Note that portions of these pages are redacted.

Note that portions of these pages are redacted.

1975 Nova–no, I don’t know who the hell owned it.

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  1. Andrew Wellman says:

    At some point during all of this lab analysis, David Norberg was apparently considered a strong suspect by police. I don’t know if he owned a doberman, but one article claims he drove a “blue compact vehicle”–a ’75 Nova?

    Other than Busch and Green, I believe that Norberg and Arch Sloan (who drove a 1966 Bonneville) are the only suspects that police looked at back in 1977 who have since been officially confirmed as suspects. Sloan was only outed a year ago. (Just about every suspect’s name, other than Green and Busch, has been redacted–correct?)

    • How could Sloan be “outed” as a suspect? He had two hairs (Stebbins & King) that matched his car. Believe that he also lived in Southfield at this time, and this document mentions a “suspect” from Southfield that had to give carpet samples also, albeit two months after the carpet samples were received from the 75 Nova.

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