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  1. Unreal. Patterson and his successor are both skin ensconced around a core of rotting garbage. I’m sure his handbook to law-enforcement, teaches how to effectively cover-up crimes for protected paedophile networks. I’ve been following this case for quite a long while and it’s absolutely unbelievable the lengths that MSP, the FBI and the prosecutor’s office went to keep known perpetrators and their degenerate associates in the shadows. To cruelly and wilfully punish family and investigators for demanding the truth, to admonish, ignore or discredit eyewitness testimonies.

    Through you and your father’s blogs, I’ve seen this case through both your eyes and vividly felt you and your family’s pain, enduring frustration and anger. You are resolute and indomitable Catherine in every sense of the word, your tenacious pursuit for truth and justice is what keeps this from ever being memory-holed. Much to the chagrin of those soul-vacated accessories invested in keeping it all well covered up. Your work has inspired a growing interest in this case and people open-source investigating this from the ground-floor. Producing books, podcasts and documentaries that keep the truth once hidden away revealed, with new tips and leads coming to the surface. If this case is ever solved, it will be by people who keep at it in spite of the agencies whose job is to investigate and prosecute ALL those responsible. They’ve selectively forgone their duties save those who gave a damn and did their job above and beyond. They actually cared about the children and put them first and foremost.

    Thank you for never letting this go, you have more supporters and seekers of justice in this than you realise.

  2. “Dinner will be served…”…

    For you to vomit after you realized you were in the presence of a child murder/pedo sympathizer and enabler. And lying, racist sack of shit.

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