Cold cases continue to accumulate, leaving many lives disrupted for many years.

Thank you to a reader for this link– (Cold Cases Heat Up with New Forensic DNA Methods).

The OCCK case is the kind of difficult case that can benefit from a wealth of new technology and partnership with cutting-edge companies that can achieve what the MSP state lab or Quantico apparently cannot. If ever there was a case with poor-quality samples, it is this one.

From the article:

The transfer of advances from the life sciences and medical fields to the field of forensic DNA analysis has led to a burst of innovation. Sophisticated genetic analysis techniques are now being used to unlock difficult samples, coupled with software and database tools capable of accurately and securely connecting the information with those who need it.

We need it.

6 thoughts on “Cold cases continue to accumulate, leaving many lives disrupted for many years.”

  1. I bet if more federal evidence storage facility’s conducted more audits they would find a lot of evidence that supposedly disappeared

  2. Hey Cathy you should see if this guy was ever on Cory williams radar. Someone should look into this guy. he Bound a 11 year old girl, raped her, and then killed her by placing a bag over her head. He left the body in the open at a cemetery. That alone shares a lot of the same MO as the OCCK. He is from Michigan they think he might have been involved in a kidnapping from a decade ago and his age would be old enough to be someone involved with the Oakland County child killer case. His name is Daniel furlong. He had another victim who escaped which is how he got caught. During his interrogation he confesses to killing the 11 year old but says your not gonna put another dead girl on me and that he claims he is not a serial killer. All while speaking openly about raping and murdering an 11 year old. Here is some sources of info on this guy.

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