Check out this article about the Cass Corridor by journalist George Hunter in The Detroit News. The damage to children and teens in the Cass Corridor of Detroit is incalculable. I remind readers that Ike McKinnon of the Detroit PD gave pedophile monster Richard Lawson a badge in the 1970s and considered Lawson a great informant. How many pedophiles and child abusers did you bust, Ike? I’m guessing the answer is pretty close to zero.

This story is heartbreaking. Described as a “magnet for child predators,” the Cass has a horrific history. “When the Oakland County Child Killer case was rekindled in the mid-2000s, investigators learned about pedophile rings that operated in the Cass Corridor.” (Emphasis mine). Surprise, surprise, gentlemen. And as most of my readers know, that shit bled into good old Oakland County, which in many ways was no better than the Corridor. And we can’t forget, like investigators did, about the goings on at Frank Shelden’s house of horrors on N. Fox Island during this era.

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  1. I have talked to George a great deal about the Cass, and it’s unbelievable to think that it was almost setup to be the cesspool it turned out to be on purpose; like they came up with a plan to isolate these families into one place so they could prey on their needs and on their children. Some of the stories that have been told by some of these poor victims are so outrageous they seem almost unbelievable, but if you take the time and dig into it all, these unfortunate stories are very real-life experiences. And very few people have paid the price for their unforgivable crimes.

  2. Sadly, it is obvious that this case will not be solved until the powers that be and their ancestors are dead. The fact that Oakland County Sherrifs dept, MSP, et all…will not submit to outside entities to perform DNA tests says it all. I am sorry, Cathy and the other families. This has been a huge coverup.

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