10 thoughts on “Top MSP officials using phone apps that keep text messages secret”

  1. I live in Metro Detroit. I do not see this article in the print edition. However, 4 A has an expose on the Hartfield Lanes bowling Alley where Chris may have been abducted from. How ironic. Bowling alleys are dying in Michigan due to the plague.

    1. The print and online versions never line up with a lot of these newspapers. It’s why I cancelled my subscription to The Oakland Press. Too frustrating.

  2. The cops only do exactly what the government wants them to do. 100% of the time . Whoever pays the piper calls the tune.

  3. Remember how the Kilpatrick administration’s corruption reign was taken down?


    1. Trump just pardoned Kwami There is a modest article about the MSP issue in today’s Detroit Free Press starting on page A 4.

  4. You really have to ask yourself why they have to do this. I can’t come up with anything positive.

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