The Original Pedophile Island; N. Fox Island in Lake Michigan and its sick, rich, powerful Kingpin Francis (Frank) D. Shelden

Listen to Episode 3 of The Clown and the Candyman, an Investigation Discovery true crime podcast. It evoked so much in me; I want to go outside and scream at the top of my lungs.

In fact, listen to it twice because there are parts that your brain is going to resist absorbing, especially if you are a parent. But it needs to sink in. Share the link on your social media sites, especially if you live or grew up in Michigan. Share it with people who still live in Michigan. SHARE. THIS.

Just last week Mike and I were discussing how even though law enforcement is basically doing nothing in these cases now that Det. Cory Williams has retired (after being gaslighted and subjected to whistleblower treatment by fellow law enforcement, including the FBI), there is a small victory in having these stories told. Mike pointed out it started with reporter Marilyn Wright at the Traverse City Record-Eagle back in the mid-1970s. She was brave enough to scream into the wind about Frank Shelden and his band of criminal conspirators and child assaulters. (See;; Her reporting was so solid, and an incredible contrast to the Detroit area newspapers too afraid to touch it.

I have great respect for Mike and consider him a friend. Near the end of the podcast, Mike mentions the letter he wrote to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in February, 2019. Mike sent me a copy and gave me permission to post the letter on my blog. Please read the letter, link about mid-way in the post:

Justice for all

As he describes in the podcast, he never got a response. Not from the Governor’s office, not from Attorney General Dana Nessel. A little over a year ago, a reader wrote me to tell me of correspondence with the same offices. This woman got a call back (maybe because she mentions growing up in Birmingham?) and was told to contact the Oakland County Sheriff’s Dept. and the MSP Metro North Posts–which, if the staffer would have taken even a cursory look at this case online, would have realized that’s like asking the chicken to report to the fox’s den to ask for help.

“Have a good day.”

While you are at it, take a listen (or another listen) to criminologist Dr. Michael Arntfield discuss the OCCK case with author J. Reuben Appelman:


This is another podcast segment that has so much in it that it takes more than one listen to fully absorb the gravity of what is being said.

How come every time you hear the sentence “This case is too big to solve/dig around/touch,” it’s always uttered by some old, white man? Thank you to others who have dug much deeper and sounded the alarm; who have gone where law enforcement in Michigan would not go in these cases of extreme child sexual abuse. Who looked past the law enforcement bullshit that has been slung in these cases for over four decades. After Marilyn Wright there were reporters Marney Rich Keenan (Detroit News, 2009) and David Ashenfelter (Detroit Free Press, 2012). Then author M.F. Cribari (Portraits in the Snow: The Oakland County Child Killings . . . Scandals and Small Conspiracies (2011). Then author J. Reuben Appelman (The Kill Jar: Obsession, Descent, and a Hunt for Detroit’s Most Notorious Serial Killer, 2018). Then the documentarians at Cineflix who produced Children of the Snow, a four-part documentary based on The Kill Jar, which still airs on Hulu. Then an article in Business Insider by Aine Cain that examined the striking similarities between Jeffrey Epstein and Frank Shelden (summer 2019). Then Marney Rich Keenan’s book The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation (2020). And now the podcast The Clown and the Candyman (eight parts, started airing last week), the work of Jacqueline Bynon, Tara Hughes and their team at Cineflix.

Too big to touch? Fuck you. Tell that to victims like Mike, whose story should resonate in your brain for a few days at a minimum. WHEN is a survivor’s story in the cases of Michigan pedophelia and child pornography going to be enough to force meaningful change?

The antidote to shame is truth. How about some truth for a change, Michigan?

Thank you, Mike, for your courage and clarity. It is remarkable.

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  1. I’m listening right now. Not a stranger to any of this and it still makes me sick. Sick. Rereading Mike’s letter, which is written with gut honesty and integrity is beyond brave. All of this is a flithy cesspool up to and including the lack of any kind of response to his letter. Why, WHY is this shit ignored? Is it easier to “hope” kids will “get over it”? The truth always finds a way out. Mike, Cathy and all of the people who have tried to bring light to this through the media and books are what gives me hope for humans. It sure doesn’t come from law enforcement or politicians. Sorry for the disjointed brain dump – I, too, want to go outside and scream.

  2. It’s Oakland County, I.e. the late Brooks Patterson, Dick Thompson,H.Lee Busch’s money and the ever incompetent/corrupt Bob Robertson. When Gov Miliken ordered the MSP to take over the John Norman Collin’s case, that post worked on it diligently and was able to submit properly stored evidence 30 + years later for DNA, which matched JNC. The MSP’s common denominator, Bob Robertson. 🤬😡😢

    1. And his chip off the old block, David, who told me, when I emailed to discuss my mother-in-law’s experience and interactions with LE back in ’77 and was shut down, “As our Task Force is substantially smaller than the one from the 1970’s and 80’s, we must trust that the officers at the time of the orginial task force conducted complete investigations.” Pat on the head, now run along.

  3. Great to hear your voice, there, Mike! And sounding solid, sounding strong.

    I remember asking you, I think after Children of the Snow was filmed but before it aired, if you had ever talked to/with Cathy Broad. At that time, you said you had not. I considered extolling all the positive impressions I’d had about Cathy, derived solely from reading about the King family’s determination & devotion to bringing out ‘the truth’, and reading her own words on various discussion platforms. That, at the least, she must be an exceptionally intelligent, rational, and compassionate person.
    But I wasn’t going to push it. If it is meant to be, it happens in it’s own good time.
    I’m very happy, and pleased to read today these words on her blog;
    “I have great respect for Mike and consider him a friend”.

    1. see the criminal who screwed MIKE and also screwed Indian orphans on the new ‘north fox island’ – the Boys Town Malbazar orphanage in West Bengal

      Where , after being driven off from USA/Detroit – Frank Shelden and Dr Frits Bernard along with a man named John Broger alleged by a victim – and a man called Philip Lucas – and others – met up for sex orgies using groups of innocent Indian orphan boys, illiterate and unable to speak or be heard – the ‘man-boy-love’ model here was savagery and raw violent abuse. I have much to share but so little response comes.

      The truth is unpopular all over the world – so I re-wrote SILENT NIGHT in honour of CHILD SEX-MAS as we can call X-mas.

      It will horrify – be warned. I am Adr**n M*l*ane which is stated in the video but would be blocked here so I edited – I can be reached at the address in the video credits.

      It is a huge story that no one has wanted to hear

      Maryglade Seminary should be called a semen-ary for correct trade description. I believe it was full of paedophiles.

      Thwaytes entered the Maryglade Seminary in 1960 – it was the inaugural year of the institution – the Catholic Church only built the seminary in 1959-60

      I won’t attach it here, pointless, but I have a copy of the newspaper report which is readily discoverable online anyway, announcing the purchase of the land to build the seminary. This was opened in 1960 and John Robert Thwaytes, in his bio on one of his books, uses the expression, like Saul on the road to Damascus he got the call from Jesus, and his answer was yes Lord. In 1960 – frank/francis duffield shelden bough north fox island – for his international paedophile enterprise.

      John Thwaytes was already most obviously a paedophile, as a result of the child sexual abuses he suffered, as recorded in his diary. Ah yes I also found a diary of a paedophile priest. It does not contain a lot of ‘obvious’ explicit stuff (but it does have some explicit horrors) – but the clues in it led me from India, to eventually arrive at the Oakland County Child killings, and North Fox Island, of neither of which I had ever heard.
      The ravings in his diary do not mention anything specific facts about people in America, do not let me mislead you.

      The diary led me to the USA crimes, through the connection of Francis Duffield Shelden (altho he also was not named in diary).

      I identified one of the sexual abuse victims of the priest in India, father John I’ll call him because his name is tedious to type, but this will refer to PIME Missionary, Rev Father John Robert Thwaytes , ordained at Maryglade Seminary – there are two photos in my recent sick video, where my anger and hurt is clear but truth is told – do please watch with a comforting friend and therapist on hand.(see attached you tube link)

      Returning to the point. The poor little Bengali boys were screwed in groups, by groups of men as guests of this Priest. The priest had screwed them even before he built the orphanage, in his first role as principal of the Bartolo Longo, now known as St Bartholomews Catholic school, a High school I believe. Father John had a collection of pet boys there, and he took them across to a large area of land nearby, where he had been permitted to purchase Indian property, and with them he established the boys town Malbazar orphanage. He was screwing them before, and now he had his collection of teddy bear boys, in his own establishment, which at that time was little more than a few huts – but it has grown to a multi-million dollar orphanage and school. The Caesar School is one of the highest regarded schools in West Bengal if not India, and it was founded by a rampant criminal paedophile murderer, allegedly- but this has never been exposed because India refuses all knowledge of child sexual abuse. We see the occasional newspaper articles about babies being raped, and we see mob violence against such crime as the Delhi night bus rape and murder – but these are windowdressing of social activism. India cares nothing and the government actively suppressed this case, to this very day. I have records of people reporting in 1996 and the case was suppressed then. I travelled twice to India, specifically, among about 18 journeys there, specifically to meet the National commission for the protection of child rights – and still nothing has been done despite years of effort by me, and probably thousands of hours of research and writing.

      Lets return to the orphanage. Father John was ordained in Detroit, and he was funded from Detroit significantly. The Catholic Church funded him, and he established Child rescue International (CRI) in England; of course that company was destroyed when father John was exposed as a paedophile, in 1996, although his own brother had reported John to Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor, well correction, he reported him to the PIME fathers in Watford – but it Cardinal O’Connor who replied.

      Anyway I’m jumping ahead. John built orphanage and school – he used a model of education of even just one child to uplift that child’s entire family – hey he uplifted thousands of people – he was a hero and a Saint – but there was a price to be paid, and also many children were sexually abused by father John.

      I told you he was exposed in 1996 when the funding bodies from Switzerland UK and India had received reports from two touring foreign (non Indian) girls, whose parents were donors, coming to see the wonderful orphanage, that they got an eyeful of Rev Father John in flagrante delicti, he was caught with his pants down presumably – I don’t have the details of what they saw, but they fled like rabbits in terror, in horror, and took emergency flight home in severe distress. There was no Internet and there was no SMS in those days, but I’m sure they rang parents –
      The Board of CRI was also told about suspicion of Father John hosting visiting paedophiles, by one of the English volunteers they had sent out to work at the orphanage.

      I have not only met victims, but I have met that English volunteer 23 years later, and I have his full report. He met a man called Frank, who was the most disgusting human being in his reference to Child sexual abuse. I have a quote that I will not share just now. That quote was enough too finally make clear To this volunteer but these men were not visiting to support children.

      That man Frank was mentioned multiple times but I have no idea who he was, until miraculously I was told by the victim who I identified from the priest’s diary – ‘Freank selden’
      The man has no English, sorry he has very little English, only some words. But I located him using messenger, after I had already met him face-to-face and recorded the video interview, in which he told me explicit details. He mentioned Dr Frits, and again I had no idea, but by a process of a lot of research and interviews, I finally proved this was Dr Frits Bernard

      Frits and Frank and other men all met up in group sex tourism and screwed boys in Boys Town Malbazar, conducted by this Catholic missionary Father John Robert Thwaytes – my sick mind mentions the missionary position, because that was pretty much what he used this orphanage for. If you look at North Fox Island, boys town in India was another type of Island AND THE SAME MAN FRANK SHELDEN WHO OWNED NORTH FOX ISLAND , turns out to be the same uncle Frank who I have now proven was visiting Boys town Mal for sexual abuse of children. I have photographs of Frank holding orphans closely.

      One of the boys he is holding in a photograph was also his sex boy. The victim from the diary immediately confirmed the name of that other boy (which I already knew) and he immediately said that this boy also Frank was doing sex , as he had done to him. For the record, I asked the diary victim if there was any affection or kindness or if it was violent, and he said violent.

      I asking this only because it angers me when I read about man boy love supporters who propose that this is not such a bad relationship and it’s only natural for loving men to be caring mentors for these boys bringing them into adulthood. Such sickening poppycock. Dr Frits Bernard wrote that shit but I have evidence, I have photographs of him in the orphanage with orphanage children, and I have the video testimony, and I have the man himself ready to testify, but his nation does not want to hear. Dr Frits appeared on the Donahue show, and really Phil Donoghue should be contacted, because it’s a vital interview that I would like to see, because he came on there with the young man to prove how unaffected that man was after a childhood of regular sexual contact with men. The audience was packed with man boy Love proponents, and this doctor was a hero, in America, although he lived in Amsterdam.

      I looked on the Internet, and I found photographs of him, before I ever obtain photographs on his travels in India. So the only photo I had was on the Internet. I mixed it up with a handful of photographs and I sent it to an English speaking contact who knew my victim from the diary. I told no one anything and I just asked him if he would show X these photos and see if there was anyone he knew. Within minutes he had rung and contacted his friend – and told me immediately – that is Dr Frits.

      Keep in mind I had no idea who the man was talking about, when I first interviewed him. So I did an Internet search for Dutch psychologist because that much information I had. Then I typed in paedophile. Immediately this man came up online, and immediately his victim in India, without any prompting, picked him out from a group of men. I did not even tell the victim why I was showing him these photographs, and it was many weeks even months, since I have met him only for the second time. He is Bengali and quite unsophisticated to realise why I would show such pics – but in any case he identified him immediately. It’s not that relevant any longer, because in November 2019, creeping around the paedophile orphanage precinct on fear of death threats, I met the younger brother of one of the victims of Dr Frits Bernard, and of Father John and Frank and all the other dirty bastards – tragically that family did not know why the eldest boy has been so devastated. They did not know he had been sexually abused. But they had family photographs given to them by Dr Frits himself. I have actual photographs in deteriorated condition but very clear, showing this doctor of psychology, in the same photograph with victim X from the diary, and the photograph was taken by the elder brother, of the boy who gave me the photograph. Both of those boys were named in the diary together. But let’s leave Frits and get to the UNITED STATES.

      I finally found photographs of Frank. Before he died I helped father John backing up his hard drives and he gave me one drive to fully download and archive so his great charity could be archived and his life history not lost. As a result I had a lot of his material, which he gave me – and they include photographs at Maryglade Seminary – and there were photographs of a man called Frank at the Indian orphanage in the 1990s. Previously I had just thought it was another tourist, a friendly donor -keep in mind I knew nothing of the crimes until AFTER the priest died as an old man in 2015 – but now it occurred to me that this might be the same Frank the specific sex victim – and others – were talking about – so again, I sent the photograph to my friend in India and the answer came back, Frank.

      Yes I said to him – but do you know a full name – this was using English and Google Translate because he’s Bengali. Finally he sent back these exact letters ‘Freank sel den’

      It did not take a lot of imagination to identify that the Indian sound sh only needs the s – as example SHIVA is actually spelt SIVA …. SHIMLA is SIMLA ….. I assumed Vctim X had meant SHELDON so I sent that inquiry and now ….

      I search Google – ‘Frank Sheldon ‘ but no luck – then I added paedophile and BINGO – THERE IS THE OCCK child killings case – there is NORTH FOX ISLAND …. and among all that

      I cannot convey the enormity of the connection – it staggered me to the point that on April 20 2019 approx I first discovered this and on May 9 2019 I was in hospital with a heart attack.

      I felt the huge weight of this discovery very heavily, having already spent 5 years to get to the truth – now it got much bigger – I was only examining Father John Robert Thwaytes trying to expose his crimes so I could force the reforms of the institutions I loved, to see them again help destitute children – trying to get the real charity back to help the poor


      1960 – John Thwaytes and Cipolla enter Maryglade – 1966 he ends his noviciate as an ordained priest.

      Maryglade only opened that year BUT BY 12 YEARS OR A LITTLE MORE THE SEMINARY IS DISCONTINUED!

      I suggest the OCCK murders nearby – the North Fox Island (Catholic criminal Frank Shelden , Richards, Grossman, Starchild and others) – all in THE UPPER CLASS NETWORKS OF DETROIT CATHOLIC SOCIETY –

      AND PRIESTS AT MARYGLADE SEEM TO ME LIKELY SOME WERE IN SOME WAY TIED IN TO THESE MATTERS – as paedophiles if nothing more – THE HEAT GOT TOO HOT FOR THE CHURCH AND THEY CLOSED THE DOORS OF THE SEMEN-ARY …. that is my construction – some disgraceful stuff made Maryglade a risk to continue.

      Anyway – Cipolla and Thwaytes – BUT how many other paedophiles emerged from there – OR WERE BRED AT MARYGLADE?

      Did Cipolla enter as an innocent naive boy? unlikely he was yet a paedophile at age 17 – it is more likely he was sexually abused all thru his childhood but was captivated by the vision of ‘Jesus’ and the holy men who screwed him – so he needed to enter the seminary and make it all have meaning for his damaged young mind – by becoming one of them himself – it all would fit well in his mind… and in Maryglade they would have refined the meaning of child sex abuse.

      John Thwaytes wrote in his diary very disturbed and disturbing thoughts – which can be easily within the same diary identified as having origins in the child sexual abuse he suffered.

      As an example he was stripped naked and whipped, as a boy – by sisters of Mercy nuns, who also sexualised him not only with this type of abuse but by dressing him as a girl – it is clear to see the profound psychological impact this head upon the child John, who later in his diary fantasises about being in a lesbian marriage where 2 perfect immaculate women (i.e. nuns are the perfect stainless virgins) will whip him, and torment him etc – details are gross sorry.

      He fantasises by transcribing long texts into his diary – from psychiatric and psychology books – about the sexual arousal at the sight of naked boys buttocks being whipped red … sorry I am trying to make a point – it is graphic stuff

      The man was tormented by his own psychology. He continuously wrote against the ideas of child sexual abuse but this was Band-Aid on his own knowledge of his own criminal behaviours.

      I believe Cipolla probably suffered typical Catholic clergy sexual abuses as a chid – and he would have been a sexual lamb to the slaughter in Maryglade – and would have refined his paedophile skills well before he left.

      I believe Maryglade priests, and novices, specifically John but probably others, and I mean quite a few others would have been paedophiles together inside that seminary.

      I believe Frank Shelden, from a very high profile local catholic family, would have met such priests as part of his catholic philanthropic networking.

      Frank Shelden DEFINITELY MET JOHN ROBERT THWAYTES in the 1960s which is proven by Frank’s presence in obscure remote distant West Bengal at Malbazar – that cannot have occurred by coincidence.

      Frank fled USA as a fugitive from criminal child sexual abuse charges – and heavily implicated in the OCCK killings for questioning at the very least …. in 1977. He fled to Amsterdam to join his paedophile best friend EDWARD BRONGERSMA and FRITS BERNARD – this ties the Euro paedophiles to Detroit (North Fox Island paedophile rape of boys and filming of sex abuses, such films distributed through AMSTERDAM to the world – some such films found in possession of OCCK murder suspect Christopher Busch – those films in possession of C.Busch were of sexual child abuse scenes on N.Fox Island).


      Clearly – the Maryglade priests (including the paedophiles among them) were networking with Frank Shelden in the 1960s – John Robert Thwaytes is proof of that. FUND RAISING PARTIES AND CATHOLIC SOCIAL GATHERINGS WOULD HAVE HAD THE MARYGLADE NOVICES AS HONOURED GUESTS –
      These were Papal missionaries in training – elite soldiers of Christ’s love.

      PIME novices would have been in high demand to ornament prestigious social gatherings such as this one attached
      (This image copyright is claimed and retained by me given to me as archivist by John Robert Thwaytes himself.

      Detroit 1964 Function hosted by John Gardella a wealthy philanthropist. Gardella is to the right of the table. L-R Al Pace, Robert Grothaus and John Robert Thwaytes, then a deacon.

      IT IS VERY CLEAR TO ME THAT IN THOSE DARKER DETROIT TIMES THERE WAS OPEN SLATHER – I have read about the large amount of child abuses – kids who would have been readily accessible in Catholic networks –

      The approach Shelden had -with Richards and company – is reflected in the GRAPHIC BUSINESS PLAN – THE PAEDOPHILE NETWORK PLAN, DRAWN UP BY RICHARDS no doubt with one or other form of support from Shelden and others.


      HE HAD MULTIPLE CATHOLIC CHURCH-BASED ENTERPRISES not only the Brother Paul’s Children’s Mission –
      Big Brothers and lots of activities


      THAT IS VERY SUSPICIOUS – THEY HAD SOME SERIOUS SHIT TO HIDE…. they would have known Thwaytes and Cipolla (and many others?) were paedophiles.

      I add that in the OCCK discussion groups THERE IS A FIRM STATEMENT THAT AFTER OCCK, THE CHURCH HASTILY SHIPPED A PRIEST OVERSEAS (this is cited as commentary from junior police at the time that they knew some priest had been hastily and quietly despatched out of the jurisdiction – this was hushed up but it again suggests priests in paedophile activity and may connect to the sudden and actually incredible closure of a new high profile seminary built for the purpose of generating missionaries it seems.

      Inside the seminary – I have no doubt that John aged 29 years in 1960 was heavily part of the perversion of the young Cipolla aged 17 years.

      I add another viewpoint – what would a wealthy powerful well connected millionaire run away for life, from his stately home and position, his entire life – over child sex abuse charges which in 1977 were still able to be bribed away, ameliorated, plea bargained, and discredited using the massive wealth and status he had … Frank Shelden ran from more than the crimes he was wanted for – in my view – he ran from what he knew and thought was coming to get him – I THINK FRANK SHELDEN RAN FROM HIS IMPLICATION (actual or simply networked) IN THE OAKLAND COUNTY CHILD KILLINGS or some other crime of federal nature – murder is what I think he ran from.

      Frank Shelden appears in the video song I did for my angry outburst against ‘holy’ priests and their religious crap.

      I will leave the video to continue the narrative – I have barely begun to share what evidence and insights I have been forced to discover – it is hell on earth actually but I am resolved to fight to get this truth out as it is so vital.

      I am weary and it is Christmas Eve – not much happening here but I try to make some sort of cheer – so I send greetings and best wishes to all –

      I retain ownership and copyright in all this – I want to spread it but I want to monetise ir somewhat NOT FOR MY PROFIT but I want to make some money to use to rescue the orphans of the Malbazar region whose hope was raised – then destroyed – by the last 50 years of Boys Town Malbazar and Caesar School

      There were other pedophiles in India also networked to John Robert Thwaytes – a man named Milton MacCann as example

      This is a huge story that needs a dedicated expert – it is killing me actually

      signed Adrian Millane – and tx for sharing and feedback – it is a type of relief to be heard.

      I have images in higher resolution in many cases – these are kept small to protect them until someone will pay to publish and in the process help the kids the priest abused.

      This is the first mass Thwaytes celebrated and I give the caption: “First Mass June 1965 Detroit
      L-R Father Tondi Father Thwaytes, Father Vincenzo, and Father Valsasnini. The two in the middle are newly ordained.”

      The reference to ‘TEDDY BEAR CLUBS’ is shockingly disturbing – FATHER JOHN ROBERT THWAYTES WAS TEDDY BEAR OBSESSED AND INSEPARABLE FROM HIS TEDDY – HIS WILLING SEX BOYS WERE THE ‘TEDDY BEAR GROUP’ – these were the elite at Boys Town Mal – he screwed anyone but the ones who agreed and played along got to steal heavily from the charity and they also got to screw younger kids and of course they got elite jobs as they got older – THEY ARE NOW TRUSTEES OF THE CHARITY WHERE THEY STILL STEAL – they did of course blackmail Father John heavily and built their fortunes off the charity – literal fortunes .
      I BELIEVE THIS USA PAEDOPHILE MAP INCLUDES TEDDY BEAR CLUB AS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE PROXIMITY OF JOHN ROBERT THWAYTES – HE CARRIED HIS TEDDY BEAR everywhere in his life – TO WORK AND PLAY AND BUSINESS – he used it and it sustained and nurtured him – it was central to his sexual abuse activities as well as to his charity work.

      The Teddy bear clubs on this planning map for paedophile networking across the world – is a sick direct connection to JT I think. The “JT” on the map itself is unlikely to be John Thwaytes but it could be. There was another JT it is more likely to be.

      No photo description available.

      LAST BUT NOT LEAST – JOHN ROBERT THWAYTES MURDERED OR MAN-SLAUGHTERED TWO PEOPLE THAT I KNOW OF – AND I HAVE PROOFS AND EVIDENCE OF THESE EVENTS – the crimes were in India where crime is arbitrary to wealth and position – so India cares nothing for low caste child and woman killed by or at hands of or under supervision of a wealthy priest – unless they could make profit from it. They definitely made a lot of profit from remaining silent, so this is also unsolved uninvestigated murder or unlawful killing – and unlawful disposal of corpses – multiple – I have evidence of TWO!

      I think Thwaytes is a hot suspect for the OCCK involvement – here he is in an amateur collage I made – he also had fake passport/s for fake ID and easily able to be in 2 place at once (on paper) – by using alternate identities.

      The man was a severe pyschopathic criminal.
      John Robert Thwaytes compared to OCCK photofit lookalike.jpeg
      real and fake passports together.jpeg

      I suspect the images I added will not paste in here. sorry.

  4. I’m impressed with Jacqueline Bynon’s podcast series, so far.

    It’s unfortunate that, as she said, she had never heard of Dean Corll case “before I looked into it” – because that means she can’t mentally compare statements made during the Corll-related investigations of 1973-75, and recent attempts by some to rewrite or reinterpret those statements.
    Example; Dean Corll related similar stories to both Brooks and Henley, about being “part of a gay pornography ring”.In both cases, these tales specifically intended to explain away the disappearance of boys that Brooks, and later Henley, last saw in Corll’s company. In both cases, this deception by Corll, was prior to Corll confessing the truth and recruiting them as accomplices.Dean Corll’s “I’m involved in a gay pornography ring” story did not have anything to do with keeping his juvenile partners in crime ‘silent’ as suggested.

    The facts are here;

    1. Det. Williams comes through again! In episode 2 of The Clown and the Candyman podcast, about midpoint, Det. Williams provided the first (that I’m aware of) plausible explanation for how alleged Bob Moore/ Cass Corridor CSA pics/ films were marketed-distributed.

      In the huge stack of interview reports generated by Det. Williams, several persons talked about “sending boys to Moore” for filming. At least one witness talked about being recruited to perform on film for Moore. And another witness stated they had seen Moore’s super8 camera, and come across Moore setting up naked kids on a couch in the basement for filming. Production seems documented. But thus far, no one had explained what happened to these films or photos after production, outside of vague speculation (IMO).

      In the podcast, Det. Williams states that Moore & associates distributed their CSA materials “through a XXX store” and that “they knew who was buying it, they knew who was making it”.
      This is plausible, because XXX store staff being corrupt (or perverted) enough to buy and sell “homemade” CSA materials is documented in other cases. Canadian pedo gang turned child killers; Saul Betesh, Joseph Woods and Richard Kribs created CSA polaroids of young boys they lured to their apt., and sold these “on consignment” through a XXX store nearby them on the Yonge Street XXX strip, 1970’s, for example.

      What Williams stated, answers many questions. Distribution was local, not international or national, probably also minimal production (copies), perhaps even single and unique copies. That explains why “the Moore ring” is never mentioned in academic/ forensic articles on historic CSA production in US. Titles of the materials, (and the producing company) wouldn’t be listed in government banned materials lists. They might even be obscure enough to simply “vanish” one day, without being reproduced or traded in enough quantity to show up in NCMEC’s database of seized materials.

      One question still unanswered; how were Moore’s super8 films processed? Doing it “at home” would require the right equipment (not widely available late 1970s), a lab, and the know-how. I don’t remember, in all those interview reports, anyone stating they were capable of doing this and had done it on behalf of Moore, et al.

      1. One more thing, about super8 films.
        The run time of a super8 film cartridge was approx. 3 minutes. Not a very satisfactory length for a “stand alone” pornography product, for this reason films of this length (called “loops”) were primarily marketed through ‘peep show’ booths. You selected a film “story”, put your money in the machine and got a 2-3 minute show. Sometimes, a series of 4-5 cartridges were filmed sequentially, giving a total ‘story’ length of 12-15 minutes, but you had to pay again for each 3 minute segment. Professionally produced films were carefully scripted to produce a “cliff-hanger” moment at the end of each segment to hook the viewer into wanting to “see what happens next”.

        What I remember the most clearly about my own experience as a young teen exploited for child pornography, is how carefully choreographed the sexual activity must have been. These pornographers had planned out exactly who should be doing what, with whom, at every moment – like a sexual ballet – and were so practised and polished at acting out their script that no rehearsal with the juvenile victim(s) were needed. These men had total control over my body, (not sadistically, but very firmly) the whole time, and no spontaneous movements were possible.
        Many years later, I learned that companies like Color Climax Corp and COG provided “formula” outlines to porn producers, for a specific photo or film series. So, although they were filmed by many different persons, in countries on every continent, the signature formula for that series could be and was adhered to.

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