7 thoughts on “Former Flint-Area Priest Pleads Guilty in Criminal Sexual Conduct Case”

    1. If you go to the Bishop Accountability web page, they have a list of accused, sued, settled, and indicated priests for each state. I haven’t compared Michigan to any other state, but there are 193 sexually offending priests listed for Michigan, and Delorenzo is one of them.
      The Catholic Church variously maintains that pedophile priests constitute less than 1% to 3% of the priesthood, and that that figure does not exceed the percentage of pedophiles in the general population (although the American Psychiatric Association estimates it may be as high as 5% in the general population). Keep in mind that pedophilia is defined as “recurrent, intense, sexually arousing fantasies, urges or behaviors involving prepubescent children 13 years or younger.”
      A quick perusal of the descriptions of the offenses of the 193 Michigan priests show that 61 (3%) involved pedophilic offenses. What is irritating, though, is that the ages of the victims are not always mentioned in the write-ups or, for that matter, in the linked newspaper articles or legal documents. Rather, the words “minor,” “child,” “young” boy or girl, stand in proxy for age. In other words, there could be more pedophile priests on that list.
      Some of the Michigan pedophile priests were referred to Church-sponsored treatment programs, such as The Institute of Living (CT), St. John Vianney Center (PA), St. Lukes (MD), and Southdown (Ontario, Canada), and Jemez Springs (NM) where part of the treatment protocol was returning the priest to ministry, usually with highly vulnerable indigenous or immigrant/refugee populations. When there were large scale investigations into priest abuse, such as the one just published on the Baltimore Diocese, these treatment centers were rather routinely dismissed as places to launder accused priests and provide plausible deniability. In their employment histories, the treatment time was often referred to as “sick leave” and many priests were discharged and returned to active ministry, even if the treatment center warned against it. Others were transferred to Church-run retirement homes for what the Church calls “a life or prayer and penance.”

  1. Second to last paragraph tells us another freak gets the “old man” treatment. One year in jail, not prison. Four years of probation and a “lifetime” sex offender designation at age 84. Fuck you, padre.

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