It’s All Connected

Complicated stories are often best understood in terms of time, space, and association. This link analysis makes visual an immense amount of data and information in this case. It adds to an understanding of the crimes, the subsequent investigations, the abductions and recoveries of the OCCK victims, and how they geographically relate to overlapping and far-reaching crime rings, as well as the complicated social connections between victims and suspects.

This is the work of Dr. Kathleen Moore, Professor of Data Science at the US Army War College and an Oakland County native who lived in the area during the time of the killings. She hopes that this link chart will result in new angles of analysis that might yield new leads.

It is described by Dr. Moore as a work in progress. I am deeply grateful for her analysis, and for the hundreds of hours of work she devoted to this project.

**For viewing:

Expand the browser window to as big as possible, and if needed, increase the zoom on the window tab. Next, the chart is interactive, so hover your mouse over nodes for popup information (we will continue to add information over time), and click on nodes of interest to freeze a subnetwork so you can look at it more closely.

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