Here’s how I found out my brother was dead.  There were a few people at our house the evening of March 22, 1977.  There was a small t.v. placed on a table in our living room at some point during the week.  Johnny Carson was on.  Black and white t.v.  News ticker at the bottom of the screen said:  Body of a young boy found on side of Gill Road in Livonia.  My Mom and I turned and stared at each other.  Somebody–a woman, I can’t remember who, said something like “we haven’t heard anything, don’t jump to conclusions, blah, blah, blah.” A priest from our old parish and the police chief came over a few hours later to “break the news.”  It sucked.  Two neighbors came over after they heard and sat with us.  As the sun started to come up, they said they wanted to leave before my brothers woke up and came downstairs.  I remember people discussing who would tell my brothers.  Nobody wanted to do it.  I volunteered and was quickly given the job.  That sucked, too.