Just remember, I reached out to you . . .

I think it is interesting to understand the veiled threats in these comments. They are the same person. The hostility. The assumptions about me and how I live my life. There is something very off in the combination of patting himself on the back, attacking me and the veiled threats.

blackstonelawyer2 days agoUser InfoTrashDoes this sound like someone who passed a polygraph?

PS Catherine what is wrong with the police in Michigan? They’re scared like chickens. If the expose this then they have the Deep State to deal with. They’re not not me with countless military veterans behind me. They’re cops and I am an former drug dealer/ kickboxer turned top state official. I don’t get scared too easily but cops do. Politicians scratch each others backs and I am not a politician. Where were you when Bill Windsor of Lawless America was traveling around the nation doing video’s and interviews regarding government corruption? Where were you when they were trying JAIL (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law)? Here you are discussing the corruption of Wayne County but yet have you ever worked in such organizations attempting to clean up corruption in your hometown? I have where were you at? Now I bet you wish you had been involved in these organizations like I have because I care about others besides my family. I care about everyones children and their safety because doing so I stand a better chance of protecting my children. I cannot relate to those whom only think about themselves and their immediate families. This nation was built on communities of people caring for each other and not just their own. Good luck solving these murders.ApproveSpamDelete Permanently

Charles Rogers

Charles Rogers2 days agoUser InfoTrashDoes this sound like someone who passed a polygraph?

Should green carpet fibers from an automobile keep Wayne Williams in prison? They have so far. Its not about innocence nor guilt in the system and its not the governments job to protect you. That’s the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. Why did the Army of God allegedly target abortionist Emily Lyons and Birmingham Police Officer Robert Sanderson? They alleged because he was corrupt and her husband was a pedophile. However you’re talking about an organization wreaking havoc in the US since the Weathermen days.
Some are in government, others in the oil industry. Some construction workers and some fast food workers and of course some in law enforcement. How can you solve murders like that in this case? You cannot without a team. I did not know the employees of Rent A Center on Buford Hwy in Atlanta March 11, 1997 but we worked as a team to foil the attack of the IRS building and were held captive for almost three hours afterwards by the suspects including Eric Rudolph. All it took was one of us to admit that we contacted the FBI and we all would have died that late morning or early afternoon. All three employees were black and all four terrorists are white supremacists. It was a game of poker bluffing to convince them there were not any police nor federal agents privy to the attempted attack. If I were not willing to sacrifice my life for those employees we all would have died that day.
Therefore you don’t have a team. You want the glory to yourself in getting the murder of your brother solved but yet you don’t have a team nor a plan. I had a plan prior to transferring to Murphy, North Carolina on July 23, 1996. I knew giving up my daughters birthday to the terrorists would delay the Centennial Park attack from the 25th until the 27th. After that everything they did and tried fell under my plan and not theirs. I had a team of friends and people I didn’t even know and did the impossible. Why am I still alive? put the numbers together and you may learn the downfall of the terrorists was their involvement in pedophilia and murdering children. All I had to do was get them to admit to it and put the word out on them to the local people including some of the own kin. Once verified many would die but I would live but I had to be willing to sacrifice my life at any given moment in order to succeed.
So I am about to order my copy of the Snow Killings and as we get everything underway to issue the warrants for the rest of the terrorists suspects just remember when I reached out to you it was with good intentions and large compassion for you and the rest of the victims families. My intentions were to hopefully bring you closure and what did you do? Well you know. No need to remind you. .

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  1. FFS!!!! To this person or persons…Shut. The. Fuck. Up!

    No idea what kind deranged fantasies or fairly tales are bouncing around in your unstable head, but seriously, STFU!

    I would tell you to feel shame and embarrassment for sending these messages and making up things that have NOTHING to do with this site or what this site is related to; but you have your head(s) so far up your own ass(es) that common sense will be unable to penetrate the literal and metaphorical shit that you are consumed by.

    Take your medicine, stop being dumb and getting in the way, stay home and stay off the damn computer. You are contributing nothing. Go to bed and stay there.

    Don’t know how you stay sane with this garbage, Cathy.

  2. I do not think this person psychologically healthy! They sound quite delusional! I am so sorry you have to deal with things like this in the midst of trying to shed some light on this case!

  3. Charles Rogers, I am not a team of one attempting to solve these murders. The crimes will never be solved, the Michigan State Police, local police departments, the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office and the FBI made sure of that back in the day. If you have something to offer, and especially if you are one of the people who believes the OCCK crimes are tied in to other unsolved crimes around the county–if you really want to help–call and leave a message for MSP Det./Sgt. Sean Street at 833-784-9425. Work with him rather than threatening me. Use your expertise effectively.

    This is the third time you have specifically attacked me and my father directly. You started this when I was posting the FOIA documents and started up again two days ago. I don’t know what sets you off, but if you have specific information or expertise, contact the agency responsible for moving on this investigation.

    I will continue to try to shed light on the biggest perpetrators of all in this case–law enforcement who protected and enabled the monsters who victimized children in Oakland County. You do you and if in the grand Karmic scheme of things, your journey is much more epic than my selfish little journey, so be it.

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