“I cannot relate to those whom only think about themselves and their immediate families.”

I write in response to the magnanimous Charles Rogers, aka blackstonelawyer, who has written me on a number of occasions to castigate both me and my family for not doing enough, for not caring about anyone but our family. And apparently for not buying into his theory of the OCCK case.

He wrote the following:

Now I bet you wish you had been involved in these organizations like I have because I care about others besides my family. I care about everyones children and their safety because doing so I stand a better chance of protecting my children. I cannot relate to those whom only think about themselves and their immediate families. This nation was built on communities of people caring for each other and not just their own. Good luck solving these murders.

Mr. Rogers, less than a month after my brother’s body was found dumped on a roadside, my parents wrote and sent the following letter:

Our family has contributed thousands of dollars to this fund, now a trust, every year. Over the years my parents favored CARE House of Oakland County as a recipient and has made yearly donations. My parents attended the yearly CARE House luncheon. My Dad continued after my mother passed away in 2004. I believe he has spoken at the luncheon in the past.

As the CARE House website explains, there are 1.24 million people living in Oakland County; 273,000 of them are children; and 1 in 10 of those children will be sexually abused before they turn 18. https://www.carehouse.org/ 

CARE House of Oakland County is a children’s advocacy center, providing first rate services to victims of child abuse and neglect. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency based in Pontiac, Michigan, serving the residents of Oakland County Michigan. Founded in 1977 as the Child Abuse and Neglect Council of Oakland County, they currently offer an array of programs focused on the identification and treatment of child abuse victims, and on child abuse prevention.

The agency’s mission is to be a leading resource in the prevention of child abuse and neglect, and the protection of children through advocacy, education, intervention, research, training, and treatment, in collaboration with the community. Our vision is to impact the safety of every child in Oakland County through intervention, prevention and treatment.

I agree with my parents’ letter of April 19, 1977–Tim would enthusiastically approve of this small way to help other children. Other donations over the decades were for playground equipment and, until the IRS rules were changed, to groups and facilities used by boys and girls between the ages of 10-12 in the Birmingham area. We don’t need or want to relate to someone like Charles Rogers. You do what you can; we do what we can.

Behind the scenes I will also continue to work on impacting changes to statute of limitations in sexual abuse cases, changes in FOIA laws to enable crime victims to receive copies of documents without exorbitant fees that discourage discovery, changes to qualified immunity laws, pairing willing genetic genealogists with agencies at low or no cost, and exposing the unlawful abuse of power by the MSP and OCP in the OCCK cases.

So keep your assumptions about how crime victims deal with the hand they are dealt to yourself. Your misunderstandings and attacks have the very grave impact of undermining a village trying to push rocks uphill against abusive police agencies. Take a look at the photo of my smiling brother who had everything to look forward to on the day school photos were taken in his sixth grade year. What we do in his honor, which most assuredly benefits other children and families, is none of your business.

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  1. I am sorry Catherine. I was raped at 13. But I am alive.You have every right to be mad, because it was like your brother’s life was bought off and treated as irrellevant. We only get one childhood. If it is ruined by crime, we live with those scars forever. I was annoyed when the Catholic Church kept sexual molestation hidden and trivialized when my life and others who have suffered from PTSD, disgust with our bodies, and anger because we could not protect ourselves from evil hurting us.

  2. Cathy, you and your family also have had an impact on those of us who grew up in B’ham at the time. I assume I’m not alone in now understanding how we were misled and manipulated and how that fear was left to fester for decades. I view these types of crimes through an entirely different and systemic lens now. Your work has informed how I vote and which organizations I support. I suspect there are hundreds of folks involved in activism of some kind as a result of your efforts. This community member is grateful you and your family have the courage and fortitude to keep going on these cases. The community is better for it.

    Oh, and Charles — W.T. actual F?

  3. I got a copy of Francis Shelden’s death cert from Amsterdam. How do I send it to you in here if you want to see? He died on July 9th 1996 in Amsterdam. It doesn’t say how he died or where he is buried. It does say he was married to Aline Gisele Gobbi.

    • 1996 was a very good year it seems. Comment section of wordpress is insufficient; you can’t post images, only links. You can email me at catherine.broad@yahoo.com if you want.

      The case journal on Shelden with the MSP shows that on 2-26-79 The Texas AG’s office reported that Shelden had recently married a French citizen while in France and that by French law within three days after the marriage, Shelden became a French citizen. That must have been courtesy of Ms. Gobbi.

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