So what happened, Judith??

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How about it, Judge Borradaile?

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  1. Cliff Hart says:

    These people could be key, along with L. Brooks Patterson. How do they live with themselves!!

  2. mike06181 says:

    Look on map where Atlanta michigan to charlevoix is 80 miles. That would be closest city to boat or fly to north fox island.

  3. B says:

    You can’t make this stuff up, UNBELIEVEABLE!!
    I get H Lee had money but how did his power reach across all those county lines?

  4. B says:

    Wonder if any of those corrupt Jurist or Prosectors got new GM vehicles for their “cooperation”

  5. SVH says:

    Why was court in Midland County not Genesee County? Suspicious….

  6. Cynthia says:

    Seems Judith is more concerned about animals and trail blazing for women. It was all about herself. Another POS added to the list.

    • Cecilia Brown says:

      I appreciate your comment because it tells us something about this woman. Where can I read more? I assume she is now deceased?

  7. B says:

    Damn, I didn’t realize H Lee’s position gave him clout with the Governor or politicians at the Federal level.

  8. bitamoney says:

    Cathy, can’t wait to hear the upshot on the broadcasts.

  9. Kat says:

    Earl Edward Borradaile earned his A.B. from Miami University, Oxford Ohio, in 1952 and his LL.B. from the University of Michigan Law School in 1955. Borradaile was admitted to the Michigan Bar in 1956. He was a partner at Karr, Wumkes & Borradaile in Flint, Michigan, and Davison, Michigan, from 1956 to 1970 before becoming circuit judge of Genesee County, Flint, from 1970 to 1971, and from 1977 until his retirement in 1995. From 1971-1976, he was a Genessee County probate court judge.

    Borradaile was chairperson of the family law section of the Michigan Bar (1979-1980) and was a board member of the Davison (Michigan) Community Schools (1968-1970). He is a member of the American Bar Association, Genesee County Bar Association, American Judicature Society, Univ. Club Flint, Davison Country Club, and Kiwanis (board directors Flint Downtown club 1977-80).

    –From Marquis Who’s Who and the Genessee County Bar Association website……………………….
    I find it interesting that the only judge opposed to probation is no longer a probate court judge in 1977?

  10. Kat says:

    – –
    SUITE 1260
    333 W. FORT STREET
    DETROIT. MICHIGAN 48226 e Area Code 313 963-5553
    ADB 78-87; 106-87
    David F. Tibbetts, P 22859, State Street, Box 331,
    Atlanta, MI 49709 by Attorney Discipline Board Wayne County
    Hearing Panel 19.
    1) Revocation;
    2) Effective November 13, 1987.
    The Respondent a suspended attorney, failed to answer two
    Formal Complaints consolidated for hearing and failed to appear
    before the Panel. His default was deemed to constitute admissions
    to the allegations in the Complaints that Respondent failed to
    institute suit or take other action for which he was retained by
    a client in January 1986, failed to refund the unearned attorney
    fees which the client had paid; failed to institute foreclosure
    proceedings as agreed upon with another client in April 1986;
    neglected the administration of a probate estate in which he was
    appointed personal representative in May 1985; failed to answer
    three Requests for Investigation; and failed to answer the Formal
    Complaint served in May 1987. Respondent’s conduct was in
    violation of MCR 9.104(1-4,7); MCR 9.103(C); MCR 9.113(B) (2) and
    Canons 1,2,6, 6 7 of the Code of Professional Responsibility, DR
    1-102A 1 6; DR 2-llO(A)(3); DR 6-101(A) (3) and DR
    7-10lAl-3 Costs were assessed in the amount of $99.88.
    The Panel took notice of Respondent’s prior disciplinary
    record which includes a Reprimand in November 1984 and suspension
    of three years and one day which became effective March 20, 1987
    and that those cases involved similar charges of nonperformance
    to answer Requests for Investigation………………………………………………….Apparently Tibbets is shady.

  11. Kat says:

    Former Genesee County Prosecutor Robert F. Leonard has been turned down in his request to get his law license back. The state attorney discipline board denied Leonard’s petition for reinstatement after a 10-month review.”Why did this take 10 months?’ said his attorney, Tom Pabst. “They could have done that in 10 minutes.” An 8-page opinion issued with the denial late last week questioned if Leonard has appropriate fiscal responsibility to safely be recommended to the public. Leonard was disbarred in 1980 after federal officials accused him of embezzling money from the prosecutor’s office. He served three years in prison and has now been rejected twice in his attempts to get his law license back. Pabst said he plans to appeal the denial.

  12. Jeremy says:

    Cathy, I have read so much about this case and I am wondering if the FBI knows who the OCCK is? When Doug Wilson was hypgiotized by the FBI, supposedly they drew composite drawings of the 2 men he saw which were never shown to the public to my knowledge and he saw the blue/green 72/73 Pontiac Lemans parked back in against the wall, and the front license plate ended in 222. From what I have read, the DMV database for that time period 1976/77 was destroyed when the system was converted over but, im sure the FBI had access to that information and must have checked out all registered Blue/Green Pontiac Lemans with a plate ending in 222. How many can there possibly be in Michigan at that time with those plates? Im sure the FBI is withholding information from your family and the public. Your thoughts?

    • cathybroad says:

      The FBI was dirty in this case. No doubt.

      • cj says:

        Cathy, Do you know where those composites are? Does DW have them? Doubtful, I realize, but after all I’ve researched, this is the only solid lead on Tims last moments before he was taken.

        • cathybroad says:

          Yes, the only solid lead–and did anybody hear about it back in the day, or until my Dad found out about Doug Wilson from his wife and then contacted him? Hell no. Not a word about the car, about the men (MEN, plural) he observed in the lot. Not a word about the car he described (and he was a car designer for fuck’s sake!). Nothing about a license plate that probably had 222 in it. Not a word about how Wilson watched my brother skateboarding down the parking lot slope, jumping off at the last minute and letting his skateboard crash into the building wall. Not a word about how they got samples of the orange material from this wall which matched Tim’s skateboard (which cops had because the killer(s) dumped his skateboard alongside his body). NOT. ONE. WORD. EVER. Stickin’ to that Blue Gremlin story.

          And Doug Wilson is how we knew for sure the FBI is dirty in this case. There were signs before we heard from Doug Wilson–Mort Nickel of the FBI, who worked on the bumper impressions found at the Mihelich crime scene with Jack Kalbfleisch of the original task force, would not respond to Jack’s inquiries in the mid-2000’s after the task force was “rejuvenated.” Blew him off. The FBI agent assigned to the rejuvenated task force was a complete, unprofessional jerk to Det. Cory Williams as well as one of my brothers. He was on the obstructionist team with MSP Detectives Garry Gray and Dave Robertson, who actively worked against Det. Williams, Livonia PD and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office. Unnecessarily rude, unprofessional and at that time completely unwilling to advance the ball in this case. And let’s not forget the FBI’s response to a reporter’s FOIA request for information about Christopher Busch, Frank Shelden and N. Fox Island: Too bad, so sad–destroyed in a catastrophic flood at one of our storage facilities. So, to Jeremy’s earlier point–does the FBI know who the OCCK is? If they don’t, they certainly knew that looking closely was going to mess with someone they didn’t want to mess with. What the hell, it was only kids who died, right?

    • cj says:

      I have spent loads of time researching this case too, and wonder if DW has anymore info, does he the composites? How was this left, what was he told etc…I sure feel like there’s at least pin prick of light coming thru this one seemingly solid lead.

      • cathybroad says:

        cj, I think Doug Wilson has given up all the information he has and it was remarkably complete. How was it left? He described to my Dad how excited the FBI was with his information (which was very detailed). They told him NOT TO SAY A WORD ABOUT IT TO ANYONE, so the car owner would not be tipped off. I am almost positive he does not have the composites. More in response to your other comment about why I believe the FBI is dirty in this case.

  13. jkaneh says:

    Hmmm. Maybe that’s why killed himself? Or maybe he was killed because he embarrassed his family.



  14. Melissa says:

    Hello Cathy,

    God Bless you and your family, I’ve been following you and this story for a very long time. Praying for you always and I’m so glad to see the recent publicity and docs.

    I’ve never posted here but I a sudden nagging thought that the time and conditions are ripe for some reason and I felt the need to seize the moment. The publicity may have something to do with it but I think of you often, anyway.

    Please, please, please consider contacting Dr. Phil McGraw. He is doing some very good shows this year regarding human trafficking and high profile murders. Normally I would think this too simplistic but for some reason I feel that now maybe he can bring new attention to this case. I never liked his show much but this year he is digging deep and I am impressed at the subjects he has been willing to confront in 2019.

    Now my very compelling thoughts:

    I live in Genesee County and we have a thick shelled dinosaur egg to crack here, much like you are faced with. It’s a biggie but I won’t quit either. Our egg is not cracked as of yet but you can see at the link below that we should recognize that as citizens, we are regarded with amusement by Fullerton and I surmise, many judges, as apparent in her farewell comments to Mlive.

    I want everyone to know what I see.

    I noticed in December that Judge Fullerton retired. I have countless unvoiced observations after living here over half a century that would keep me lamenting forever but today I saw her name here, remembered the article and then saw the word corruption in this thread and I could not stop myself from coming on to comment and pass it on because I remember my anger at the time. Synchronicity is at work and I felt the need to act.

    Her quote from the 12/18/2018 Mlive retirement article below shocked me but it should not:

    “I like the intellectual challenge. I like engaging with the lawyers,” Fullerton said. “I like trial work because I like to see the lawyers. When you get two good lawyers – one of the best things is to watch them go at it.”

    Blah, blah,%$@#*! Blah.

    …and I guess that means she likes lawyers seeing as how she repeats herself and gushes and in her estimation, shyster ambulance chasers are to be case studies for a better way of life for humanity. Because their “amusing”, I suppose. At any rate, we know she really likes lawyers. It’s all so invigorating, people. I am sickened by her glee and gloating. Bite me.

    This article made me furious. Her experience as a judge was FUN and apparently this is a SPORT. I’m pissed.

    Her comments reflect her remote viewing of us, as though she fancies herself as a cerebral, sage or academic. I think her comments are piggish and vile and this amounts to normal in Flint and normal for you, Cathy, I suppose and everyone else, too.

    Please read the mixed comments after the article. This is a great example of the brown-nosing
    and cronyism/nepotism (all the damn isms!!!) from the creepy Genesee County Haves vs. the People and Have-Nots who smell a dead fish. Typical Mlive fare. We have our work cut out for us.

    I have had enough unwanted exposure in recent years to Genesee County attorneys to know that unfortunately that it IS a goddamned sport and it is this way because of people like her. They are everywhere still, a half century later.

    I am very offended that for nearly my entire half century plus years, this now very wealthy woman who until December had everyone in this county by the gonads apparent enjoyed the pain of her constituents while the lawyers played the game and they all laughed at us and took our cash, our spirit and our homes. It’s pretty clear hows she feels about her tenure, I’d say, it was dandy for her. Bring on the cocktails!

    Very revealing and straight from her own Pie Hole. Jeez, this is stuff is so rich.

    If you are quick you might still catch her in Flint to get her comments on this before she takes off to Florida on that big, FAT, two, or three, or four pensions of hers, YEAH?

    Please comment as I’m mostly alone here in my area with my observations and getting fed up with treading lightly in my golden, baby boomer years. Thanks for giving me a place to vent freely where it is accepted and allow me to comment and shine a little local light on this gigantic, very painful beast we must apparently unravel without their help.

    Keep up the good fight with good luck and love every day and Godspeed, Darlin!

    You are a force of good and Big Sister to all of us!

    • cathybroad says:

      Thank you, Melissa. The underbelly of the legal and political system is like no other. Maybe even worse than that of law enforcement, because we foolishly believe these judges and politicians have higher values in mind when they act. Here’s all you need to know about Judith Fullerton: When my Dad saw the document I link to in this post, he called her office to try to ask her what she remembered about Chris Busch. He may have written a letter. My Dad is also a member of the Michigan Bar Association. She never responded. No surprise there–most judges insulate themselves and are above speaking to those they would rather not bother with. But I can guarantee you she, like all of these other fucks who have amnesia, would remember Christopher Busch if she thought about it long enough. Are you kidding me? An obese, slovenly son of a GM big wig who was facing child rape charges all over the state?! GM and the big car manufacturers were KING back in the day. They were huge employers and huge advertisers. It is impossible to overstate the level of wealth auto execs had relative to the rest of society back then. Also, Busch was obese back when not every third person was extremely overweight. Here’s a little more to ponder–Jane Burgess, now deceased, was Busch’s attorney for all of those CSC with minors charges. When interviewed by police in 2006 or 2007, her husband gushed about her legal prowess and his pride at her work “getting Chris off” on all those charges. He was very proud of her. I have bad news, Laurence. Your wife kept a child predator out of jail and on the streets where he continued to rape and probably kill not because of her legal prowess, but because of Busch’s Daddy Warbucks. And she had the help of all the prosecutors who cut deals for this piece of shit and the judges who approved them. Everyone is entitled to a legal defense, but only those rare few are entitled to checkbook justice. They were all probably relieved to learn of Busch’s “suicide,” but this shit is still on you no matter how you spin it. You sold your souls.

      • Melissa says:

        Thanks for responding, Cathy. Jane Burgess and her husband are the most disturbing aspects from my perspective. What we know is bad enough but we don’t know chills me. Fox Island lore from my parts was vast into the early 1980’s. I was almost whisked off on a road trip there by a friend’s over medicated boyfriend until I made him turn around. Something was still amiss up there into the 1980’s. Godspeed.

  15. Judi Coltman says:

    Doug Wilson, the animal hairs that were supposed to be tested and no results (?), the orange material matched to Tim’s skateboard, Sebastian, convenient catastrophic floods: radio silence. My head is going to explode.

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