicided” body of the monster Chris Busch, but put the full on dead body photos of my brother in their FOIA response.

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  1. Multiple obvious things. They wanted to make your dad suffer more as payback for demanding the right to know wtf was going on in his son’s murder case. The price of FOIA docs tells us also that law enforcement does not want anyone to see records. And lastly I shudder to comment, poor little boy’s fists clenched gives me awful sense of his ordeal – I can only praise your courage and hope someday some answers come.

  2. I cannot begin to describe how angry I am for you and your family to have to experience this. There is indeed a special place in hell for some people.

  3. 46 years later, and your family is still living this hell. The ineptitude of MSP, and Oakland County officials is appalling. Your, and all the other families deserve resolution, and closure of these cases. Instead of being open, Oakland County prosecutors have hindered you at every step. I truly believe that law enforcement knows exactly who committed these heinous crimes, but are for whatever reason, covering it up.

  4. The cruelty in sending those photos in the FOIA information is inhuman. I’ve seen them before, but I force myself to look anyway so my emotions don’t become dulled. The wholesale legend they created with the “care” taken of these kids is sickening and yet, so many people, both new to the cases as well as those who have been living with it since the beginning, still buy the line – laid out, clean, cared for. Those people need to see the reality of what happened to these kids and know the depth of viciousness of Gray and Robertson, et al. And what the hell is with the school bus?

  5. Seeing the pictures of your brother were very disturbing. I hope some day the truth will come out. I still remember when the news came on and verified it was your brother. I was the same age as your brother and this case never leaves me. Kristin.

  6. And what the hell is with the mainstream media (bought and paid for) doing ignoring the victims??? Isn’t their even one journalist with integrity (balls)(moxie) to confront the system on this????🤬🤬🤬🤬

  7. I lived in Berkley, during this. Awful. Any mention of finger prints check on the skateboard?

  8. The pictures are beyond upsetting and its unbelievable people would lie to create a narrative. (They were cared for, positioned carefully, etc. I hate them all).

    I was also reading the FOIA request from Helen. I wish I was a millionaire and could ask them for copies of all those filing cabinets they speak of. Not to mention records that were hanging out at whichever detective’s house it was where he shipped the originals off to California.

    I so want this solved. I also saw the post with LBP. I keep thinking about how smarmy he was in that one interview years later. ‘I thought the Gremlin was a red herring’, etc. (Then why did you order every Gremlin be stopped and make it the focus for years and years, ass?)

    1. Oh how that smarmy pig loved touting how he suspended the 4th Amendment and had every blue Gremlin owner pulled over/searched! How could anyone accuse him of not trying hard enough?! Suspending the 4th was a much better look than an 18 USC 1942 action being brought against him and DICK for depriving my brother of his civil rights–his very life.

      LBP had a big problem on his hands–he staked his entire career and all of his bullshit on how “awesome” life was North of 8 Mile. Except he had a few constituents in suits who liked to rape kids. No big deal, it could be swept under the rug–until kids showed up dead on area roads. So these bastards had to manipulate the story–even our serial killers are better than most!–he/they feed the kids, wash their clothes and make them presentable for the undertaker. All lies. And then, in the midst of LBP’s senate campaign, he and DICK had to make sure this shit went away fast. Shove it off on the MSP who won’t be able to figure out any of this. It doesn’t appear to me that the OCCK was even handed off to some underling assistant prosecutor who would be ready to go if the MSP did get their shit together. That’s because they knew this case “would never be solved.”

      The media and the community let it go without a fight and these two horrible human beings knew that’s how it would go. Cops and one or two assistant prosecutors who knew or should have known WTF was going on here kept their mouths shut. They lived with it. “Get over it.”

      LBP never made it to the US Senate, but the “wise” and greedy voters of Oakland County continued to reward LBP with his kingdom as County Executive until he died. Even after his spectacular fails in the Jimmy Hoffa and OCCK cases. He brings so much opportunity to the county! We love him!

      Those OCCK records were sitting in Robert Robertson’s house before he shipped them off to a young script-writer. He didn’t charge her a penny. “Just return them when you’re done.” Right.

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