“Justice will only be served when those who are not injured by crime feel indignant as those who are.” –Solon, Ancient Greek, Athenian Statesman and Lawmaker

I could walk into my office, open the cabinet I keep all of this depressing OCCK stuff in, blindly grab any hand full of papers and have plenty to post about on this blog at any given time.  Some of it is from the MSP’s FOIA response after my Dad had to file a lawsuit after they shut him down.  Some of it is documentation in the form of emails, correspondence and news articles that happened in “real time”–a timeline and diary of sorts of what has happened since I learned in March 2006 that the wool has been pulled over anyone’s eyes who believes the abduction and murder of these four kids (and you can bet there were others who were never linked to these serial murders) was adequately investigated and that someone in authority didn’t come up with his/their own solution to try to make this go away.

FOIA document, page 01281:  “4-29-09:  ***(Met with Polygraph Examiner John Wojnarski)***  Garry & I, along with Dave, met with Polygraph Examiner John Wojnarski (MSP Retired) to discuss his (Wojarkski’s) old polygraph partner [Larry Wasser].  . . .  Wojnarski had told us during an earlier interview that [Wasser] had a number of large file cabinets in his basement containing old polygraph files back to when [Wasser] began in 1972.  Wojnarski had told Detectives that [Wasser] was a meticulous records keeper, is a ‘pack rat’ sort of guy and doesn’t get rid of anything.  . . .  Wojnarski told Detectives today that the last time he was in [Wasser’s] basement and saw these files was approximately 1999 and that he has had little to no contact with [Wasser] since.  Wojnarski, knowing [Wasser] stated that it would not surprise him if [Wasser] has moved the Busch polygraph file since this all came to light in July of 2007.”

“5-7-09:  APA Rob Moran called me this morning and stated that [Wasser’s] attorney, James Feinberg was at the proscutor’s office wanting to talk to Rob about [Wasser’s] situation under our investigative subpoena.  I advised Moran to tell Feinberg that investigators have uncovered a lot of information since we last spoke with Wasser that leads investigators to believe that [Wasser] has been less than cooperative in this investigation and that there are questions that need to be asked of [Wasser] under oath.  Also that based on what [Wasser] told investigators earlier about not remembering pertinent information, but having a vivid memory of other events surrounding this case from the 70’s, along with what investigators have uncovered, Investigators believe that [Wasser] has not been completely honest about his information in this case.”

And, just so you know, all of this work was done by the Wayne County Prosecutors Office and Livonia PD.  One of Livonia’s sergeants was “on loan” to the MSP task force allegedly working on this cold case starting in 2005.  I’ll tell you who did all the work on this case–the sergeant from Livonia PD.  It’s obvious from every stinking page of the 4,000 FOIA documents given to my Dad.  And Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy’s office has done a remarkable and admirable job of sticking with this case in the face of complete lack of cooperation by the Oakland County Prosecutor (after she promised, after being newly elected, in a meeting with Wayne County on 2-20-09 that the current Task Force could count on the full support of her office–FOIA document 01271), and the complete lack of cooperation by the MSP and the FBI (specifically S/A Sean Callahan) after this lead was fully developed by Livonia PD.

Four kids abducted from Oakland County.  Three of the four of them dumped, dead, on Oakland County streets.  My brother Tim was dumped in Livonia, Wayne County.  This was the only break we got.  Livonia PD, Wayne County Medical Examiner Werner Spitz (not the joker in Oakland County), Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office.  Admittedly, the heat was on in Oakland County, so whoever dumped Tim’s body knew Oakland County was almost impossible for a body dump.  The evening news on 3-22-77 announced that beginning with the second shift, police in Wayne County would be stopping cars to search for Tim–as police had been doing in Oakland County for days.  Fuckers must have been watching the news–Tim was dumped around 11 p.m., before the shift change.