You, too, can file a FOIA request.

Check out this awesome email I got today:

Hi Cathy,
I just finished the last episode of the podcast [Episode 8 of The Clown and the Candyman] when you posted your blog post.  This podcast is absolutely ground-breaking and it reminded me that I wanted to share with you documents I received from a FOIA request I submitted on Gregory Greene’s arrest in Orange County.  (attached). You may already have this but I wanted to send in case you didn’t.   A couple things from the case:

  • Greene was arrested with an older man–Edgar Herbert Mohan Jr. (age 45, married) in 1976 in Fountain Valley, CA on molestation charges.  Edgar sponsored Greene’s softball team and managed a local furniture business.  
  • After listening to the podcast it really drove home that there was a larger network.  How could a 25 year old Greene who was new to CA make contact with a much older man, Mohan, who just happened to share his interests?  
  • The documents are not redacted and it names all of the minors involved.  I researched them and the tragedy is that all have had very difficult lives.  Particularly one child, Gregg Maroney, who is now an offender himself.  Greene was an atom bomb.

. . .

Lastly I wanted to say how sorry I am that your father has passed.  He is truly an inspiration to me as are you.  And like Det Moran said in the podcast–killers need to know that they will be pursued until the day they die.  I am in this for the long haul!  


I’m not going to post the 22 pages of FOIA documents because there are many, many unredacted names of victims within them. What readers don’t realize is that a lot of the documents I have received contain no redactions whatsoever. I try my best not to expose a victim or a good citizen who did the right thing by coming forward. (FYI, I don’t waste my whiteout on a victim who becomes a sex offender.) I invariably miss one or leave a first letter showing and then at least three people comment to point it out and make it worse. So fuck it, I’m not posting these.

The important points from the documents obtained by this reader are listed above and are highlighted in the news articles attached to the email, which I will post below. I would point out that the case file did remind me that the State of California revoked Greene’s probation in abstentia in August 1977, remanding him to prison but noting he was now incarcerated in a Michigan prison. So while Michigan is letting sex offenders like Chris Busch stay on the street even after telling police repeatedly after arrested that he sexually abuses children, California is making sure that if a POS criminal like Greene ends up back in California it will be go to prison, go directly to prison.

Here are the articles sent by the reader. The online community is a force. Thank you.

I will post tomorrow about how easy it is to file a FOIA request. There’s nothing special to it. By law, the agency has to respond. And odds are, you won’t get the triple surcharge imposed on requests made by relatives of Tim King.

12 Comments on “You, too, can file a FOIA request.”

  1. camfaults says:

    Awesome post! A huge thanks to the researcher for sharing his/her findings. I look forward to the upcoming post on how to file a FOIA request.

  2. lisalink63 says:

    Wow. Four different police departments working together to bring charges. You seeing this MSP?

  3. maggiep1958 says:

    How do we change laws so that pedophiles are no let out after a couple of years we know they do not change. I would like to see that happen

    • cathybroad says:

      Right. There is no redemption. These are the defendants who should not be getting bail and shown no mercy. Spread the mercy around the courtroom in drug cases. A lot of pedophiles don’t get prosecuted until later in life, when they have offended so many times that the odds catch up with them. Then some gullible judge falls for the “old man” argument at sentencing. Die in prison? Happens every day.

  4. Barb says:

    California should have never let Gregory Greene out of prison for what he did to that little boy. Because they did Gregory Greene was able to come back to Michigan and meet Christopher Busch. Four beautiful little children would be alive today if he had stayd in prison.

    • cathybroad says:

      That little boy was hospitalized for three days after what Greene did to him. A sock full of batteries or a shiv would have been much better “treatment” for Greene than the Patton State Hospital.

      • Barb says:

        I’m sorry Cathy I thought Gregory Greene spent time in prison for his heinous crime against that little boy. Was his time only spent in the mental hospital and none in prison?

        • cathybroad says:

          August 8, 1974, felony child molesting, sodomy, sex perversion–Greene sent to Patton State Mental Hospital in Patton, California from January 24 1975 to January 7, 1976. Placed on five years probation on January 28, 1976. Put on a plane and is inflicted on the State of Michigan February 11, 1976, four days before Mark Stebbins is abducted. Was not under supervision by Michigan (Genessee County) until March, 1976.

          Greene was arrested by Flint police on January 25, 1977, for the offense of sexual penetration of a 12-year-old boy in August 1976 in Flint. The investigation expanded to include over 50 victims of sexual exploitation (and worse) and culminated in t the arrests of Greene, Chris Busch and Douglas Bennett. At the time of his arrest, Greene was living with his dad who was sick and dying, at 5510 Baldwin Street, Flint, MI.

          So yes, after admitting to criminal sexual conduct that involved many victims in Huntington Beach and damn near murdering a boy in 1974, Greene was put in a nut house, put on probation, “taken from the Jail and placed on a plane to Michigan” on February 11, 1976.

          It would be too late by the time a pre-sentence report was prepared dated June 7, 1977 (for his sentencing in the Flint crimes) observed: “It appears that the defendant is a highly skilled manipulator. He seems to have a great deal of ability in covering up and interpreting situations to his own benefit. . . . This man cannot be considered a candidate for Probation.”

  5. bitamoney says:

    Unrelated to the post here, but the idea just occurred to me. From the start people noticed and speculated on why the OCCKs were all committed in the winter. Could it be simple, that it was way too cold and maybe dangerous to land a plane on Fox Island in the winter? So the activity changed to Detroit? Indoors etc. I grew up there. It can be unbelievably cold in the winter and I can’t imagine how an isolated island would be, out in the water, even farther north.

    • cathybroad says:

      The theory in Portraits in the Snow was something along these lines. That Shelden was getting the squeeze and child porn legislation was imminent so his little operation was going to get shut down and one of Shelden’s “clients” went more rogue in Oakland County. Both interesting theories.

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