Suggested Google Searches

Here are two search phrases used in the past 24 hours that resulted in hits on my blog.  Do your own Google search.  Pretty interesting.  

stichting paidika frank torey

lisa carrato parrott

2 thoughts on “Suggested Google Searches”

    1. It means someone was searching for info on Frank Torey (Francis/Frank Shelden of N. Fox Island fame), my blog came up in the search results because I have mentioned Frank Torey, and the searcher clicked on the link to my blog. Someone was searching for information on Lisa Parrott, whose name came up because I wrote about author Michael L. Parrott and his dedication of his book The Oakland County Child Killer to “Lisa, who taught me to see.” As a reader pointed out, my assumption that MLP was a pen name is clearly wrong. Who this guy is and why he wrote the book are questions I can’t answer. Anyway, my blog link shows up on the person’s search and s/he clicked on it, that’s all it means.

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