14 thoughts on “Officer/Corporal Richard McNamee, Bloomfield Township PD (10-2-71 to 4-16-79)”

    1. Monty, he left BTPD in April 1979, so this is close to what he must have looked like in 1977. He was 48 in 1977. Like “the older man” described by witness Doug Wilson who was hypnotized and assisted an FBI sketch artist in drawing the older man sitting in a car watching Tim and the younger man who was speaking with Tim. There is a lot to say about this.

  1. I really would like to know what went wrong with the adults that raised all of us children in the 70’s and 80’s that were born in the the 60’s or 50’s, it seems as though there is some kind of connection all around, I know of so many step-fathers that molested and raped their daughters they were friends of mine.
    Two of my friends fathers tried to molest me and I put an end to that really fast I was in 6th grade one time and 9th grade another, what the heck is wrong with everyone in this time frame.
    I was a little girl that was almost kidnapped in the time of the OCCK as well, seriously what is wrong with this generation of adults raising children in this time, I am so sick to look back at all the things I had to go through as a child, and then I was sexual exploited by someone that I cleaned their mansions for my teenage summer jobs, really put me in a little outfit and serve alcohol for your parties and have every pedophile hitting on me, no one seemed to care as long as they had something to look at, how disgusting when I look back, and the other mansion I cleaned for tried to set me up with a 25 year old man when I was 16, I just get sick when I think about Oakland County, a bunch of sick rich white old disgusting men they came in every form including policemen so sad for all of us that had to live this, I feel like throwing up looking back at all of it and knowing there was no one there to protect us, some found it funny to have older men hit on me in my cute little mini skirt and crop top with sparkles on it, I was a little stupid thought they were just being extra nice as I bartended and they tipped me really good, or they all were offering me to be a live in nanny for them, bunch of sick pricks of Oakland County, such a bunch of rich white perverts that even got away with murder, I will never forget how I felt in that outfit and how the men were looking at me and commenting things to me, I may have looked a pedophile murderer in the face and never would know it, yep they were from Birmingham go figure, Oakland County should be renamed 80’s name Whitetrashpedophilemurderers haven, come to Oakland County and get away with rape, molestation, torment, captivity, and murder of children we got your back.
    I say F……… You all you asses that did not help this case get solved, the case that I am personally involved in as OCCK Survivor.

    Thx all for letting me vent, that felt great!!!

    1. Venting is called for. You are absolutely right. Birmingham/Bloomfield ARE THE WORST. And the police were not protecting anyone but themselves. Fuck Oakland County is right.

      1. Cathy,
        I love your enthusiasm and we have connected, as I said, I am on a little break from trying again, but you know I will never stop for the things that have personally happened to me, the knowledge I have about the kidnapper and well you opened a huge door and maybe, just maybe someone will do something about all of this that you and the others have un-covered, I guess you all made it easy for them to continue to fill in the puzzle pieces missing may someone in the state of Michigan that can make a difference do something good in this case we all can be proud of.
        Peace to you and you family

    2. I hope you realize how lucky you are. You’re here, alive. I grew up at the exact same time, same place. I can tell you that plenty of families were just normal. For me it lasted 16 years. Not a bad run. Then some ass.ole exposed himself to me. But life goes on! I am fine. I hope you can look away from the past and do something enjoyable.

      1. Thanks and yes I am way over it but I am stating how sick Oakland County was and how much sickness was going around us, you can say there was a lot of normal and that is great but I saw the worst of the worst abnormal in families including my own, so I am sorry so many sick people in the Oakland County were someones Mother and Fathers, or Aunts and Uncles, or Grandma and Grandpa, or Brothers or Sisters, everyone comes from someone and that time frame had a whole lot of yuckie pedophiles, that turned their victims into pedophiles, that turned their victims into pedophiles, it was a vicious circle that no one cared to stop, just hushed it up and hoped it would go away, but it can never go away as long as Kristine, Timothy, Mark and Jill do not have justice. I am healed and know how lucky I am I promise I only want justice for the wronged done children, I was just almost kidnapped by Sloan, or Gunnels or whoever these children did not survive and I did, I believe there is a reason w thy I did, and still trying to get it out there to help this case get solved, my lips are not heard no matter where I turn with the police in Michigan they were a disgrace 1977 and they still are a disgrace to this day.

    3. The most important thing to remember about yourself, is that you were a child. That’s what makes this even more sickening. Developmentally, human beings are not equipped as children and teenagers to fully “read” the situation. You were being paid to do a job- and the male ADULTS were sleaze and It does make me wonder, too. I know that the majority of adults that I knew were good and would never do such a thing. But I feel the same way, in terms of wondering who the hell knew about this.

      To prey on a child is the worst kind of person. Just the lowest, most sick and cowardly.

      Please have compassion for the child that you were- it was in no way your fault. This is on the sick bastards that hid behind their power and wealth.

      1. Thanks and yes I do realize I was a child, I am healed no worries there, mad as heck the OCCK has not yet been revealed and mad as heck it has all been a huge cover up, my mouth will not stop trying, I am on break for a minute and then I will go in again, I believe that I survived the kidnapping for Jill, Kristine, Mark, and Timothy and I will keep trying the good thing is the kids know I am trying to help them and their families have justice this gives me peace.

  2. Doug Wilson said he saw some older creep in a car at Hunter Maple. Wonder if he might want to take a look at some of these photos of Officer Friendly?

  3. Cathy ,
    Message some friends that lived in Bloomfield township during the 70’s with pics.. Will keep this going on our site to.
    You know you’re from Birmingham! 😡

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