Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

Fuck you, Padre. 

Ordained in 1977 (the year my brother–the fourth victim of the OCCK murders–was abducted, tortured, raped and murdered), Father Timothy Murray was recently sentenced to 188 months in prison on child porn charges.  Like most of these cases, there were also incidents of fondling and no doubt much worse, which were never considered by the sentencing judge.  His attorney argued his client should be sent to the Big House for five years.  Oh yeah.  So that at age 68, with the little blue pill, this fuck could abuse kids for another decade or more.  Thankfully the judge went heavy on the sentence.  Jesus.  Pun intended. 

Ok, here is this fuck’s history:

Murray, who was ordained in 1977, served as associate pastor at St. Dorothy Parish in Warren from 1977-1980 and St. Veronica Parish in East Detroit from 1980-1982. He was co-pastor at St. Linus Parish in Dearborn Heights from 1982-1988 before becoming pastor of St. Raphael Parish in Garden City. Between 1991 and 2000 he was pastor of St. Martin de Porres Parish in Warren, and he became pastor of St. Edith Parish in Livonia in 2000, where he served until his leave of absence was implemented.

From the news article:

“Murray acknowledged the sexual contact, apologized, and promised never to repeat it. But he did,” the court filing, written by attorneys from the office of U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade, states.

“Not long after the first incident of abuse, Murray again fondled (the victim).”

By the time the archdiocese learned of the abuse, charges could not be filed due to the statute of limitations.

Murray “acknowledged his crimes” against the victim during a post-arrest interview in the child pornography case, officials said.

Despite being placed on administrative leave, Murray was still a Catholic priest as of the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s Nov. 25 court filing. He was receiving at least partial health care coverage from the church. “Murray, in other words, suffered virtually no repercussions for the crime that devastated (the victim) and his family,” the filing stated.

In recommending a 22-year prison sentence, the U.S. Attorney’s Office argued that, had Murray been convicted of sexually assaulting the victim, he would be facing a minimum 15-year sentence.

McQuade’s office issued a press release about the sentencing.

“The hands-on sexual abuse that led to (Murray’s) removal from public ministry by the Catholic church had long-lasting effects on the defendant’s prior victim,” McQuade stated.

“Similarly, the victims depicted in his extensive collection of child pornography suffered greatly not only at the hands of their abusers, but by those, like the defendant, who collect and continue to view the permanent depictions of their abuse.”

Murray had a collection of 685 videos and 472 still images stored on seven computers.

Murray used a peer-to-peer sharing network, meaning anyone on the network “could indiscriminately download from Murray’s significant collection,” the U.S. Attorney’s court filing stated.

“This substantial collection included images of children in bondage, children under 12 years of age, and children engaged in sex acts with adults.”

Marlon Miller, special agent in charge of Department of Homeland Security Investigations in Detroit, also made a statement.

“For a former priest to engage in the depraved activity for which he is being sentenced is reprehensible,” Miller stated.

“Today’s sentencing will hopefully bring a measure of closure to those affected by his actions. Cases like these serve to strengthen (our) resolve to aggressively pursue child predators.”


Compare this to the recent press coverage of priest sexual abuse revelations in the Chicago Diocese:

Fuck you Fr. Murray.  Fuck you and the priest collar you hid behind and used to abuse kids.  You were in the hood where all this sickness was going on back when the OCCK crimes were happening with impunity and you continued, under the imprimatur of your employer, the Catholic Church FOR DECADES.  You should not only rot in prison, the Detroit and Suburban Dioceses should be writing GIGANTIC checks to the victims of your crimes.  

Your attorney argued for a five-year sentence for you?  I sure as hell hope he doesn’t have kids.  If he does, I hope he has five years of sleepless nights for making that argument.  I bet he wishes he had a better place in his law school class so he didn’t have to represent people like you.  Your photo says it all.  I can only imagine the life sentence imposed on your victims.  Maybe your God will make you think about that for the next 16 years.  It only seems fair.  

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  1. “Murray acknowledged the sexual contact, apologized, and promised never to repeat it. But he did,” the court filing, written by attorneys from the office of U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade, states.

    Disgusting that the above was acceptable after this piece of shit’s first offense. Does living under the umbrella of Religion equal a pass? Oops, sorry, it won’t happen again. That is seriously messed up. In the meantime, the victim (and let’s all remember the victim label goes to the parents and siblings as well because it infects the entire family) can only try to heal the wound and move on with the scar tissue always there to remind them. Always.

  2. Sick. You can tell he’s a total alkie. Hope he gets gang banged daily and dies of anal cancer. Mother Fucker.

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  3. You really need to check the advertising links (if you can see what is seen by others). Notable evidence of cyber stalking which is often associated with in person stalking.

    What does this man have to do with your brother? Are you saying that the entire area was accepting of this behavior? Will you tie this to the missions of Brother Paul or whatever his name was?

    I really think Kristine should tie this together for you. Look at her case closely.
    I found an old article about a night stalker in California that would sometimes rob and sometimes murder his victims. The only connection to your case is a dog. A blonde man with a White German Shepard was seen in the area. The news made it sound like the perp drew a map of the area prior to attacking. Is this journalist fodder?

    A triangle of doom in your area? There were others kidnapped and murdered, too. The only tale tell sign is that your brother was left outside of the county they were trying to run. There was at least one or more media members involved….the doodle on the wall, the redacted suicide photo, the weirdo showing up at the funeral home, etc, etc, etc.

    No way was Busch the only one… way!

    1. Exactly. This was all part of a bigger issue. The pediphyle ring. Its all a part of it and those who were involved were of power and still are.

  4. Does anyone know when Fr Murray was actually at St Linus and St Raphael?. The lack of dates for St Raphael is odd. I’m wondering where he was in 89 and 90. I believe something happened to me and want to finally heal from it.

    1. I taught at St. Raphael from 1989-1991 and he was there. I was a teacher fresh out of college, and I knew he was off. The nun that ran the school fired me because I complained about Murray randomly taking students out of my classroom during the day. As a sex abuse survivor, I knew something was wrong. There is a culture of hiding sex abuse in the Catholic Church and St. Raphael’s was the poster child for it. I saw his ugly face in the paper in 2004 when he was at a parish in Livonia and regretted not going to the police years before. Today, as a 55 year old woman and far more worldly, I would not have thought twice about filing a police report. Everyone at that school looked the other way. It was fucking sickening.

  5. Hi Catherine,
    Is there any record of this guy’s victims? My family was at a parish he was at. I’m just trying to get a fuller picture of this whole thing. It really lets all the air out of me that he was moved around too. I just want to know who is all responsible for my own peace of mind and my family’s. Such bs that him and even support of him said that it’s the fault of celibacy when they could have just walked away from the priesthood. Really vile stuff. Our grandpa grew up in a village in Pennsylvania and his cousin was molested by a priest. I had some really miraculous stuff happen to me in my life after my grandpa passed away and I recently finally made sense of it with that and something he spilled to me near his passing. Such a huge community breakdown for that to happen. So sad and misguided. I’m glad we can all protect one another now even when time has passed for so long. I don’t know my family’s personal place with tim murray but it concerns me that it was even brought to my attention by someone I love. I probably need to get into contact with the aod but anything will help. Anything I can do for you is yours too.

  6. I went to St. Linus when he was there back in 87. I remember complaining to my parents that he was creepy and weird. He used to shoot the girls in the butt with rubber bands.

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