Atlanta Child Murders Case Reopened Last March for DNA Testing and Retesting

Thanks to a reader for sending this information on.  Initially, there was speculation that the second season of the Netflix series Mindhunter played a part in this tragic serial murder case being reopened.  As explained in Rolling Stone, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Atlanta PD Chief Erika Sheilds announced in March of this year that the City would be retesting evidence in the cases of more than 25 black children and adolescents who were murdered during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The article describes the March 2019 press conference where Mayor Bottoms acknowledged and thanked producer Will Packer, who created the documentary Atlanta Child Murders, which premiered on the ID channel two days after the press conference was held.

“Regardless of the reasons for reopening the case,” the reporter explains, “Bottoms stressed that the ultimate goal was to bring closure to the loved ones of the victims, such as Catherine Leach-Bell, the mother of Curtis Walker, who was murdered in 1981 when he was 13.  ‘I want to know who killed Curtis, his case is sitting on a shelf getting dusty and rusty until you can’t see the page,’ Bottoms said during the press conference.  ‘They’ve been forgotten and forsaken.  And it’s not right.'”

The public affairs officer for the Atlanta PD told Rolling Stone “that the investigation was not opened to exonerate [Wayne] Williams [who was convicted of murdering two young adult males], as much of the existing evidence already pointed strongly in his direction, BUT THAT THE CASE SHOULD NONETHELESS BE REOPENED TO DISCOVER THE FULL TRUTH.”  What a concept.

Stay tuned.  Maybe these yet unsolved child murders in Atlanta will finally get the attention they should have back in the day.  And with advancements in DNA testing occurring at relative lightning speed, evidence in this case, as well as the OCCK murders, should be tested and retested on an ongoing basis.  What does it say about a society when child murders are swept under the rug or treated expediently?

And if you want to feel some real terror over the way children are treated and have been allowed to be treated and how society turns away to pretend all is well, check out the podcast Out of the Shadows, with Shane Waters and Gemma Hoskins, specifically the July and August editions discussing  the CIA project MKUltra “project” (July 31, August 6 and August 28, 2019).  A survivor, initially raised in the Detroit area, was sold by her parents into the most depraved situations possible.  Think this stuff never happened or never happens?  I dare you to listen and argue it didn’t/doesn’t.

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  1. Thanks for the info. Praying for all families of victims. Praying for answers
    Yes I have learned things no one wants to know about our community.

  2. Please see @IAmGods_Girl pinned tweet that has cursive writing found in the FBI Vault claiming the to be from the Zodiac Killer who “is now killing in Atlanta.” There is a cursive writing sample from the FBI vault and a cursive sample of Stephen Stanislaw, the known murderer of Connie Crossland (age 14) and his father. The samples are very similar and need to be examined forensically. Stanislaw openly referenced murders in conversations.

    1. I don’t “tweet” but I want to look into this. Please explain how to find @IAmGods_Girl etc. Thanks

    2. Uh the original zodiac killer is not killing people in Atlanta now . He would be close to 100 years old if he was alive. He would be lucky if he could walk without assistance. So much disinformation online.

  3. I live in Atlanta. Just so you know there has been virtually NO media information about reopening those infamous cases. This is infuriating. Of course I also grew up in Detroit, so for me it’s a double whammy.

  4. I live in Atlanta. Just so you know, there has been virtually NO disclosure in the local media about the Atlanta Child Killer case being reopened. That is infuriating. Plus I was born and raised in Detroit, so for me it’s a double whammy.

  5. I also scoured everything on the ID site to find ATLANTA CHILD MURDERS and found nothing. If anyone knows how to locate it please let me know. Thanks

  6. As shady as Oakland County is, I don’t have hope. Let’s face it law enforcement dropped the ball back at the beginning & under Bob Robertson’s control, he made sure the task force continued to fumble. The Lemans info is one of many intentional mistakes, too many to rehash.
    I often wonder if there is truth to H.Lee being into young boys, it sure would explain a lot.

    1. There are two girls in the world today that can identify one of the Occk clan is Arch Sloan I can identify him as the kidnapper, is he the murderer I don’t know if he was both, but two of his got away from Arch Sloan, so one of them forsure is in a prison cell rotting.

      The police have me and the other girl that can identify him, I have heard nothing back from Det Street, or the other detective. it surely is sad, but I am confident that one of them is not walking the earth as a free man.

      1. So frustrating. I just received an email from a woman who saw the WDIV series and recognized Chris Busch as the man who tried to abduct her in the winter of 1977. She called the tip line number (to the Michigan State Police) given at the end of the series on August 16 and has heard nothing back. These guys are doing what they have always done on this “rejuvenated” task force. Pretending to ask for information and then blowing people off. Here is an attempt by Busch to abduct a girl. In the Winter of 1977. At least pretend to do your job and call her back. It’s looking like the best we are going to get is further evidence of mid and malfeasance in this investigation. They waited for this to blow over yet again after the Cineflix series aired on Discovery ID and the WDIV series tagged along. More exposure is what is needed. If you called that tip line and got blown off, post the details here.

    1. Yes Mam, They called me back and I told them my story and told them it is Arch Sloan that tried to kidnap me, they told me they would see him in a couple weeks and they would let me know what he says, I told the detective just tell him the one that got away is talking, see the look on his face, they promised they would get back to me and never did.
      I have called numerous times and they have not called me back, I am frustrated, disgusted, and @%^%#^$%^%&*^(&)*_()(*^&%^&*() pissed off.
      I told them I wanted to know the date I was almost kidnapped, I called and asked if they found my police file and they said they did but they would have to get back to me, I am still waiting that was 2 months ago.
      I have no idea the date but I know it was around the time Tim was kidnapped, we were next on the list I remember back in the day I was in my red coat and I saw dirt on the dirt road so it was sometime in April or May but I had on a light jacket so fall or spring I believe it was spring, but it is on police record and I would like to know it forsure.
      Never mind my needs the needs of the children and the families need their needs met, and there are people out there that have good information but we have no where to go with it,
      sick of this crap.
      I see his face in my nightmares and I see his face as we speak it is a face a small child nor a 53 year old adult can never forget his determination and his anger as he could not get me was classic, I was so proud I got us safely away from him, never would have imagined it would have a purpose in my life to help a cold case be solved, I may look into another avenue, I have spoke to a journalist he is supposed to be making a video of my attempted kidnapping but I have not heard from him either, he did drive the route I told him and filmed it and sent it to me it was eeerie seeing the route where the occk tried to get us, but it may help someone in Lake Orion remember something, I did not survive this brutal experience of my life for nothing, The emotions I go through are too much to say, and I feel like a bomb ready to explode MSP can kiss my !@#$^%&&*^$%%$^&%*^ they sucked then and they suck now, useless embarrassment to our state, As we speak I am looking to what authority to make a complaint about their tip line bull#$@%#^&%^(&)*&(&%$&^.

      Sorry I am still trying to get this case solved through my own personal information and will not give up for Timothy, Kristine, Mark, and Jill it is why I keep trying, and the families of them.

      1. I don’t even know where to begin to respond, ASI. It is terrible to admit that I still not-so-secretly hope old Archie and Ted meet an awful death in prison. Busch and Green are both dead. But John Hastings is alive. So are others people write to me about. No one will listen to them, either. The MSP is a lame, shitty organization with a terrible culture. They live and breath their “road cop” chip-on-the-shoulder mentality that dates back to their very origins. Some tell me the more recent crop of troopers working on the case are better. They aren’t going to get anywhere before their superiors transfer them to other assignments and the next round have to pretend to get up to speed. The whole thing is such a stain on the State of Michigan. I am truly grateful you spoke up and I’m sorry Oakland County was such a dangerous place for young children and teens. The underbelly was real and it was the ideal hunting grounds after these freaks branched out from the Detroit area. Kids were worth nothing there compared to rich white men. Collateral damage. So shameful.

      2. If they wanted sloan to talk , they could easily force him in less than 10 minutes. Look at what they did to Epstein who was 10,000,0000,0000,000 more powerful than sloan.

        And they did not even attempt to hide it. Moved his cell mate a day before, changed guards a day before, security cameras malfunctioned for the 30 min he suicides himself. Injuries suggest murder not suicide.

        They might as well have left the cameras On and has guys in FBI jackets do it live on camera. We still could not do anything about it. Then they could laugh in everyone’s face and still we couldn’t do anything more than whine online. They are in full 100,00000000000% control.

  7. Cathy,

    When I say that I a fed up I mean it, I just called Channel 7 news room and reported that the tip line is crap and there are many that want to get information out there that want this case solved, but we have no where to report our information to that something is getting done.

    They were very interested in our story and they will be getting back to me, she took the notes of my attempted kidnapping, and I let them know there are more out there, I also mentioned your blog that you have kept the motor rolling to get the case solved, I hope they look at this blog, I did tell them that numerous of us have written our your blog and we are not being heard by MSP or called back it is like it went into another file to rot.

    I hope that this will open some doors of opportunity to get them off their butts and solve this case.

    Oh, she asked me for the phone numbers I have called, hmm will be interesting if they don’t get a call back then I guess they have their story.

    To be continued my friend keep up the good work, I am also going to try another route of report.

    Tim, Jill, Mark, Kristine we are doing what we can for you to have justice and your families to have peace.

    1. I e-mailed Heather Catalllo and never heard back. I asked for follow up on what they found from the Search Warrant of the old Busch home and what’s the status of the DNA. You’d think channel 7 would want to follow up since the WDIV specials & ID’s.

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