3 thoughts on “March 23, 1977”

  1. I have wrote you in the past. Today I was talking with my friend David ( he was one of the victims of Frank Sheldon)
    In past emails I shared with you that the morning after Brother was found my mother was driving me to Jr High off of Gill Rd btw 8 and 9 mile. Speaking with my friend I said that there was a KFC at 8 and Farmington Rd. Did the police ever question the owner or the staff who worked there. I tried to think of other KFCs in the location near 8 and Gill and cant think of any. Back in 1977 8 mile west of Farmington rd was very rural. Art Slosn worked the gas station near Power Rd and Grandriver and in that area there were a couple of fast foods but no KFC. I have a theory that whoever had Timmy picked up KFC on 8 mile and Farmington rd maybe hid behind one of the factories on 8 mile out of the view of livonia cops and Farmington Hills police. In my high school yrs we would park and party along 8 Mile business. Never seen one police officer. This is just a thought I had. Again I’m very sorry for all you and your family endured.

  2. Dear Cathy, I am very sorry for what you and your family experienced. I remember the events very well. Please let us know if we can petition Oakland County or if we can help in any way.

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