Host Kevin Price (Price of Business audio show) interviews J. Reuben Appelman about the OCCK crimes.

Listen to Kevin Price, host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interview J. Reuben Appelman, author of The Kill Jar and on-camera investigator and an executive producer of a two-part documentary series, Children of the Snow about the Oakland County Child Killer crimes.

Turns out that although no one in law enforcement in Michigan ever says much about these crimes, there is discussion going on at a national level. Michigan State Police, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department, local Oakland County police departments, the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office–they all stick to the script drawn up at some point in 1978. Keep the case open, control the narrative (misinformation if necessary), say nothing of substance and punish those that speak up or ask questions. This has been going on for over four decades. Sorry, but we all smell the bacon and now people around the country and beyond do, too.

Soon after my Dad’s death, I spoke with reporter Randy Wimbley with Fox News Detroit. We discussed my Dad’s pursuit of justice for answers in my brother Tim’s death. I told Randy if he called the MSP or the OCP they would have no comment on this story. I don’t know if Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard was contacted about this story or whether this was old footage. Check out the bullshit at about 2:15 in this story:

Incredibly frustrating? Man, you don’t know the half of it.

I guess Kevin Price is still interested in the story. His third interview with J. Reuben Appelman is next week. I will post the link.

Children of the Snow originally aired on the ID channel in February 2019 and is streaming on Hulu. The Kill Jar: Obsession, Descent and a Search for Detroit’s Most Notorious Serial Killer (Simon & Schuster, 2018) is available on

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  1. Jeremy Press says:

    Children of the Snow was on TV last night. It was well done, just depressing to watch. Hope you and your family had a great Christmas Cathy.


  2. JN says:

    I seen that it was on last night and by passed it because of Christmas; however, I already have seen it. I know I’ve commented on my opinion on this case numerous times and my thoughts haven’t changed much.

    I know Francis Sheldon and Gerald Richards are sick bastards . There’s no mistaken there, and I’m sure they are in hell for what they have done, but I still don’t think they were involved in the abductions and murders of these 4 children. Sheldon was a millionaire and didn’t have to go hunting for children. He had them brought to him. Also, I just don’t see him being involved in murders.

    I feel the person or persons involved with these rotten to the core crimes lived within the radius of 9-14 mile. They knew the vicinity like the back of their hands. There’s no way this perpetrator was out joy riding on March 16, 1977 at 8:30pm and coincidently runs into Tim King in the rear of Hunter Maple. IM NOT BUYING IT. So what we know and what evidence we have is DNA of Two of the boys in Sloans Car. HE OBVIOUSLY KNOWS SOMETHING. We have GUNNELS DNA on Kristine. HE KNOWS SOMETHING. We have Busch and Hastings living very close to the locations and both were implicated . That’s what we are dealing with.

    God Bless Cathy and Happy Néw Year.

  3. cathybroad says:

    Thanks, JN, and same to you.

  4. livoniaguy says:

    A couple of things from viewing that series a second time. In the 4th episode, the young eye witness (Sebastian) at the Seven-Eleven claims Kristine went into the car with a police officer. However, he said the car was NOT a Police Car.

    Also, its amazing that the discussions which took place towards the end of the series revealed the thinking that a police officer may have been involved.

    IMO, Richard McNamee,the Bloomfield TWP. Police Officer who bears a strong resemblance to Doug Wilson’s hypnotized drawing, should be looked at very closely. Also, he was the first officer at the Busch “suicide” scene and liked young girls, as well as boys per Cathy’s summertime posts.

    Perhaps, LE was embarrassed that one of their own officers, a later convicted pedophile was involved with these killings.

    For the record, I still think the killers are Hastings and McNamee.

    • cathybroad says:

      The thing I find most telling is that the MSP would not respond to the recent revelations about McNamee. Did not contact the woman who came forward late in July about McNamee after she saw his name mentioned as the first responder to the Busch “suicide” scene. You would think that might merit a return call. McNamee is the tip of a gigantic Oakland County iceberg. On the other hand, the MSP has touched next to nothing in this case in a long, long time. They just push the food around on the plate. Pretty sweet deal for Oakland County. They do jack shit, refer everything to the MSP black hole, sit back and relax.

  5. blackstonelawyer says:

    I hope this is a lesson earned to those whom initiate attacks against those trying to help. Just because someone may post something others may think contradicts the evidence in this and other cases every decent individual needs to bear in mind whether or not the disagree that apparent negative attitudes has very much effected the outcome of this and other cases.
    There is no reason for those trying to put forth the effort in hopes of getting closure to be attacked by any and everyone seeking the truth in such cases because just because someone may appear to be delusional or misguided may not always be the case.
    As we can see the amount of children whom goes missing each year in the US I can only imagine how many concerned witnesses are discredited because some egomaniac has to sound smarter than others and bungles the investigations. I can imagine how many leads can go unchecked in each case because of someones biased opinions.
    Child abductions, rapes and murders are very serious and have been on the rise for the past 40 years. When communities should be setting aside opinions and differences, uniting and sharing knowledge can save more childrens lives and even lead to the rescue of some victims.
    Like I have been saying for many years knowledge and untiy is key to saving lives. Using these cases in hopes of saving more children can lead to gaining more intel on this and other cases because you just do not know whom you may run into sharing the knowledge you have that the police overlooked or some misinformation a perpetrator puts out to throw investigators off track.
    I remember a 1984 case where a 18 year old male whom worked with his mother at a baseball field at a concession stand abducted the managers 4 year old daughter and had her hidden in a storage room on the premises. He joined the search for the missing girl as though he was concerned for her safety as he had he thinking she was playing a simple game of hide n seek. He had placed her in a garbage can with a bag covering her up telling her it was just a game her dad was part of so when others entered the storage room looking for her she remained quiet thinking it was just a game, however when her dad walked in and called her name she lightly giggled and was found.
    I can ramble on and on about various child abduction cases involving children used to lure other children to pedophile parents homes. It happens all of the time. The worse of reality is how much it occurs with foster parents through CPS in which currently faces high scrutiny over the amount of foster children whom go unchecked each year whom wind up ijn sex trafficking from fleeing sexually abusive environments. Unlike in the OCCK case some of these children are intended to go missing to cover up other crimes committed foster parents.
    Any form of abuse is horrific to any child therefore in 2021 I hope to get a national child abuse awareness program I designed years ago underway in every city and eventually every county throughout the US and intend to gather information from lawyers and prtosecutors in various abuse cases to help educate the younger parents of todays generation and with Ms Broads knowledge on these topics she would be very beneficial toward spreading this information starting with PTSA programs in order to educate other parents and faculties at various schools and systems. Its food for thought and I am open to suggestions and new ideas on these topics. After all if it saves just one childs life is it not worth the effort?

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