Maybe I’m not operating in a complete vacuum.

This morning a very cool friend told me she reads my blog every day.  She said she was sorry I had to write it, but she understood why I do.  She said: “You have to do it.”  And she should know.  We became friends before we learned that both of us had lost a brother to murder. 

Here is a quote from an email I received a little while back from a reader.  I didn’t ask for permission to quote from it here, but I am hoping it will be ok.  I was reeling that week and this email righted the ship: 

I am writing today because I cannot keep this in and I wanted you to know that I “get it”.


My heart was breaking for you when I read your post on May 28, 2013 and again on June 3, 2013.  I do not understand some of these people who comment on your blog that cannot see between the lines of 1) the failed investigation and 2) why you are posting a blog in the first place, and 3) that you are an educated woman with character and common sense, and 4) that your family(as the other families) have experienced things that not a one of us has EVER had to go through.  It makes my blood boil at the ignorance.  I am sorry if this comes across harsh…I will not apologize for these feelings or thoughts.  I know you “get it”.


You should no way have to keep repeating yourself about your motivations regarding this case…to ANYONE!!

Thank you, thank you to both of you.  As for people who hold the opposite view—thank you to you, too.  You motivate me to keep this up.

5 thoughts on “Maybe I’m not operating in a complete vacuum.”

  1. Hi Catherine,
    I wanted to let you know as a follower of your blog, that I support all of the efforts that you and your family have made. I am compelled to your story, and pray that there is some fruition to this case. I hope you find encouragement in knowing that you have solidarity from complete strangers who truly care about your peace and justice for all victims of the occk. God bless!

  2. Does anyone know if the Adam Starchild in the OCCK case is the same as author Adam Starchild with several books for sale on Amazon?

    I tend to think they’re the same person; most of the books concern hiding money overseas, and if I remember correctly Starchild handled Shelden’s investments while on the run (and tried to syphon funds—hard to find someone to root for in that particular equation, isn’t it?).

    Anyhoo, author Starchild has also written several cookbooks, and I just ordered one—just when you think this case can’t get any more bizarre you find yourself in your kitchen whipping up a convicted criminal’s recipe for clams casino….

    1. My goal is to get those that truly care to consider the point that the OCCK crimes were primarily acts of domestic terrorism, the evidence supports that notion. The Allen letter to Dr Danto was within keeping of that goal and/or message. Gangs thrive on terrorism and the opposition to a solve on these crimes becomes quite obvious when you realize that the opposition to this day is still very intense.

      What better way to control key legal and financial events in this country and the world for that matter than to have pedophiles placed in key positions of power and money, pedophiles that these operatives have incriminating evidence on? So, yes, the pedophile thing factors in but look to the primary motive that I indicate and you will see that things then begin to make perfect sense.

      Again, in many ways the OCCK case shares a lot of characteristics to the California Zodiac killer events and is exactly in keeping with what the author of those documents claimed he’d do. I should rephrase that last sentence to say that “other than the Zodiac moniker they share far too many characteristics to be a mere coincidence”. As a matter of fact and for example; I believe that that “Allen” sign off was an intentional reference to Arthur Leigh Allen, whom, as you may know was a primary suspect in the Zodiac killer crimes. Long winded documents, intentionally misspelled words, cryptic messages, the author is taunting and indicates the fun he is having, time/date stamps are important to this prime operative.

      I recommend that others read “Mind Hunter” by former FBI pro filer John Douglas in order to follow my reasoning, especially where he talks about the “organized serial killer” vs the disorganized serial killer, order out of chaos is John Douglas’ point. Then look for a primary motive that connects these and other crimes of domestic terrorism.

  3. There are some similarities to the “Zodiac Killer,” if only for the purpose of hawking newspapers. An example: reading the coded puzzle, it’s easy to find the word Dietz (like the reporter on this case) or diet (which the killer employed). Typically Zodiac, Orion, psychics,and other mythical creatures are drug cartels operated on American soil for the purpose of expanding literature and advertising revenue-not solving crimes unless a bounty hunter or pseudo PI can cash in. The retired feds cash in on the fact unwitting customers actually pay them for their pseudo expertise.

    “Mind Hunter” is a prime example of such buffoonery in which an FBI agent is more interested in his quackery being used for Hollywood and not capturing culprits. More recently a major drug cartel was seen in an area in which he wished to be the starring profiler. No serial killer. No “Babysitter Killer.” Just drug rings taking on more groupies.

    Like the cop said in this case: We hope to make him so paranoid he won’t kill again (paraphrase). They actually made most people paranoia and the news heightened the paranoia. The boy who reportedly was almost abducted the day before Tim King gave a description that-as strange as it may seem-accurately described a man convicted of impaling children he’d babysitter in Britian or somewhere nearby overseas.

    The use of the word ‘chums’ when describing pall bearers struck me strange for US lingo.

    They wanted this lone psychotic individual running loose so some psyco-babblin moron could promote his thesis. It’s clear (hindsight being 20/20) it was not one person.

    The blue paint on the bike and one shoe of a victim: was it art paint, house paint, or some type of industrial paint like used on autos?

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