14 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it have been nice if police shared these composites with the public on June 10, 1977?”

  1. Wow, I have been wondering for years where those sketches were and why they were never released. The one looks very much like the pictures of Greg Greene at that time. They should have been released immediately but the FBI is as corrupt as the local police departments. Thank you for posting those Cathy.


  2. The dark haired one is my brother Gary Neal McLean. This is not the guy in a plaid shirt, denim jacket and hat. This is how Gary looked that night the two witnesses saw him, in dress clothes, not work clothes.

  3. Whoever these two were, they must have matched people really well in order for police to hold this information back. Keep in mind police never showed these to my parents or the rest of the family to ask “do you guys know these people or are they familiar?”

    And as of the two dates in June of 1977 that Doug Wilson was being interviewed and hypnotized, the FBI agents were already in possession of the information about the probable make/model of the car that had been at the location Kristine’s body had been left. They told Wilson they were “excited” about this information, but to keep it all quiet so the car owner would not get suspicious. Yeah, I bet the car owner was reeeeallly worried. Especially with every other Gremlin driver getting pulled over.

  4. The one on the right looks identical to John Hastings . His hair style and the texture of his hair is the same

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