Thank you to another reader for these age-advanced comparisons of the “Doug Wilson” composite drawings–the composite drawings from June 1977 that were never released to the public.

The same reader provided colorized versions of the mug shots of Gunnels, Busch and Greene, photos previously only seen in black and white versions.

James Vincent Gunnels–

Greg Greene–

As another reader pointed out, Greene has an obvious “widow’s peak” in his hairline. Compare:

And then there is Chris Busch, who seems to have more mug shots than any other probationer who walked around free.

Chris Busch–

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  1. bitamoney says:

    Thank you to Whomever for the young Gunnels pic. Never saw that in all this time. May spark a memory in somebody.

    • livoniaguy says:

      Just a note -that picture of Gunnels was in 1980,four years after the Stebbins abduction.

      • cathybroad says:

        Yes good point. But the only photo of him available close in time to when he was used as a lure by Busch.

        • Paul Jolliffe says:

          Busch may well have used Gunnels as a lure generally, but the Stebbins abduction was almost certainly done by someone who was connected with the gathering at the American Legion hall in Ferndale.

          No one could have anticipated that Mark would be alone until he decided to walk home. As I’ve pointed out before, his route home would have taken him right past the Ferndale Fire Department on Livernois and/or the back of the Ferndale Police Department (which backed up to Troy Street. Troy Street was visible from Mark’s back yard.)

          We have no evidence that any on-duty firemen or police officers were questioned as to what they might have seen on the street directly by their stations. We have no evidence that anyone saw anything suspicious on Livernois, Saratoga, Woodward or Troy streets.

          Mark’s kidnapping had to look completely natural and unremarkable to any passersby. Anything violent involving a kid would have garnered immediate attention, so the actual kidnapping had to be non-violent and normal looking.

          I agree with Cathy that the best leads were the list of those attendees at the AFL hall that Sunday. Someone there saw Mark Stebbins leave and either followed him out, or called in a fellow perp.

          Cathy’s brother Chris was apparently told of some interesting names who were there.

          • cathybroad says:

            Yes. Those first leads on Mark’s case were so important. As were the first leads on all the cases–and Birmingham police “lost” the initial tips in Tim’s case due to some tape recording malfunction.

            And sadly, with both Mark and Jill’s abductions the police were doing their “probably just ran away” bullshit, which meant they lost valuable time and possible information.

            All excellent points, Paul.

  2. twinboyzma says:

    Stomach churning. The technicolor palette of the seventies.
    I just finished “The Kill Jar” in one day.
    I grew up a mile north of you — near Harlan school.
    Seaholm class of ’85.
    My heart’s been with you.

  3. Joe M says:

    Wow. This shit is starting to stack up.

  4. weedbgone says:

    I totally forgot about Greene’s widow’s peak.

    When I looked at the age-advanced composite comparison from the Doug Wilson sketch on the right, it reminded of John Hastings’s aged self photos on Facebook the last time I was nosing around there. I went there again to make sure I was right. Freaky is the word!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Greene totally involved…Lamborgine & Gunnels too. Wow, reading “The last stone” which I found a reference to in one of your old posts, speechless and angry.

  6. JN says:

    that composite is identical to John Hastings in 1975. Its him to a T.

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