Case # 4, more.

Case # 4, more.

“Morter [sic] from behind Chatham Mkt”–so the FBI knows Doug Wilson’s recollection of seeing a boy matching Tim’s description launching his skateboard into the brick wall there (and the cars he saw nearby!!) was accurate. You pigs.

5 Comments on “Case # 4, more.”

  1. MBK says:

    ‘upstairs bedroom’ – from which house?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is item #81 different than the sample (or samples) Wilson observed being collected? Wilson’s timeline suggests an earlier delivery date to the lab is more likely. April? Where is the “orange neoprene”?

  3. It appears that there is more activity following the abduction & murder of Timothy than there was for Mark, Jill, and Kristine’s cases combined. I wonder if it is because of Tim being found in Wayne County? …or perhaps because of the Task Force being in full swing by that time?

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