#4, 5.

#4, 5.

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  1. Terry B says:

    Cathy, do you have copies of the actual letter and envelope? When I first started looking into this case I was hoping that there was some handwritten documents to examine. 4 line address boxes and double postage were Zodiac Jack 101. Have you seen the Jack Tarrance address book that was posted online? I have a copy of 2 pages of it and a copy of a sales receipt said to be found inside. It was claimed to have been found in JT’s storage unit. As I recall, Kaufman said it wasn’t Jack’s but was found in an unrelated storage unit, however; what are the chances that an address book with information related to the OCCK area would happen to be in a storage unit in California? Funny and incriminating or should I say suspicious listing are in the thing and some are in Jack’s hand IMHO.

    • cathybroad says:

      No copies. I have never seen the letter or envelope. Only saw excerpts from the letter in news articles.

    • bitamoney says:

      Terry, please explain for those of us who aren’t familiar with Jack Tarrance. Who is he? Are you making some connection between California’s unknown Zodiac and OCCK? Thanks for explaining in advance.

  2. This is a beckon call for their linguistic specialists that will inadvertently never contribute anything towards catching the phantom ‘serial killer’ in these scams. $50 byucks says a digit from the postal code is miing.

  3. Truth Seeker says:

    Do tyou kow if LE staill has the envelope from the danto letter? I think postage stamps were the “lick” rather than adhesive back in 1977. If so and LE did their job and kept the envelope, could they possibly get DNA off the postage stamp?

  4. Terry B says:

    It seems very suspicious that LE would withhold these key items from view, they have no legitimate excuse for doing so.

    A guy named Dennis Kaufman has or had a web site where he laid out all the evidence he had that his step father was the 1960’s California Zodiac killer. His posted handwriting samples were compelling and especially since these samples had lots of specific structural features. Many other pieces of evidence bolstered his claim, the composite and complete description matched Tarrance exactly. The John Walsh TV show America’s Most Wanted did a piece on Jack Tarrance as a prime suspect, the same of which I have yet to see. Kaufman has suffered the same type of frustration that other victims families have where they all feel that LE isn’t interested in the truth. A former associate of his and handwriting expert named Nanette Barto has a very good presentation where she matches all if the letters of the alphabet in these and other cases and also does so by direct overlay. Both Kaufman and Barto have suffered viscous attacks from a small group of naysayers. On Kaufman’s message board I was tipped by Barto that the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note was penned by Jack Tarrance, Kaufman was initially against this position but later relented. Initially I was very skeptical of a match but once I was on to the fact the the initials JT are heavily integrated into the structure of that letter I was floored, to me it’s a smoking gun. I then went back and studied all of the Zodiac documents I could get and discovered that the initials JT were also present even though not in the great amount as found on the Ramsey ransom letter. Incredible as it may seem, we think Tarrance was involved in very similar murders going back to as early as 1946. One famous one is the Black Dahlia/Elizabeth Short murder, her body parts were poised out on display and I think they also meant to form the letters JT. JT initial clues are found on at least one postcard in that case. Start your study but reading all of the provably known Zodiac killer documents. I’m not the only person that thinks these cases are linked, Skip Graysmith’s book as fiction.

    Recognized the sheer brutality in the JonBenet case, then examine of the crazy evidence like the thing about the planted pineapple evidence. No footprints were found in the snow around the Ramsey house because there was no snow on the sidewalks! That was another major media lie.The mastermind of that crime planted a lot of evidence, much of which was designed to mock and taunt the police.He integrated approx 30ea F’s and W’s in the ransom letter to point to former family friend Fleet White jr. Former Boulder DA Alex Hunter called the ransom note “fanciful”, that was almost an understatement. The eight line with the word “She” should have been a dead giveaway that the thing was a sick joke, no pun intended.

    • Andrew Wellman says:

      The problem with Jack Tarrance as a suspect in the Zodiac murders (or any murders, for that matter) is that his son (the main proponent of the Tarrance-as-Zodiac theory, and the source of all of the supposed evidence implicating Tarrance) has apparently been revealed as something of a fraud.

      • Yet there are people who evidently want to turn a blog about the OCCK into a platform of Zodiac Worship. Trust me when I say this, but obsession with serial killers is fantasy & only goes to dishonor their victims. The Zodiac killed several victims, yet haven’t heard any of their names brought up even once. Every thing in these Zodiac discussions centers on a purported killer and his writing style & habits. These serial killers should never be glorified, in any way, and it is sad that the “quest for truth” for the OCCK victims has come to this. They deserve so much more than this. Thank you Mr. Wellman for your insight and clarity on this issue. You sir, are an asset to the investigation (OCCK).

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