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  1. Notice that her body was poised or propped in a specific way. Also I wonder if all of the police files are now available? The thing that I would like to know is; if there was an anonymous tip left with the cops as to where to find the girls body ?

    This was a very nervy killer to have taken the time to place and prop the victims bodies. The fact that Tim’s body was still warm shows that this guy was very nervy, very cold blooded,very calculating and very self assured. I suspect that that which was done to these particular victims was used to terrorize others, perhaps unknown victims, perhaps Busch’s father? Perhaps certain pedophiles? Perhaps people with a lot of money or the potential to get money or launder money?

    It is puzzling to try to figure out how these kids were abducted without anyone noticing but I don’t suggest drawing any specific conclusions because of that. The fact that Tim had a bruised head might indicate that he was knocked out with single blow at the time of abduction?

    Oh yeah…. I forgot to mention that keywords were also a characteristic that I believe link the OCCK case to the Zodiac killer case, additionally, words like “slave”,”time”, “police” etc. I have been creating files that compile all of these points. Notice how he writes guilty as juilty (sic), notice how he spells suicide correctly but misspells easy words. Then the snide way he says he’s not a monster, he really loves children, especially that little girl for 3 weeks. Zodiac Jack 101!

    I know that it seems like too much to digest but I think the same guy was involved in the vicious and brutal murder of JonBenet Ramsey, the primary goal was to knock “Billion Dollar John” off of the corporate ladder. BTW, her body was also poised, the killer put his initials on her hand and incorporated the initials “jt” in excess or 23ea times on the long winded ransom letter, these initials were formed by deliberate intersection and proximity, especially on page two, page three the sign off “victory” he has the c and t serve as his initials. Lots of little planted evidence games were played out at that crime scene. It wasn’t until I recently read former BDP Linda Arndts deposition that I realized that the cops discovered the victims body early that morning and they had Arndt there to observe the Ramseys’ actions and reactions. This means that they “took the bait” laid out by the killer, meaning the ransom note…. in which the author somewhat mimicked Patsy Ramsey handwriting. BTW, this same guy incorporated his initials on Zodiac documents but the great number of times like he did in the Ramsey ransom letter. There’s more, lots more.

    1. Jack Tarrance is only one of many different “suspects” for the Zodiac murders, but to push your theory as if this guy who you call “Zodiac Jack” is the OCCK seems very insensitive to put on this blog. Not only is it absurd to link these two serial killers as if the same killer, it just seems that you might be a bit way too obsessed with Zodiac & your theories on those murders.

      1. I don’t work on ‘theories’, I work on evidence, the totality of evidence. And I don’t waste too much time on evil trolls.One prime ‘Jack’ clue in the murder of Chris Busch was the VW DIESEL rabbit brochure left on Busch’s desk. One of several ‘Jack’ clues was left on JonBenet’s grave was in the form of stuffed toy ‘Jack” rabbit. “By Rope” was one of 4ea Zodiac killer threats that he made. Rope was left heaped in Busch’s closet. Rope was left in a brown paper bag in the Ramsey’s spare bedroom, the brown paper bag was referenced in the text of the phoney ransom note, a note left by the killer(s) when they knew for sure she was over-killed. The cowgirl motif photos (with rope) and video were done in the summer of 1996. An intruder left a new pair of cowboy boots and a small, neatly packed suitcase in the girls summer bedroom in Charlevoix Michigan.This is clear evidence that she was stalked.
        The description of the killer given by SFPD officer Fouke, in the Stine murder,
        was an exact description of Jack Tarrance, right down to his odd lumbering gait. Stabbing victim Hartnell gave a completely compatible description. No other ‘so-called’ suspects match that description. These crimes are being suppressed on an ongoing basis, is “oaklandjustice” another troll involved in that conspiracy to cover? Lot’s of money is spent every month by the person or persons behind these murders. They plant and control pedophiles in key positions in the government, especially the Judiciary branches. My prime suspects are Russian gangsters, they’ve been at it for decades now. They may be working for or with Jewish gangsters, the same which have totally infiltrated the government of this country, the evidence of this fact is practically overwhelming. Usually they eliminate people by staged car accidents and fake suicides. Hollywoodland almost never talks about Jewish mobsters, they fixate on the Italian and Sicilian mafia, they’ve made a lot of money at that ploy too.

  2. Wonder if the necklace and earrings belonged to the child? why in pocket? Was she trying to keep the abductor from stealing her valuables?

  3. Up until about 5 years ago, I’d never heard of the OCCK case, and I’ve always watched the mainstream media. I hadn’t paid very much attention to the Ramsey case either. I stumbled upon the Kaufman site, which is not a highly commercialized site. I found his examples of the handwriting comparisons to be pretty darn good. Nanette Barto’s workmanship furthered the handwriting evidence. She has a rather simple and eloquent presentation where she lays ALL of the letters of alphabet over all of the case samples.Prior to this she did an in-depth handwriting analysis that’s well grounded in technical reasoning. To the initial chagrin of Kaufman she was tipped to compare the Ramsey ransom note and rightfully matched that handwriting to both the Zodiac killer documents and Tarrance’s historical writings. At first, I was very very skeptical of all of this, until I stumbled upon the overt number of JT’s integrated into the structure of the ransom note.This led to the discovery of many other pieces of solid evidence. The Zodiac killer cross-hairs were part of the drawing on JonBenet’s hand. I’m sorry to report that I was a little slow in examining screaming boy drawing found at the Busch death scene, the somewhat subtle Zodiac killer cross-hairs found on the earlobe of that drawing as well as all of the JT initial clues drawn on the face, all show that these very heinous crimes are linked. Busch’s death scene is very parallel to the Michael Helgoth death scene, as he might relate to the Ramsey murder. Both of these cases were murder and not suicides, the evidential facts to support this statement are very strong. Both suicides were also far
    too convenient.

    1. Let me explain it this way:

      If the OCCK murders included the victims of a Macomb County, then the coinage would be equivalent to MOCCK, as if the killer was “mocking” the police? It would make sense if we were just playing a “conspiracy puzzle-game” but this would just end up making mountains out of molehills (nothing actually). It would be impossible for a killer to predict the media coining his/their name at OCCK, MCCK, MOCCK, or OMCCK and therefore laying bodies out in these two counties in anticipating a name would be utterly futile. I am sure that you will theorize on how Zodiac was a master at creating a name for himself, but honestly, this really has nothing at all to do with anything about the OCCK. It is okay to be a proponent of Jack Tarrance as the Zodiac Killer (by all means!), but to fill up an OCCK blog about Zodiac traits just seems so absurd to me.

      1. The screaming boy drawing found at the Chris Busch death scene, has the Zodiac killers signatory elements fully integrated into the drawing and in seeming subtle ways, the cross-hairs on the earlobe is the first subtle but detectable clue, the hood area has 340 cipher symbols and there are several inverted JT clues placed all over the damn thing. The OCCK case or murder series is exactly what the Zodiac killer threatened to do, so is the JonBenet Ramsey murder. The evidence of these crimes being linked is ample, that’s no ‘theory’. I’ve only posted statements on this blog periodically, so I haven’t filled anything up. When I see opposition like this posted, one of two things comes to mind, either: A) this person is ignorant of the facts, or B) this person is part of the conspiracy to cover, or both. Read ‘Mindhunter” by former FBI profiler John Douglas, that is, if you truly have honorable intentions, which I truly doubt. The whole OCCK case and the Ramsey case are Zodiac Jack 101, the evidence linking these crimes is more than ample.

      2. Here’s the latest subject, it may seem like it’s all too much, nevertheless, this is what’s unfolding:

        Lately in my quest to catch up on the Cooper caper, I’ve been reviewing many postings on youtube that are linked to the Zodiac killer keyword. I came across one that reviews the northern California, June 4th 1963 double murder of Linda Edwards and Robert Domingos. It’s listed on Tom Voights site as “possible Zodiac victims”. I would have commented on this 5 part posting but that feature was disabled. While I can’t state with certainty what kind of person was behind the double murder, I doubt that it was JT. After shooting the victims repeatedly with a 22 rifle, the killer dragged them to an old shack and tried to light the shack on fire. Missing from the reports were any signs of the victims or cops being taunted. So, I doubt that it was another Zodiac murder, but who knows?

        Also, I came across Geraldo Rivera’s “Now it Can Be Told”, Zodiac killer episodes. In it, they make some pretty good points that show that the Zodiac persona was a ruse to cover up evidence that the murders stemmed from drug trafficking. I’ve said for quite some time now that I’ve felt that the Zodiac persona was a put on, I do think that the drug trafficking angle makes the most sense in light of all of evidence combined. For example, there’s no doubt that Darlene Ferrin was being stalked and that the killer knew her by her nick name. The Geraldo episodes strongly hints at the involvement of at least one police officer. This makes the most sense to me in light of what the pattern of law enforcement behavior has been, surrounding all of the case that we’ve attributed to Zodiac Jack. From one end of Zodiac Jack’s career, to the other, ‘racketeering’ comes up as the common denominator.

  4. Notice how in your last post (TerryB, Jan. 22nd) that it is only about “Zodiac-related” & nothing is even centered around the OCCK anymore. If there was any substance to what you believe concerning “Zodiac Jack & the OCCK” then there just might be the chance that you would try to tie it all together using a OCCK angle (this still is an OCCK blog, right?) rather than use Zodiac Jack angle and talk about things (on an OCCK blog) that only a person familiar with the Zodiac Killer would know. It is such a disrespectful thing to read because it only shows how obsessed you are about the Zodiac. I am not going to put you down for having an interest in that topic, but to continuously make same posts in reference to the Zodiac on an OCCK blog should make you feel horrible. The fact that it doesn’t is what worries me…

    1. Whomever this oaklandjustice person is, is a phoney and hypocritical ass. I’ve been attempting to alert others that do care, to some very viscous and ruthless criminal activity that I’ve now shown to be linked via very solid and irrefutable evidence. I’ve been asking for quite some time now for high quality copies of some specific OCCK related documents. I’m NOT PLAYING LITTLE GAMES HERE! We’re talking about capital murder cases here, cases that show racketeering, cases that should concern people that truly care. I don’t know what the agenda of this blog actually is but I will say that whomever it is here, doesn’t seem to be interested in the truth. Solve any one of these ‘most definitely linked’ crime series and it will reveal those that were behind ALL of them. BTW, Chris Busch was a murder victim, not a suicide victim. Did he play an active role in the OCCK case? One can only speculate, given what I’ve seen in the way of a little thing called “evidence”.

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