Othram Labs identifies remains of 1991 “John Doe”

With the help of Othram Labs, Hernando County, Florida Sheriff’s Office was able to identify the skeletal remains of a man found in 1991. While there was no finding of foul play, the man’s identity remained unknown for over 30 years.

Previously, several labs, including that of the FBI, were unsuccessful in developing a DNA profile that could be used for genetic genealogy to help identify the man:

The remains, which were discovered in Novemer 1991, were sent to several labs in an effort to obtain a DNA profile necessary for identification. With the assistance and cooperation of the District 5 Medical Examiner’s Office, and The University of South Florida Forensic Anthropology Department; the remains were sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), DNA Labs International, and University of North Texas’s (UNT) respective laboratories. In spite of the efforts, no identification was made.

In February 2022, skeletal remains were sent for further genetic DNA testing to Othram. Othram scientists developed a DNA extract and used Forensic-Grade Genome Sequencing® to develop a comprehensive DNA profile. Othram’s in-house genetic genealogy team used the profile to develop investigative leads that were returned [to] investigators.


Thanks to Othram and follow up by the Hernando County Sheriff, the family of this Viet Nam vet will be able to give him a proper burial. Said Sheriff Al Nienhuis:

“We never stop working behind the scenes to identify remains and, if a crime can be proven, hold criminals accountable. We know that it is important to give family members answers whenever possible, even if their relative went missing decades ago,” the Sheriff said. “Although many of these cold cases hit temporary dead ends throughout the years, it is very gratifying when they finally get resolved. I am blessed to work with some very passionate, professional, and dedicated individuals who are patiently working behind the scenes to get answers on dozens of similar cases.”

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