Why these sex offenders can NEVER be trusted

Just in case you want to make the argument that these men can be rehabilitated, check out what this registered sex offender just got busted for after serving a federal sentence for receiving child porn in 2011:


The press release doesn’t say if this man served the full seven years of his first federal sentence. This is what he was up to after he got out of the big house. Now he faces 25 to 50 years. It’s a good thing this is another federal charge. Less wiggle room for this freak.

If you’ve read my blog or any of the books written about the OCCK crimes, we all know, going back to Busch, Greene, Lamborgine, Lawson, Sloan, and many freaks before and after them, that nothing stops these men from victimizing children except life behind bars or a bullet. The same goes for the well-dressed, wealthy, “successful” variety of pedophile.

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  1. Agreed-there is no rehabilitation process that can fix these Freaks(no matter what their economic/social status). It’s too bad a bullet wouldn’t find its way to these losers head before they ever have/had a chance to victimize(rape/abuse/hurt/traffick)any child…same goes for the Freak, that, for their own financial gain and profit, will put their own(or someone elses)child/children in these Losers(child rapist)hands-and allow them to be abused/raped/”molested”/victimized by these Child Predators…UNREHABILITATABLE!

  2. According to statistics of the DOJ 1 out of four boys are sexually abused each year and that is very grim reality for most Americans to absorb but is reality. What the American people needs is a reality check.
    As wee look at the Jeffery Epstein connections to Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew two important names of many which are left out of the Epstein sex scandals and that is Zell Miller and Eric Robert Rudolph.
    Many Americans have forgotten the fact that Eric Rudolph was gainfully employed as a contractor at the Brasstown Valley Golf Club in Young Harris, Georgia where Georgia Governor Zell Miller entertained his guests many whom were politicians, reporters and de3fense contractors like John Ramsey.
    Many have forgotten that in 2004 during multiple media interviews with John and Patsy Ramsey until Zig Zag Zell whom was a US Senator at that time came to John and Patsy’s defense by stating he was friends with the Ramseys and knew for a fact they were not involved nor responsible for their daughter Jonbenets murder. Miller went further to threaten the media outlets with retaliation if the media pressed the possibility of of the Ramseys involvement in the 6 year old beauty queens murder.
    However today I will be meeting with the Dawson County Sheriff’s Department in Dawsonville, Georgia to discuss the new evidence into 11 year old Levi Fradys murder on October 22, 1997 which indicates my older brother Fred Rogers with Eric Rudolph and their colleagues into the boys murder.
    For many years the public has only known Eric Rudolph as a radical right wing pro-life extremist for his involvement in the January 17, 1997 attack on the Northside Family Planning Services abortion provider and the January 29, 1998 attack on the New Womens Healthcare Clinic in Birmingham which left abortionist Emily Lyons permanently injured and disabled and Birmingham Police Officer Robert Sanderson murdered however the world is about to see the real person behind the mask of Eric Robert Rudolph a child rapist and murderer.
    The Northside Family Planning Services bomb attack was a ploy attack on two prep schoools formerly located on W. Paces Ferry Road in Atlanta and approximately a mile from the Georgia Governors Mansion but with assistance of Sam Evans a former account manager for Easy Rental I was able to alert the schools the prior to the attacks so when Eric Rudolph and three of his culprits arrived to the schools after attacking the Atlanta abortion provider they spotted City of Atlanta Police were already present at their next targets therefore they had abort their mission of attacking the schools.
    After speaking with Detective Green yesterday at the Fulton County District Attorneys office regarding Atlanta Child Murder suspect Daniel Hughes of Murphy, North Carolina and addressing my concerns over the overdue release of Wayne Williams and bringing Hughes along with his suspecte3d culprits in the Jly 27, 1996 attack on Centennial Park has me confident that Hughes is soon to be charged in at least one of the Atlanta Murders along with being accessory to the Oklahoma City and Centennial Park and other attacks including the attacks the public is unaware of.
    As far as Francis Shelden dying in Amsterdam on July 6, 1996 still does not have me believing in ghosts because its very hard to kill a ghost in self defence on September 22, 1999 along with Andreas Straussmeier and another unknown assailant. Straussmeier was the only7 body claimed by the leader of Elohim City where his body is laid to rest while Shelden and the other assailants remains continue to be at a undisclosed location in Western North Carolina.
    As of today Georgia law enforcement gets to hear the over 4 hours of recorded conversations between John Uccelini aka John Doe No 2 of the Oklahoma City Bombing and his admissions of involvement including in the murder of Levi Frady.
    I was pressuring John in providing me with the names of the two culprits into the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey and my response was the December 25, 1997 target in Nashiville, Tennessee was hit this past Christmas morning in the same manner as intended in 1997.
    I would post a picture of Johnm with rock star Eddie Van Halen and I think I may have on the OCCK group on Facebook but one thing is for certain Johnny Boy is about to have some explaining to do hopefully after today.
    The other targets Eric Rudolph and his culprits failed to successfully attack are as follows; GM Plant and IRS Building in Doraville, Georgia, The FBI in Mobile, Alabama, Cumberland Mall and Six Flags Over Georgia. These places were in the process of being attacked but foiled by me and other of my colleagues. We can give special thanks to FBI Special Agents including Jerry Watson of the FBI in Mobile, Alabama, GBI Special Agents Steve Maxwell and Ron Vincent in their roles in assisting me in foiling the attack on the FBI in Mobile and the City of Blue Ridge Police Department and Georgia State Patrol for assisting me in foiling the bomb attacks on Cumberland Mall and Six Flags Over Georgia on July 4, 1997. The names of those officers will be released at a later time.
    Godspeed Catherine. I know this is a little off susbject today but I felt compelled to share this information. P.S. The only time I have ever seen Jeffery Epstein in person was in 1990 in the parking lot of the Huddle House in Blairsville, Georgia
    and he was driving a red Mercedes convertible with a adult blonde female passenger and I will never get over that evil stare he gave me as he got in his car to leave that afternoon. there were multiple accounts of seeing Eric Rudolphs blue Nissan pickup truck parked at the Brasstown Valley Golf Club where he was texturing walls for Zell Miller who owned the Brasstown Valley Golf Club. How I know where Lewis Bailey of ABC News resides is because he was referred to me by a terrorism suspect and I have been to Lewis’s residence twice in 1999. He as well was personal friends with Zell Miller and John Ramsey.

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