Everell E. Fisher, Jr.

Here’s a photo of “Ev” dated 1973, at his new gallery in Birmingham, Michigan (Interiors, Inc., 328 N. Woodward at the time). Ring a bell or a trigger warning for anyone?

From the assortment tips turned in to the OCCK task force on this man:

  1. Very violent
  2. Married a nurse
  3. “Looks like composite”
  4. Thought to be living on Franklin Road with a female impersonator
  5. “Believed to be homo”–married twice–odd acting, violent temper
  6. Interviewed on March 29, 1977, at the office of his attorney, Basil Briggs with attorney William M. Bolger present.
  7. Arrested 3-4 years prior in a town on the outskirts of Grand Rapids for “some type of homosexual charge,” later dismissed. Represented by attorney Nick Spicer from Grand Rapids.
  8. Institutionalized 1960-1964 at Menninger Clinic, Topeka, Kansas
  9. Was alibied the evening of March 22 (when Tim’s body was dumped) by his girlfriend Bonnie Karrick and friend Dotty Weisman.
  10. “Doesn’t look like composite.”
  11. Case cleared
  12. “Very low priority. No reason to connect with any of these homicides. Cleared.”
  13. Through out: Subject is related to the GM/Fisher Body Fishers.
  14. Related to the late Senator Phillip Hart–his uncle. Attorney Briggs also related to Mrs. Hart.

From the MSP tip files on Fisher:

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  1. Jeremy Press says:

    I just wonder if Everell is the man Doug WIlson saw sitting in the Pontiac against the wall at Birmingham Drugs. He somewhat matches the description that Doug Wilson gave.



    • Interested says:

      I was wondering the same thing.

    • Anonymous says:

      You all have this all wrong , I know this dude from way back in the day , yes he lived on Franklin road, he had just married a gal from another state so it wasn’t a male dressed up as a gal , he did have a gallery in Birmingham with ugly furniture from some one in the west, but as far as the occk he was not, you guys have any clue why he was sent out of state for mental issues , that accrued after his younger brother drowned in there pool on long lake rd , his mom brought him out to a country side horse farm in Oakland county , so if you stop accusing this dude of other acts he did not do, like being arrested outside of Grand Rapids just is all off base , I’d like to talk to the law firm off Micky Briggs so I can clear up a lot of these wrongful accusations , I happen to be a victim of his it destroyed my thinking and life

      • cathybroad says:

        I’m sorry he victimized you. You must be the person who has been reading up on EEF, Jr. on my blog, as the search history shows somebody recently going back in and reading the all the posts about this man. If so, you would realize that the tips called on on this man were quite serious and that HE HIMSELF ADMITTED TO THE POLICE UPON INTERROGATION THE ARREST OUTSIDE OF GRAND RAPIDS. I spoke to a relative of the “gal” he married and you would be very disturbed to learn what this person told me about him. He was a pedophile, as I’m sure you know. And I will say this–it does not appear to me; it is not adequately documented in any event, that this man was adequately ruled out as a participant in these crimes or someone with knowledge.

        As I’m sure you know, Mickey Briggs is dead. His last affiliation was as “of counsel” at the same law firm my dad was at for many years. Yeah, my dad had to walk the halls with Briggs and David Gorcyca. While that firm strikes me as the kind of place that would take you on as a client if you had enough money, technically they would be conflicted out from consulting with you. So start looking for another law firm to clear up these allegedly baseless “accusations” “us guys” are making in exposing tips and other information submitted concerning this SUSPECT. That’s what he was. And you know he is not involved in these crimes because?????? Do you happen to know of any still-living, first degree relatives who are willing to submit a DNA sample?

        • cathybroad says:

          And another thing, defender of EEF, Jr., my brothers and I didn’t get taken to a horse farm or a fancy nut house after our little brother was murdered. We would have welcomed a drowning over what happened to Tim. We had to put one foot in front of the other, with no help whatsoever, then or now. So back off.

  2. crimebuffy says:

    Total Creeper!!! Yikes…

  3. bitamoney says:

    This Fisher descendant was hospitalized i. e. Incarcerated in a mental hospital in the 60s? And he’s only in his 20s in the 1973 picture. That means he had extremely serious problems as a child. What could they have been? When endless money gave this family every human advantage?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gallery owner–any connection with McKinney?

  5. He owned the “Phyllis Morris Gallery” and a small design center in Birmingham.

  6. JN says:

    Fisher is too fat to be the guy at Hunter Maple. The 3 people that seen the guy talking to Timmy was said to have been athletic looking. When I think of a person looking athletic back in 1977, I’m thinking that person is lean. Im more apt to thinking it was a Hastings and McNamee team . Doug Wilson said” the guy sitting in the car looked older.

    • cathybroad says:

      I agree, Fisher was a total fat ass. Athletic build? Hardly. And he was known around town with his little interior design gig. A guy like Fisher wouldn’t be out hunting kids. He’d pay a freak like Hastings, Gunnels, or Greene to do it. And Busch was too obvious as well. Back then if you were that overweight, you stood out.

  7. crimebuffy says:

    He sure has those “dark eyebrows” given as a description by the HM parking lot witness but too hefty to be the perp standing up & talking to TK.
    Greg Greene had dark eyebrows & could be described as swarthy.
    So many viable offenders…

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m still trying to figure out how this legendary Greene got out of jail to be there at the time. If so, who bailed him out? I thought he was broke.

      • Anonymous says:

        The judge refused to lower Green’s bond, his PO noted in his pre-sentencing report that bond was not furnished, and it would have been equivalent to a six-figure bond, adjusted to 2021 dollars–so how and who (and why) are very good questions.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well then Greene must have sneaked out of jail for Tim’s abduction and sneaked right back in. Anything to make it look like Hastings is clean. Heck they even have Greene doing the sketch of Mark based on some people’s theories. Anything to avoid the name Helen Dagner!

          • JN says:

            I agree with you 100%. It’s insane many of these idiots want to disregard Hastings as the MAIN suspect. Like you said “ all because of Dagner”. Greene pulled the iTed Bundy Trick and got out of jail and then got himself back in. They should show Doug Wilson or the other two witnesses pictures of Hastings from back then and see if it triggers their memory..

            • Anonymous says:


              You can’t go against these established authors and cops that have investigated this case. You are fighting with fire! Leave the blind as blind. Nothing is ever going to change matters.

        • cathybroad says:

          This is the strongest argument for Greene never leaving jail after his arrest and before he was transferred to prison. This POS didn’t have any money and his family didn’t either. He was right where H. Lee Busch and others wanted him. In prison, for life, with no access to police, who ignored his pleas for another interview to discuss the child killings.

          Dr. Michael Arntfield, a criminologist who has reviewed this case in depth, explained on a podcast with J. Reuben Appelman that police reliance on composite drawings from eyewitness testimony and focus on cars is the “death knell” for an investigation. And that’s even before the alleged little “deal” to make this case go away with promises of “institutionalizing” the suspect and the Busch “suicide” scene.

      • crimebuffy says:

        Detective Lourn Doan of the Southfield PD discovered that Greene was not incarcerated during the abduction of TK and Det Garry Gray of the MSP confirmed it.
        The Kill Jar page 239

        • Anonymous says:

          Gary Gray? There’s a reliable source. LOL Discovered? Any docs to back it up?

          • Anonymous says:

            These authors (Marney & Appleman) are trying so hard to make Greene the suspect. His widow’s peak hairline in his photos is so bluntly obvious to anyone. Very pronounced to say the least and to be excluded from witnesses that described for OCCK sketches seems to be really reaching. And now for the Doug Wilson sketch to miss that detail as well. Just doesn’t add up. So long as it works for everyone else, let’s run with it.

          • crimebuffy says:

            As a matter of fact, there does exist a report/paperwork from L.D. stating such. You just cannot explain away that GG drove Busch’s Blue Vega Wagon which is the spitting image of a Gremlin and it’s as if he posed for the drawing with TK. Not too mention his pedophiliac MO.
            FYI, this is not a forum to go back & fourth and cause drama.

  8. Paul Jolliffe says:

    Everell Fisher Jr.’s name came to light in this blog as a result of the lengthy written (rambling and partially incoherent, yet mighty interesting) statement by “John Doe” which Cathy posted several weeks ago.
    Doe provided several small but telling details which I believe tend to substantiate his allegation about Fisher.
    I won’t rehash them here (see my comment on the John Doe post from December), but Doe’s belief that Fisher was at the heart of the case remains credible.
    Doe died almost seven years ago after speaking at length with Barry King.

    Clearly more information about Fisher is desperately needed.

    That Busch and Fisher and Hastings and McKinney were acquainted is plausible, but not proven.

    On a different note, if, as Cathy believes, John Hastings was involved in this case as a procurer, it seems incredible to me that he is still alive. The procurer/s were acting on behalf of others, and certainly had some idea what would later happen to the kids. The silent principals in this case apparently moved heaven and earth to conceal their roles.

    Yet Hastings still lives, and could (theoretically) talk at any time.

    So, that suggests to me that, whatever Hastings’ role might have been in this case, he was not near the heart of it. A peripheral figure, who probably didn’t know the key names. Otherwise, he’d have been eliminated decades ago.

    Or so it seems to me at this moment.

    • cathybroad says:

      “Doe” tried going to police with this information, and of course they wouldn’t listen.
      He was pissed and expressed his anger during the meeting with my Dad.

      These child rapist freaks couldn’t kill everyone (and it could be that a cop killed Busch and cops killed McKinney). But more than enough people wound up dead around this case to have the desired effect: getting people to shut up forever. And they blow town.

      Come forward if you have information about Fisher, Busch, Greene, Gunnels, Hastings. Grow a conscience and find some bravery.

    • Jn says:

      You have a point to a point. A few of the so called perpetrators died suspiciously; however, it is speculation. I personally feel both Busch and McKinny were murdered. The question is by who? Did Busch’s brother kill him because he wanted to get back at him for molesting his kids? Did Hastings kill Busch to keep him quiet? Did the police kill Busch thinking he was the OCCK killer? As for Hastings not being killed, he bailed the area shortly after the murders. He’s been in and out of mental institutions as well.

      • Matt says:

        I think part of the reason Hastings is still alive is, as mentioned, he’s been in and out of mental institutions…a crazy “locked away in a padded cell” and whom nobody would believe if he talked anyway.

        Also, because he is a “Dagner Tip”, investigators ignore it and Hastings gets buried and hopefully forgotten forever (out of site, out of mind; they hope), down in Georgia, Florida or wherever the else his is.

        • JN says:

          Matt, you have that exactly right. Awesome. One of the best answers I’ve read. Who would even believe it if Hastings admitted to the murders? They would brush it off like they already have. Oh Johnny is half crazy . He was just lying to Helen. Oh Helen was lying. She definitely fucked her cause because of her fabrications. That still doesn’t mean Haystack is innocent.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello Paul Jolliffe;

      First off since no one has an answer to Busch murder/suicide scene or the origin of the sketch of Mark left at the scene, seems like this case is nothing but mountains of speculation and simple facts that can’t be established when it comes down to it. Like Greene’s jail time? It seems difficult to comprehend how anyone believes this case is solved by any stretch of the imagination.

      If the boys were really molested-post-mortem as some seem to think base on the examiners own notes, maybe the pedo angle is a wild goose chase set up by the killer all of this time. Maybe the cops chased down the pedo path for decades and uncovered much of it the very same thing that the killer wanted them to pursue. All kept secret and undercover of course.

      Whose to say how much involvement Hastings really had? Since the cops have blown if off numerous times, I guess we will never know. One thing for certain though, his polygraph conclusions from Georgia sure stick out like a sore thumb right now. Seems like there was no one present from Michigan when they took place and no one can explain what those conclusions really mean. Just another loose end to the many!

      I can pull a bunch of speculation like everyone else but what value does it really have?

      • JN says:

        Hey anonymous, I have a question for you. I’m just curious on your opinion . Who looks even 1/4 more of those composite sketches from Hunter Maple than John Hastings? Please tell me you think it was Sloan, Busch or Peter , Paul , Mary or Harry.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you know everell fisher jr well I do I know a lot about him, he was a family friend of his , I knew him very well and these things that your accusing him of are not even close , I can tell you this a monster he was but a murder not so much , and another thing his wife wasn’t a nurse she didn’t even work , she left home when they lived at the cedar island road , so please get all the facts before you blog any more about him by the way he died of is cancer

  9. KP says:

    How come in this case polygraphs can exclude people but polygraphs and DNA dont “include” anyone? I think the rule book was as follows: “Pass” polygraph? Suspect is set free to go molest kids (or worse). mDNA found on a child? Allow suspect to abscond from parole with little follow up. Fail or have suspicious polygraph? Hide it and pretend it never happened.

  10. Emanon says:

    Are any of the Karrick brothers still alive? I skipped over the extensive background check on John Doe

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