James Vincent (Vince) Gunnels

Next up to bat is James Vincent (Vince) Gunnels.  In March 1977 he was 15 ½ years old.  He had the misfortune of meeting Chris Busch through his next door neighbors in Flint—Chris Busch’s nephews, who were around the same age.  Busch pled guilty to CSC charges filed against him on Gunnel’s behalf.  Truth be told, Busch victimized not only Gunnels, but also his two nephews.  I told you he was an unrepentant, conscience-less pedophile. Gunnels, unlike Busch and Green, is still living.  To bone up on Gunnels’ connection to this case, check out the following links:




It will take me some time to pull together all of the information I have on Mr. Gunnels.  In the meantime, consider this:  When interviewed by police on March 6, 2008, Gunnels said that during the mid-1970s, Chris Busch’s mother (Elsie Busch), “pulled up to him in a limousine in his neighborhood in Flint, and offered him money not to say anything to the police or testify against her son Chris.  [Gunnels] told us that he and his [younger] brother just ran home.”  (FOIA Document 01220.)

On deck:  John McKinney, the owner of a Birmingham art gallery who was beaten and murdered in his gallery in September 1977.  He was also an ordained minister with the Christian Temple Association, a nondenominational religious and philanthropic organization in Pontiac, MI.  Here’s something one of my brothers remembers:  The cops are quoted in The Birmingham Eccentric in the wake of McKinney’s murder stating that it “had nothing to do with the Oakland County Child Killings.”  On what basis were they able to make that assertion so quickly?  And why say it at all?