When pigs fly.

After last night’s post no one came forward with information about Bloomfield Township/Bloomfield Village cop Richard J. McNamee, who was the first cop to the Busch “suicide” scene. But journalist and author Marney Keenan came forward with a lot of information.

The woman who contacted me regarding McNamee readily agreed to let me contact Marney with her information and the two of them shared the limited information they found online. Marney Keenan then filed FOIA requests and told the agencies she was a journalist familiar with FOIA law and that she would require the legal reasons for any exemptions. In other words, don’t give me your “no files,” “limited retention schedule” bullshit or the total-redaction special.

While the state police were sitting on this woman’s information–not even calling her–Marney got most of the FOIA files today. If you are at all familiar with this case, the documents speak for themselves and they speak volumes. Tonight I will post the most relevant files and tomorrow I will just pile it all on and you can see for yourself what this man’s file contained.

I am making an open plea to national media to take a hard look at what has happened here. Marney Keenan’s book has been out for a little over a month. Someone reads it, contacts me with information about being sexually molested as a girl by the very cop who just happens to show up to the Busch home for a “wellness check” on Chris Busch. MARNEY KEENAN does the heavy lifting researching this cop while the state police DO NOTHING. Tonight you will see what she found. The Detroit area press has been as weak and lame as the Michigan State Police. NATIONAL PRESS, WE NEED YOU! Police are going to do nothing here. It is outrageous to have a victim of sexual abuse, a murder victim’s sister and a retired journalist and author carrying the water for the cops.

There’s lots more to say, but check this out and we will dissect it tomorrow.
I will just preface the link to the files with the following:

–Richard J. McNamee was employed by Bloomfield Village on 10-2-71.
–He was the first cop to respond to the Busch “suicide” scene on 11-20-78 and was there alone with Busch’s brother Charles for a period of time before back up came.
–He was suspended on 4-12-79
–He resigned four days later on 4-16-79
–On 4-18-79, Police Chief Robert L. Snell provided McNamee a letter of recommendation, recommending him to future employers and wishing him much success.

Check this out and there will be more tomorrow:

Suspicious Circumstances

1982 McNamee Incident Report

In other files, the state police contact Bloomfield Village for McNamee’s attendance records for 1976 and 1977.

Witness Doug Wilson described an older man in a LeMans watching my brother Tim as he was skateboarding and then speaking with a younger man. Wilson described the man as looking somewhat like John Wayne Gacy. More on this tomorrow, too.

Contrary to what I previously posted, it appears this dead guy has a daughter. Law enforcement (not Oakland County or the MSP) needs to go get a DNA sample, and not lose it.

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  1. My bad I am an idiot. I didn’t read his middle initial was james or that he was deceased. I’m sorry that is not the right person. That site is no good for anyone who hasn’t died from 2016 and ☝. For something like that I would check ancestry.com . Sometimes they show some unique information and census related material with addresses including who all lived in the home. I just proved why it is important not to dox. My apologies. I pray your family finds justice one day. Justice should have been due the day Mark stebbins died.

  2. McNamee was suspended in the 70s and resigned in 99? If that’s correct, how does that work?

  3. I want to know if McNamee was assigned to the Busch house or whether he showed up on his own. Checking to see if Chris was sufficiently dead?

  4. Absolutely unreal. Coincidentally I was thinking the same thing on the flight home – how to get the national media or Julie Brown of the Miami Journal involved. But that is Marney Keenan in this case. How long until the MI cop calls you? My God.

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  5. This may be a hard one to consider you might not have the resources to promote this but I think something you should consider is looking into whether or not you can get some of these books that are out like The Kill jar and all these new books that you are promoting regarding the Oakland County child killer and donate a whole bunch of them and donate them to the jails and prisons. I feel like the General Public don’t read books as often nowadays but I’ll tell you what inmate will read them in jail and to be honest I feel like those are the people who need to be reading them because a lot of those people may be associated with some of the people in this case. Jail and prison is very boring and there will be people reading when they get bored they pick up books and they read them front to back. Especially prisons where there is a large sex offender population. Some of these people who are now offenders may have been victims themselves. Corey Williams said during the WDIV docu-series that when he interviewed the victims of Lawson, bob moore, and Lamborgines that he assumed they were all acquaintances. Which made me think because of the way he worded it those individuals are probably sex offenders themselves now. I know there is a high percentage of people who were abused as children who never got treatment and ended up becoming offenders themselves. Some of these other victims may be in prison. Just like Gunnels

  6. Amazing how one more clue can begin to connect the dots. Keep it up and break the silence!!

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