More on former Bloomfield Township PD Corporal Richard McNamee

Corporal McNamee did not get the magic Chris Busch $1,000 bond. No, he got the $10,000 version for CSC-2.

The Mount Clemens Police Criminal Arrest Record shows McNamee has gray hair, drove a red 1973 Pontiac Ventura, license number VBJ 377. The charge is listed as CSC and while the date (4-14-82) is given, the location of the offense is not listed.

There was a consent to search form signed for the car.

A bench warrant was issued after McNamee failed to pay his $200 fine and court costs. He was brought in on a bench warrant on October 26, 1983.

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  1. The composite drawing on the left looks like McNamee in the eyes, lips, and nose.
    Greene’s mug shot on 1-26-77 resembles the composite drawing on the right.

    Didn’t the hypnotized witness state that one of these men was wearing a baseball cap?

    Which one?

  2. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Macnamee looks like the sketch on the left. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say the Pontiac Ventura isn’t far off from a Lemans. I don’t t think it’s a stretch to speculate the license plate Doug tried to remember maybe had a group of 7’s and not 2’s.

    • At this point nothing is a stretch and all things need to be considered and Reconsidered. That’s a lot work. Do you think any cop is willing to put down the donut and dive into this?

      • No. I think the next level is an inquiry into the investigation itself. Maybe as a part of that inquiry an agency is motivated to isolate what needs to be looked at again. The criminals need to be exposed as well as the cover up that allowed this all to happen.

  3. The sketch includes features very similar to the officer. Did the officer work for Bloomfield Township or Bloomfield Village?

  4. Just finished reading Marney Keenan’s book. You guys should be so glad she was the one the right there book and not some big shot Hollywood asshole. She was on point the whole time. I always knew Corey Williams was a good guy but holy is that guy an amazing person honestly. I know Helen Wagner is deceased now but when I read that she lied to Corey about having evidence on Hastings so she could stir up attention on her website really had me pissed off and then after the fact she goes online and tells her fan club do that she gave Corey tips on how to question Hastings which almost cost him his job SMH I have never been a fan of Helen’s work or her fan club. I know sometimes authors can get on News Network to promote their new books and also bringing light to these types of cases I really hope she does get that opportunity because it will give this case so much life. The whole time she did not over exaggerate or going to Long opinions this whole book was 100% this case and it cleared up so much of my thoughts about this case

  5. Cathy do you have a photo of Lawson in the 1970s. I did a side by side comparison of the sketch next to Lawson’s inmate photo and it looked very similar

  6. It would be significant if any of the arresting officers or prosecutors were still around and possibly would speak to you.
    Someone must have the information you need.Unless LBP deemed they should be silent?
    Way to many coincidences for such awful crimes to occur and be either omitted or ignored.

    • After reading the book I doubt it would be from LBP. Read Marney Keenans book. There is far more suspicions of Jessica Cooper’s relationship to Jane Burgess who was the attorney of Christopher bush. I also believe the book mention the fact that Larry wasser brought up Christopher pushes test results to Jane Burgess at some point in time. The Bush family was paying for Jane Burgess the fly around it handled Chris’s case. Jane Burgess husband stated she went to his funeral in the Bush family would not even go around her

  7. Jessica Cooper was not around when all this happened to the OCCK kids, LBP was and could have stopped all of this if he had done the proper things when Bush was 1st arrested….He let him go, slapped his wrist, and allowed kids to be killed. Copper may have followed his lead and been groomed by LBP later on and assumed being protective of Bush (and his Family’s status and money) as LBP was.the initiator of all these missed arrests and wild goose chases. He knew what was going on.

    • Again read the book. Where is Thompson in this? What about Gray? What about all the detectives who made misleading statements in all of this? What about Wasser? When I see the corruption in this it always goes to the top which was the state police! The same agency that helped Cooper stall and undermine Cory Williams every step of the investigation. Brooks is just another bishop in a game of chess. There are too many big players to count. Regardless to what you got to say Cooper and the state police have done everything to undermine and success and transparency in this case.

      • Which she and the state police have been in office overseeing and in full control of this shit show for over a decade. Stop playing bias politics and realize the corruption goes way past Brooks and both political parties played in this in some way.

      • Yes. And I agree, please read the book–The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, ESPECIALLY if you live in Oakland County. You never got the straight story from the press in Michigan.
        You think you know all about this case–that “you lived it.” But think again. READ THE BOOK. Then read The Kill Jar by J. Reuben Appelman and Portraits in the Snow by M.F. Cribari.

  8. I was not interjecting anything political. I just followed LBP’s involvement ever since this started and when I moved to Royal Oak in July of 1977 with a 1/1/2 year old son and another son that was born in December 1977.I lived across the street from Kristine Michelich’s paternal grandparents. I felt their fear and pain, everyone around there did. I read as much as I could about the OCCK as I had 2 little guys and I was very worried about them. I am not sure what you are implying and I dare say you know NOTHING about me..His(LBP) comments and his actions were always important to me as he had such power to either escalate a proper investigation or to squash it, and over the years after observing him with all his commentaries and ;lack of actions this led me to believe he chose the latter unfortunately, I never said the others later on were not responsible in doing the proper things for those kids. I just feel he really did those children a great injustice and they died…and it began with his inaction’s.
    I hope Cooper and all the others alive now keep squirming as the attempt to find the truth continues.And, I hope we all get an answer soon.

    • Everyone in Oakland County has failed, from outset to now. It’s sadly across the political system and agencies. It is an incredibly weak, cruel, unethical, indefensible FAIL at every level. Marney’s book sets out the factual basis for my statement.

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