A Shout Out to My New Reader in the Netherlands

WordPress stats show a blogger what countries readers are in.  Yesterday and today my little map showed me I have a viewer in the Netherlands.  Around the time of the OCCK murders, the FBI and the Michigan State Police were investigating a child-sex ring run by Ann Arbor multi-millionaire Francis D. Shelden.  Shelden fled to Amsterdam after Gerald Richards, who ran a boys “nature camp” on North Fox Island, MI, for Shelden was arrested for child sex abuse.  Shelden was never extradited and died in the Netherlands in 1996.  Authorities never found Shelden’s wealthy partner, Dyer Grossman of New York.   I’m sure authorities didn’t get much out of Shelden’s attorney, L.Bennett Young of Bloomfield Hills, MI.

When the Netherlands passed a bill outlawing child pornography in 1985, it was the only country in Western Europe that had not outlawed child pornography.  In addition, it had a strict law on postal privacy, making it perfect clearing house for child porn.  There was no extradition treaty with the US when Shelden fled there in 1976.

So, I have a viewer in the Netherlands, despite the fact that I have done very little to publicize my blog.  I guess it makes sense.  But if I get readers from Thailand, I am going to be seriously bummed.

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