“A lie would make no sense unless the truth was felt to be dangerous.” –Carl Jung

The question in the OCCK investigation is, dangerous to whom?

Page 244 of Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, cuts to the chase:

Some of the most compelling evidence of a cover-up was at the scene of Chris Busch’s suicide, to many observers so apparently staged–the drawing resembling Mark Stebbins taped to the wall, the ropes in the middle of the closet floor, the 12-gauge shotgun shell left conspicuously on the dresser. The officers who arrived at the scene had to have run Busch’s name and discovered he was indeed a suspect, cleared by polygraph, and freed on bond weeks before Tim King’s death.

‘They realized they may have screwed up but didn’t know for sure,’ [Detective Cory] Williams said. ‘They couldn’t tell the families. If they did, it would leak out and they would look like fools for letting him go once he passed the polygraph. The task force was disbanding in a month anyway. They didn’t know for sure that he was the killer, but if he was, they figured at least he’s dead now. So someone high up the chain at the MSP shut down the Busch investigation right then and there. ‘

. . .

[S]omeone within the Michigan State Police made sure the Busch file would be buried. Someone decided the public should never know that the investigation amounted to something worse than a massive failure–it was sabotaged, the most critical evidence deliberately concealed to save face.

Remember this passage from Marney’s book if you watch WXYZ Channel 7 Detroit’s coverage of the OCCK case and her book on Monday and Tuesday evenings (Sept. 7 and 8 at 6 and 11 pm). If you haven’t read the book and you follow this case or care about how laws are enforced in Michigan, start now. You can find this book on Amazon or ask your local book store to carry this title. There is no other way to get a coherent explanation of this investigation.

I will post links to Heather Catallo’s coverage of the release of Marney’s book. In the meantime, maybe check out the Michigan State Police’s launch this past Friday of a Transparency and Accountability webpage. https://www.wxyz.com/news/michigan-state-police-launches-new-transparency-and-accountability-webpage. While clearly designed to address disparate treatment of motorists on the basis of race, this is pretty unprecedented in the MSP culture my family has witnessed.

Transparency and accountability. That’s all we have been asking for. It was denied and the denial was served up with an unbelievable level of hostility and cruelty.

So, yeah, your lies make sense. Stop denying that truth has the power to right wrong and end sorrows. Man up.

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  1. A lot of incompetence as well. The polygrapher Ralph Cabot was known for giving shitty test results. The Oakland County medical examiner misdiagnosed over 3 dozen causes of deaths, got his license taken away, and signed off over 1000 autopsy he did not even do himself. Then the police never uploaded DNA evidence for decades. Then the evidence became ridiculously scattered. After the arrest of Gerald Richards no one question him what so ever about the oakland county child killer case even though he had the most knowledge of the pedophile rings. Then you had so many tips that were never investigated like Richard Lawson’s tips on Ted Lamborghine and Bob Moore. Which Lawson was a credible Court informant. Then no one investigated the early tips on Busch. Smh. Complete incompetence all across the board. My guess is eventually they will announce all the killers when they have the DNA link. They know who is behind all this. For them to accept they fucked up the largest investigation in the state of Michigan would be completely embarrassing to say the least. They knew they fucked up the second the Busch polygraph results and lead came out. My guess the whole point for the grand jury hearing was to get Barry King to say detective Cory Williams was leaking info about the case to him especially about Christopher Busch. The whole time they wanted to kick Cory off the case because he was the only one who was exposing a lot of skeletons and mishandlings. The reason why this case is not solved is because to many politicians are trying to save their ego’s and the ego’s of their role models. I still believe the State police is the ones who caused the most damage. Years of stalling and undermining the investigation. Then years of delaying and DNA testing and loosing evidence. Which would explain why Cooper would be so on guard. This goes way over the heads of the Oakland county officials. This is a top down effect. People at the top don’t want it solved. Kinda hard to believe Dana Nessel would do all this shit for the Catholic church scandals but offer nothing for the largest investigation in the states history to a 40 year old cold case.. Before anyone defends cooper… Remember that it was her and Walton who tried to get Barry King arrested for a felony. But you know we are the state of corruption. Don’t listen to all the people im Chicago, New Jersey, and New York about Hoffa. Hoffa was from Michigan and disappeared in Michigan and you know what….. They know who did that too and fucked that case up too. But you will never hear them say that

      • Yes. And this speaks to the cop culture-protecting bad cops and messing with the good ones, as well as the insidious nature of policing in our country. It feels like there are more bad apples than good.

    • “Ralph Cabot was known for giving shitty results . . .”

      When Cabot of the Michigan State Police polygraphed and then cleared both Busch and Green in early 1977, I doubt that was the result of “shitty” work.


      It was deliberate – a negative reading would prevent Richard Thompson and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office from arresting Busch and Green as suspects for Stebbins, Mihelich and Robinson murders.
      Remember, L. Brooks Patterson had sent Thompson to Flint (in a snowstorm!) to charge Busch and Green as the killers, but the “cleared” polygraph result from the MSP saved Busch and Green from those charges.

      Also remember that Green had not only named Busch as Stebbins’ murderer, but Green had provided so much detail that the Flint P.D. believed that he, Green, was the actual killer!

      Seven years ago Cathy posted something that claimed that the Flint P.D. had recovered two pairs of underpants belonging to young girls from Green’s van. Given that the Robinson and Mihelich murders were very recent, it seems incredible today that anyone could have overlooked such evidence “accidentally.” No, this evidence (and who knows what else!) disappeared to ensure that no case could be made against Green and more importantly, Busch. Was this also the work of the MSP?

      Green had no “get out of jail free” card, but his association with Busch worked in his favor in this instance. Green may or may not have been in custody on March 16, 1977, but Busch was definitely out of custody.
      Supposedly Green was bitter in jail for the remaining 18 years of his life as to why Busch was not also jailed. Yet no one (officially) questioned Green in prison about Busch.
      Cathy wrote years ago that it was only upon Green’s death that the authorities sprung into action, questioning any and everyone with whom Green spoke about anything.
      The authorities wanted to know what Green had said to fellow inmates, and (ominously) with whom he’d shared it. (Did Green know or suspect that Busch had a special connection to some level of law enforcement? A connection that protected him until November 20, 1978?)

      My only question is whether Ralph Cabot and the MSP were protecting only themselves when they botched the Green/Busch polygraph, or were Cabot (and the Michigan State Police) protecting some other even more powerful force?

      A force capable of terrorizing Arch Sloan and Ted Lamborghine into complete silence for the rest of their lives, even if their lives were spent rotting away in prison?

  2. Finally! So glad to know WXYZ has decided to report on this case.

    We will be tuning in and taking notes.

  3. I hope there somebody records these programs that will play tonight and tomorrow, and puts them on YouTube for the out of towners to watch.

    • You can download the WXYZ app and watch for free at 11 pm. Go to “Sections” on the app and scroll down to “Live Video”.

      • I live streamed the segment from the 6 pm news. No one from the Michigan State Police had the balls to appear on camera. An anonymous spokesman said “We don’t comment on fiction.”

        As I just emailed the detective currently assigned to the OCCK case–who went dark after Marney’s book was published, I will not rest until this case is taken away from the MSP.
        Time’s up.

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