#4, 6.

#4, 6.

Here’s where it starts getting interesting. I’m reading the same thing you are; nobody answered my questions and I can’t answer your questions. Copy quality bad for the next few pages.

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  1. Perhaps they were producing these items in hopes of determining the source of the orange stain on the foot. Would be interesting to know if it were on the bottom or top. If this child were actually laid out as the others were described to be but weren’t, then perhaps they were playing along with this psychotic gay serial killer who may have been an embalmer when he wasn’t “sitting.”

    What about iodine? Kool-aid? Wood stain? Tea? Food coloring?

    They seem to think a soapy substance at one point. An item from inside the pharmacy where he was last seen?

    If this Lemans was also seen in the same parking lot at the time the man by the Gremlin was seen, it is possible they were meeting and left together, or they were casing the drug store or women leaving the shopping center.

    Perhaps this Lemans wasn’t wrecked but rusted through from all the road salts. Rust is orange.Bondo can have an orange appearance.

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