WordPress Statistics Platform

WordPress is a free blogging tool and obviously the platform for my blog.  It has some cool web software.  As I mentioned, it shows number of views by country.  It also shows “referrers,” such as FaceBook and search engines used to access the blog.  Most of the views are via FaceBook, because I simultaneously post blog entries to my FB newsfeed.  Thirty-four people have subscribed to this blog via email.

When a viewer is referred to my blog via a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, WordPress software shows the words and phrases users find me with when they search.  A handful of readers accessed my blog via search terms as opposed to a direct link.  The five search phrases used so far are:

catherine broad word press (Makes sense someone would find my blog this way.) (1 search)

catherine broad oakland county child killer blog (Same deal.) (3 searches)

oakland county child killer barry king favorite memories of Tim (What the hell?) (1 search)

occk chris flynn (earlier this week) (4 searches)

christopher flynn berkley pd suicide 1978 (this afternoon) (1 search)

The last two search phrases kind of stand out, especially if you reread my blog entry called Predatory Crime.  Weird, huh?

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