It’s All Connected

Complicated stories are often best understood in terms of time, space, and association. This link analysis makes visual an immense amount of data and information in this case. It adds to an understanding of the crimes, the subsequent investigations, the abductions and recoveries of the OCCK victims, and how they geographically relate to overlapping and far-reaching crime rings, as well as the complicated social connections between victims and suspects.

This is the work of Dr. Kathleen Moore, Professor of Data Science at the US Army War College and an Oakland County native who lived in the area during the time of the killings. She hopes that this link chart will result in new angles of analysis that might yield new leads.

It is described by Dr. Moore as a work in progress. I am deeply grateful for her analysis, and for the hundreds of hours of work she devoted to this project.

**For viewing:

Expand the browser window to as big as possible, and if needed, increase the zoom on the window tab. Next, the chart is interactive, so hover your mouse over nodes for popup information (we will continue to add information over time), and click on nodes of interest to freeze a subnetwork so you can look at it more closely.

12 thoughts on “It’s All Connected”

  1. This is just such a remarkable and magnificent contribution and commitment. I will be searching to see if the connection of the priest in India has been identified from many years of me shouting about it. John Robert Thwaytes was a close friend of Frank Shelden and he was a severe paedophile and I have evidence suggesting he was a murderer. He lived and trained in the Mary Glade seminary and he named his first orphanage trust Ferndale after the suburb of Detroit. I have evidence of dead bodies he concealed in his orphanage in Malbazar India
    I have photographs of paedophiles at the orphanage who are directly connected to North Fox Island and the Detroit Central area of the Oakland County killings OCCK
    The priest had fake identity passports so he had opportunity to be in America where he had many connections in Detroit while his own passport might show him still in India as a British national missionary priest ordained in Detroit USA.
    I literally have maps to the locations of corpses in the orphanage which were concealed
    I personally think this man who is been dead for some years should have his DNA test from his family or his body should be exhumed because I think he’s tied to these killings

    1. Ade, let’s see if a link can be added near our old “pal” Shelden. I know you have written a lot about Thwaytes. Can you send a brief description that could be added (it’s hard to condense this stuff) to my email? I have seen photos of him, but if you have one that would work maybe it can be added next to his name.

      1. Absolutely I will

        I am travelling in Thailand but I will make it a priority as soon as possible

  2. What ever became of DNA testing Paul Johnson’s sister? Was he officially ruled out?
    Where is Crosby on the chart?

    1. John Crosbie, William Yarbrough and Ronald Johnsonbaugh are near the upper right of the chart, near Ferndale and Mark Stebbins. As for the DNA, nobody keeps me updated, that’s for sure, but I believe they have DNA from some 61 people. To say there is “no match” (the situation thus far) is deceptive because they are only comparing to some mtDNA and a partial Y-str sample. They have not tested all of the evidence in this case for DNA. There is a lot of evidence in this case (clothing, belongings, etc.) that literally has never been tested for DNA. So I don’t see how they can argue that anyone has been officially “ruled out.” Interesting limbo situation, isn’t it?

  3. I always felt the suspect lived within the proximity of all abduction sites. Especially close to Tim’s abduction site. I say this because of the time and the day he was abducted. It’s hard for me to fathom that a child killer would be driving from Flint or Detroit on a Wednesday evening and hunt behind a Birmingham pharmacy.

    1. John, I completely agree.

      No one knew that Tim would be out at 8:15 that night in mid-March. In Michigan, it is pitch black outside at that time of year. The chances of an abduction team coincidentally “hanging out” in that parking lot, hoping an unaccompanied minor would randomly come their way at that time on that Wednesday night had to be about zero.

      No, Tim was abducted because someone haphazardly saw him on his way to the pharmacy on that short two-block trip.
      The suspect(s) had to be already in place in some house on either Yorkshire or, more probably, on Knox.
      Maybe they owned a house, maybe they rented it. or maybe they were just visiting other creeps.
      But the point is, by chance the suspect(s) saw Tim go by, drove to the parking lot, and confronted him when he came out the back.

    2. But none of these suspects seem to have careers that would stop them from being anywhere at any time. They all have a randomness about them- Kristine and Tim going to the store, Mark walking home, Jill on her bike. Two in daytime (Mark/Kristine) and two in the dark. I know there have been some people that are convinced they are a failed attempt by the OCCK, it would be interesting for them to discuss as a group to see if there was any person in common. Of course, it would be hard to ferret out who was truly approached by the OCCK and who was approached by a random creep…

      1. KP,

        I agree that all four classical OCCK abductions are (seemingly) random.

        I have long argued that no creep could have predicted that Mark would walk home from the American Legion Hall; that Jill would take off on her bike away from her house; that Kristine would walk to the 7-11; or that Tim would skateboard to the Hunter-Maple pharmacy.

        I think there was no one single “OCCK”, that in fact these cases were the result of a sizable ring of (loosely?) connected creeps. The four victims were intercepted at random by creeps on the spot.

        Whoever kidnapped Mark was either himself in the hall that afternoon, or got a phone call from a fellow creep in that hall with the message that Mark was out on foot, alone.

        If the list of people attending the Ferndale American Legion Hall event that afternoon ever surfaces, I bet it contains a valuable lead. (Probably why it hasn’t surfaced.)

  4. I absolutely love this picture of the case, and am looking forward to Cory’s input on any information that should be included. After all, he discovered much of the information.

    I like that you can use the control-F shortcut to highlight a particular cell that you are looking for, and make it easier to find.

    I also like that I can start at the “Investigation” cell, and drill down to the information I am seeking.

    Love the container cells for “Tested for DNA” , “Polygraphed by Police”, and the different pedophile groups. I can never remember who all was tested, polygraphed, etc.

    Well done Dr. Moore!

  5. I see a rather detailed write up on Hastings. Only thing that is missing is that anything remaining of the results supposedly documenting the very revealing polygraph test has ‘mysterious’ disappeared in recent years with no explanation from anyone along with the redacted text from the FOIA papers themselves which points to a cover-up of some sort.

    This should maybe be included because of it’s importance and that so much of this is becoming faded memories for some folks as more suspects come out of the cracks.

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