1 1/2 case of Bush beer and 5 candy bars at the A Frame Party Store

The previous photo is of a Supplementary Investigation Report filed by investigating officer Jr. Brandenburg of the Montmorency County Sheriff Department in Atlanta, Michigan.  The photo is not the greatest and my scanner is not cooperating, so here is what the report says.

Complaint No. 0685-77

Offense:  Sexual Offence [sic]

While the report is dated 2-22-77, the body of the report clearly states that the dates in question were 3-19-77 and 3-22-77.  It is signed by Jr. Brandenberg.

On 3-19-77 our Office received a call that Chris Busch was seen with two Juveniles, in the Hillman Area.  On 3-22-77 I started checking the area for the person who called.  I found the person who called, a Susie from the A frame party store.  When she called her husband would not let her give a name because he did not want to get involved, he was afraid of what the kids in the area would do if they found out that he was involved.  His wife stated that she thaught [sic] that Chris and two boys, one 16 yr & one 18 yr came into store and baught [sic] 1 1/2 case of Bush Beer and 5 candy bars.  She stated that subj who looked like Busch did not speak, also the two boys were back in the store Sunday alone, they were driving a black type vehicle and she saw the words on the side of Ramcharger or Ranchero.  The first time they came in store was on 3-19-77 at 3:00PM, that is when she called.

I checked with Merwin Young on ESS Lake and he thaught [sic] that he saw Busch in the IGA store in Hillman on 3-19-77 at 2:30PM, he stated that he had three young boys with him 13yr 14 yr 15 yr.  He was not sure if it was Busch or not.  I showed the Photo at Morrison Store and no one could identify them.  I checked the Hillman Area and no one could say that they saw them on the week end.

Signed, Jr. Brandenburg

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