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  1. I’ve been convinced for quite some time that Chris Busch is the primary culprit, his accomplice will forever remain a mystery – so many have been named. Having not seen a full photo of Busch’s “suicide” scene clearly showing his corpse, I’m not thoroughly convinced he offed himself either. Combined with how badly the investigating officers contaminated the scene of Busch’s death, the full facts will likely never be known.

  2. This makes me sick.. His dad as well.. Oakland County is one big cover-up.. Prayers to you my friend ..

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  3. Bobby moore! Theres a picture from helens site (hate to mention her) of bobby moore and he makes a real weird looking face for his mug photo. He has been considered possibly involved in all this pediphile stuff.

  4. I understood some months ago that the unredacted photos of the Busch suicide scene are in existence. Is there any reason why they can’t be posted here, Cathy?

  5. While it would be only hearsay in the legal community, it would be nice to see if Lawson could be verified in a single issue scope computer polygraph exam about the H. Lee Busch information Moore shared with him. If shown true, then to the Busch nephews to see if they were molested by other than Chris in that family.

  6. Ok. got a bite on the MM FB vet status post. We are now locked n loaded. Check it! Sent from my LG phone

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