A word about posting comments

If you want to get me information but not have it appear on the site, you need to email me at catherine.broad@yahoo.com.

Years ago, when I first starting blogging on this case I did not allow comments. I witnessed what took place on Topix when there was a thread about the OCCK case and I wanted no part of that. I then allowed comments, but I had to approve them. I told readers to state at the beginning DO NOT POST if the comment was not meant for the public. But eventually that got too cumbersome and for quite some time anything you put in a comment goes up right away. If I catch your post quickly, I can take it down but if I’m out running, that thing could sit there for a while.

I get approximately 200 spam posts a day. I bulk edit because of that. If you are having trouble posting, email me and I will figure it out. If you are one of the very few people I have blocked because I view your comments as a personal threat, well you can’t post. Ever. But those few know who they are. Again, if you are having issues, email me. Some phrases do not get through the filters and I will know immediately if that is what is going on.

2 Comments on “A word about posting comments”

  1. Matt says:

    Hi Cathy,

    Not sure if you’ve considered it or if it’s something you even want to get into, but have you considered maybe somehow having a couple moderators that you trust, to help you filter out the BS and the nut jobs?

    Just a thought. I’m sure there are many here that would be happy to help with that task.

    No matter what, we are with you!

  2. amcmurf says:

    Oh man Cathy, it just makes me sad that you have to do all the work of getting the tips, sifting through all crap, hearing this awful stuff over and over when you are the victims. I don’t understand why Oakland County doesn’t have the resources to help with a tip line etc. Although I am not an Oakland county resident, I have already mailed a strongly worded letter to the new Prosector – hopefully she will listen.
    That said, what a wonderful , devoted big SIster you are to carry this forward . A Family’s love never dies . Your parents and Tim must be looking down with great pride.

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