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  1. Hello Catherine. Isn’t that just a mumbo jumbo way of gas-lighting?? Kind of like a company that wants it golden parachutes and just keeps repeating the same lies ad naseum to the point of truth for the trusting and naive/hopeful? And voila!!! The place is shuttered! POS beings walk away with their booty and let good people pick up the pieces.

  2. The stress of the past year spurred the most horrific memories. I had been DX with PTSD for years. My therapist lately said she always knew there must be more to it but professionals have to be careful not to push the issue – because of these fuckers. Additionally if pushed to recall too quickly one can experience “fracturing” a bewildering experience where your subconscious tries desperately to rebury the horrors it just released. Their antics occurred early in my adulthood just after I managed to escape a very bad childhood. Their false memories narrative was so celebrated that I now believe I absorbed it like a sponge and until last spring I felt what I was dealing with might not have really happened. Damn them to Hell on behalf of so many victims who’ve been gaslighted by them and the defense attorneys, and enablers

  3. Skeletons In Closets and Skewed Perspectives
    Awhile ago, I posted a comment on your blog about John DeCamp and William Colby running a “murder your enemies and steal their children” campaign for CIA in Vietnam, and how incongruous that is for a man claiming to be a champion of trafficked children in America.
    At least two books, a tv documentary (not aired), and thousands of webpage ‘exposes’ and discussions about The Franklin Case, and no one ever mentions that.

    There’s something else about John DeCamp that no one ever talks about, in all that material. It’s another ‘secret’, but thankfully DeCamp himself spilled the beans about it in his; “The Franklin Cover-Up”, pg.xxiii
    DeCamp says; “…I am the lawyer for the National Child Abuse Defense and Resource Center of Nebraska, which fights against false accusations of child abuse, and is made up of adults who have been falsely accused of child abuse”.
    Not only was DeCamp the lawyer for an association of parents accused of sexually abusing their children, his role as such was to DESTROY child victim claimants on the witness stand – and we’re not talking about adult victims of CSA who sue their parents decades later, we’re talking about victims who were still minors.
    “Just in the past year, I have overturned two felony charges against individuals in rural Nebraska, who were charged with abusing their daughters, based on allegations from the daughters. I was convinced the girls were not telling the truth. I successfully proved this in both cases, and the girls BROKE DOWN and told the whole story as to why they had lied”.

    Well, he’s a lawyer, that’s what clients pay him to do – right? That’s not the same as accused parents sympathizing with each other, like the Freyds and those who contacted them, who could only be motivated by a need to help cove-up each other’s crimes. Eh? Except that, yes, John DeCamp and his wife WERE accused of abusing their little girl. “The Franklin Cover-Up” pg. 63-65, and falsely accused as far as I can tell.
    Nevertheless, John DeCamp was a heroic champion of sexually trafficked children, but everyone associated with FMSF was…evil. Hmmm…

    I have no way of knowing what, if anything, happened between Peter Freyd and his daughter Jennifer. As she says herself, only she and her father can know the truth. I don’t have any reasons to believe Jennifer lied about being abused, or that her memories are suspect.
    I do know, and can demonstrate, that J. Freyd was not the first person in her field to publish the concept of “betrayal trauma”, the major subject of her work.

    The concept of “betrayal trauma” as a unique form of childhood trauma, arising from abused children’s necessarily conflicted feelings about-toward adult caregivers who betray their trust that the adult will protect them from harm, by sexually abusing them, was first described by Dr Morris Fraser, a child psychiatrist specializing in theory, research and treatment of Childhood Trauma – one of the foremost experts on that subject, of his day, whose classic work on the subject “Children of Conflict” (1974) was based on his studies of children in Northern Ireland traumatized by living in a civil war/ terrorism zone.

    Dr Fraser’s discussion of betrayal trauma is to be found in another of his publications, a lengthy analysis and discussion of pederasts and their relationships with their child victims, and the effect of that on those children. A subject Morris Fraser was INTIMATELY acquainted with, because HE WAS ONE! A particularly nasty child sex abuser, apparently, convicted only once or twice but involved in many boy sex abuse rings over the years – in his native UK, in the US, and internationally.
    Morris Fraser wasn’t a child trauma specialist who “went bad’, either. His choice of subject to specialize in was calculated to give him access to vulnerable young boys. Studying and treating childhood trauma was his COVER, as an obsessive pederast. His therapeutic technique revolved around giving young boys traumatized in conflict zones a vacation from that setting.
    Some young Irish boys got to visit with him, in his flat in London for example, where he treated them by forcibly abusing them repeatedly. He was a founder of The Azimuth Trust, a sailing club that took traumatized boys on month-long voyages. During which, they were naked at all times, photographed, and sodomized by the ‘crew’ over & over.
    He was even a member of the Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE)


    Does the scholarly, albeit perverted, origins of Dr Freyd’s betrayal trauma concept make it invalid? Does it mean she must be a pedophile?
    Obviously, not.

    1. The true irony about the ‘false memory vs recovered memory” debates, is that the idea of adult CSA victim claimants having false memories “put into them” by an external agent, didn’t originate with FMSF, founded in 1992.
      I know Elizabeth Loftus is credited with coining “False Memory Syndrome”, but she really only expanded on an idea already being popularized – by adults diagnosed as MPD (the term at that time), claiming they were abuse and mind-control victims of satanic ritual abuse cults.
      Between 1988-1991, some such persons (like Laurel Wilson) drew a lot of attention to themselves by appearing on national tv programs, such as daytime talk shows. Predictably some skeptical viewers were motivated, by this, to seriously investigate the victim claimant’s abuse narratives and life histories. In some cases, when confronted with proof that a specific claim of theirs was proven false or even impossible, these persons responded with; “my abusers programmed false memories into me”. (Later, after FMSF became famous, they changed their terminology to “screen memories”) \.
      Their satanic cult abusers “programmed” memories that would prove to be false or impossible, if they ever disclosed them, so that no one would believe their real memories of abuse, cannibalism, sacrifice, etc. was the claim.

      Kathleen Sullivan is a well known claimant of this type, and she says this;
      “Now I want to share some of the things I’ve learned over the years about externally induced screen memories and memory scrambles. I learned about both, as an involuntary assistant to programmers and as a victim of ritual abuse and mind control”
      “Screen memories are deliberately created in the minds of trauma victims for at least five reasons:
      Screen memories confuse the victims both during the event and later on, as the victims recover their memories.
      Screen memories block out memories of more serious events that the perpetrators do not want victims to remember and talk about”
      “Screen memories were designed to discredit us as potential witnesses in public and in court”


      “externally induced screen memories” – false memories! induced by an external agent!
      People like Laurel Wilson claimed to have them, prior to 1992. No one accused them of trying to discredit all child sex abuse victim narratives, by promoting that idea.

      But when it was suggested, primarily by FMSF after 1992, that they might have false memories induced by/ programmed into them by a THERAPIST…well, no, that’s impossible.
      It’s possible, that satanic cultists could do it to their victims, but not possible for a therapist or their therapeutic environment, to do it to their clients.

    2. I need to take a very close look at this, RD1. The information about John DeCamp is deeply disturbing. As if the deck isn’t already totally stacked against a child victim in these cases.

      It’s been a long time since I read DeCamp’s book and The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant. I take it Bryant doesn’t address the information you discuss about DeCamp.

      1. Cathy – no, Bryant doesn’t talk about DeCamp’s involvement with National Child Abuse Defense and Resource Center of Nebraska. I don’t think he mentions DeCamp and his wife being falsely accused of abusing their daughter either (the accuser was NOT their child, it was a young student they were letting board with them, and based on a photo of her as a toddler in the bathtub). DeCamp talks about being lawyer for that group, later he talks about the accusation against him and his wife, but he doesn’t tell you directly that they were “parents accused of abusing their child”, represented by that group BEFORE he became the lawyer for them.

        People only tell you the pieces of the story, that will lead you to believe what they want you to believe. About anything, about everything, and almost everyone does it. Despite the volume of material in Bryant’s book, and related materials he made available online, Bryant does it too. Some of the most important Franklin related info isn’t in there, even though I know he possessed it.

        If you don’t already know this, that’s one of the things I’ve always respected you and your family members for. For obvious reasons, you haven’t always been able to disclose info that you had, but I never had cause to think your family was selectively filtering the info you released or discussed, to support “your narrative” and discredit “others narratives”. Thank you.
        Regrettably, the article you’ve shared here (above) is also tainted by selective disclosure. For example, the claims it makes about Ralph Underwager and his Paidika interview. People have been misquoting and misinterpreting what he said (and what he meant) in that interview, for decades. Now someone has bought the Paidika archive and removed it from the internet,so no one can read it for themselves and understand what he said in context. All you can access now, is purposefully constructed to insinuate that Underwager was “pro-pedophile”, which is nonsense.
        Underwager wasn’t the expert on human sexuality that he believed himself to be, and portrayed himself to be, but he did sincerely believe he was. That was no “act”. He interpreted some of the scholarly research he cited, when testifying as an expert witness, in ways that supported his personal beliefs – that’s a fact. But he was a psychologist, and he and his wife did run a treatment program for sex offenders, including pedophiles. They were concerned with reducing sexual victimization of children, not promoting it.
        An example of Underwager’s beliefs, was that humans CHOOSE their sexual interests, that people choose to be homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, pederasts, pedophiles, etc., and that therefore they are personally responsible for that choice. Sex offenders CHOOSE to be sex offenders, he believed, and were capable of choosing NOT to be, if they sincerely wanted to. In that interview, Underwager is explaining his philosophy of personal responsiblity for the sexuality you have chosen, and the interviewer asks; “Is pedophilia a responsible choice?” Underwager clearly believes he’s being asked; “are pedophiles responsible for their ‘choice’ “, and thus replies; ‘Of course! of course it is a responsible choice”.

        One of the people who started the circulating of deliberately misinterpreted segments of this interview was journalist Tim Tate, the producer of the Franklin documentary “Conspiracy of Silence”. Tim Tate was best buddies with social worker and criminologist Ray Wyre, the UKs self-professed “expert on sex crime”. Ray Wyre wasn’t the expert on human sexuality he claimed to be, either, and was actually less qualified as such than Underwager was! But he ran a sex offender treatment center in Birmingham. Ray Wyre and Ralph Underwager were, thus, business rivals for the treatment of sex offenders, and as expert witnesses in sex crime cases. You understand? People only tell you the portion of the story that they want you to know.

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