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On July 23, 2020, with the permission of the woman who contacted me about Bloomfield Township PD Corporal Richard J. McNamee, I forwarded her entire email and her contact information to the Michigan State Police Detective currently assigned to the OCCK case. I will refer to this woman in the future as Jane Doe.

On August 14, 2020, I wrote a follow-up email:

August 14, 2020 email

I sent another email on August 22, 2020:

August 22, 2020 email

Again, no response whatsoever. I then posted about McNamee on my blog late Wednesday night.

Late yesterday Marney Keenan alerted me that Bloomfield Township had responded to her FOIA request and she was going to forward files to me. She was kind enough to tell me: “No words for this. I don’t even know how to warn you.”

Last night I posted McNamee’s photos and the most appalling parts of this guy’s file. Tonight I am posting everything, in the order provided, so you can see it the way we saw it.

The information raises questions relevant to the OCCK case, and I will include notes or links when those questions are raised. Maybe just a garden-variety, dirty cop pedophile. But there are too many red flags to ignore here.

As an aside, one of my brothers and I were laughing about the most recent season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry gets sideways with a coffee shop owner, gets kicked out and then banned from the shop. So he rents the space next door and opens a “spite” coffee shop, starting a trend of spite stores opening after people have gotten screwed over by a business. We discussed how we have to be a spite task force. Now he calls me Spite P.D.

I have added my own highlights and annotations to these McNamee documents. Welcome to Spite P.D., motherfuckers.

McNamee File 1 (What a good guy):
McNamee 1 of 7

McNamee File 2 (Whiffs of insubordination):
McNamee File 2

McNamee File 3 (Uh-oh, “Suspicious Circumstances”)
McNamee File 3

McNamee File 4 (Shit escalates but it ends with a letter of recommendation from Police Chief Robert L. Snell. Pass the Pedophile, Chief. The victim of McNamee’s 1982 sexual assault appreciated that, I’m sure.):
McNamee File 4

McNamee File 5 (Handwritten notes from the “suspicious circumstances” inquiry):
McNamee File 5

McNamee File 6 (The inevitable CSC arrest on 4-14-82. On 9-13-82, former police officer McNamee pled No contest to a charge of accosting and soliciting a minor child. Sentenced to two years of probation.):
McNamee File 6

McNamee File 7 (Now why on earth would the Michigan State Police ask Bloomfield Township P.D. for copies of photos of Richard McNamee and his attendance records from 1976 and 1977?):
McNamee File 7 of 7

Tomorrow I will post again about a witness who saw an “older man” in a car watching my brother in the minutes before he was abducted, and we will compare a few photos and review the circumstances that make this kind of a big deal. Officer Friendly. Freak.

16 thoughts on “More about Officer Friendly”

  1. Hi Cathie,
    I think your going to solve this case. So awesome a job you have been doing. Such a grim task.
    The world will be so much better off once you have definitive proof of all the scum involved.
    I don’t know what else to say but thank you for your continuous perseverance!!!!

  2. Interesting. It seems this investigation was nothing but looking for hay in a haystack and no i did not mean needle in a hay stack. This investigation is searching for hay in a haystack. By hay I mean pedophiles. Problem is there is just so many of them. What I find fun y is how there is still all of these records. Yet not one agency ever thought it would be wise to gather background info on these offenders about their lives, employers, and victims in a file for prosecutors to have on stand by in the case someone new comes forward. Even in the event of an accusation the state should be documenting as much info and uploading it to a state data base for prosecutors and law enforcement to access. I hope this case gets solved. Cathy i think you should try to talk to Dana Nessel. She is the Michigan AG. I know she cracked the whip on some sock religious figures not to long ago. If you need help I think she would try to help. Maybe I am wrong but it wouldn’t hurt to try. I can’t imagine it being too hard to contact her either. Her twitter account is usually not even that busy either. Maybe Keenan might have connections that could connect to Nessel. I mean Nessel even sued the state over education in Detroit. I am sure she wouldn’t be afraid to get her hands dirty in exposing corruption. Not just that but remember she is at the top of the ladder as far as law enforcement in MI.

  3. Missing 1 item in this case may be understood somehow. Missing all these factual occurrences is criminal.Hiding the real tangible truth seems to be the only thing one could surmise was the reason, because you have presented volumes of proof in all this material and following all your outstanding documented logical reports, you did their (LE) homework, and yet they looked the other way.. My heart aches for you, your family and the all the other families. I still think LBP was the one and only person who held you and your family hostage.He is the gatekeeper here.He could have given you peace. I think it is greed and power and status that were his motivations and he was the Major conduit in helping you. He did not because it did not benefit him. With money comes power and then delusional thought processes supersede the norm if someone is not monitored properly. Makes me sad for you all.You go Spite PD! I would gladly contribute some money for you to continue finding the truth. I said this before that I am sure others would contribute as well. Just let me know where to send my donation.Please rest when you can. They know we know is all I can say. Maybe we can find the truth soon!

  4. Well I’ll tell you what Cathy. I will try to bring more recognition with Dana Nessel via Twitter with posts like this (links posted below this paragraph). She does post every day and typically doesn’t have too big of an audience. I am sure she sees the messages. Assuming she is the one running the account. After all she is the AG in Michigan. I feel she may be able to help you. I will try to comment on her post’s more frequently for you. I pray for you, your family, and all the families of the victims of the OCCK and of course the victims. Goodnight Cathy I wish you the best of luck

  5. I will also give the AG a nudge on Twitter.

    Thanks for the laugh, Cathy!

    Love it!


    I wholeheartedly agree with every comment you note in Dirty Dick’s reports.

    1. This is what I want to know too. I want to know just why he was there so fast. Involved? Tipped off by someone in the PD? Or legitimately ordered to go to the scene?

  6. It’s the story of a man getting bolder and more dangerous as time passes. Of course the PD should have tanked him but what, was the police union in the way? I also blame the parents for not making a hell of a big stink.
    DOCTORS will do things like this.
    POLICE OFFICERS will do things like this.
    WHY? Because we’re taught that all of them are saintly, upstanding people, one of the stupidest American myths.

  7. Ask Gina Nessel to look up CeCe Moore, the genetic genealogist that works with law enforcement to solve unsolved murders and rapes. Look at her profile on Wikipedia. Get her on this caper! This case needs to get solved!

  8. There had to be a spiders web of rich,well connected and protected influential people involved in this. LB at the top of the list of complicit individuals. McNamee, lived a mile from Busch’s parents house where he was found dead, of supposed suicide, oh and Mc Namee was the first responding officer to the scene,,,,,…. and he, McNamee was called out for sexual crimes against minors shortly after Busch turned up dead and “forced” to retire. Please publish his last known address on Cranbrook Cross and the years that he lived there, there must be people who have information, observations.

    1. 423 S. Cranbrook Cross Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI is listed as a past address for McNamee. Apparently back in the late 1970s this address was zoned Birmingham.

  9. I knew Officer McNamee. I was never touched by him, but he did offer me the Juicy Fruit gum, invited me to warm up in his car while I was a school crossing guard (Quarton used students for that) and he constantly told me he thought I was pretty. So I can confirm he was a creep with boundary issues. I however have a question, what kind of money would a cop, even one in Bloomfield village make? Would it really be enough to afford a home in Bloomfield Village? Even then, that was a pricey and exclusive neighborhood.

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