“The bureau has left no stone unturned.”


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  1. bitamoney says:

    I’m sorry but I missed the reason for the Hoffa posts.

    • cathybroad says:

      Jimmy Hoffa was last seen in July 1975 at a restaurant less than five miles from our home, so in Oakland County. Call me cynical, but I have always gotten a sad laugh out of the fact that Oakland County officials and the FBI spare no dime, no time, no effort, in looking for the body of a man who had long-term ties to organized crime and was a convicted felon. Yet in the OCCK case, the FBI has always taken a completely deferential role to agencies most of whom are clearly much less competent than the FBI. This in spite of clear authority to investigate violations of state law in limited circumstances, including those involving serial killers. (28 U.S.C. s. 540B.) In the past five years-plus, I view the FBI agent assigned to this case as merely an audience member in support of the MSP. Yes, the FBI ran evidence in their lab in the past four years–including evidence which had previously been MISPLACED by the MSP, and I’m grateful they did that. I also think the FBI has played major games in recent FOIA requests. So, yeah, I wonder about them leaving no stone unturned when it comes to James Riddle Hoffa and them sticking their heads in the sand about four dead kids killed by a serial killer or killers.

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