Fuck Oakland County

On Thursday, my Dad would have turned 90. One of my younger brothers turns 60 a few days after that. They were going to have a 60/90 party. March is a rough month for my family, as Tim was abducted the day after my soon-to-be 60 brother turned 16. Tim’s body was dumped in Wayne County six very long days later, on March 22, 1977.

Watch this chapter of Decades of Deceit, which my Dad had to fucking commission and pay for himself to tell the story of betrayal by Oakland County. While the entire series was not uploaded to YouTube until April of 2020, these unedited comments were compiled and placed on DVD in April, May and July of 2013. Eight years ago.

Listen to my Dad detail how he tried to talk to these fucks in Oakland County (and in Genesee County) and got completely blown off, then and for the rest of his life. He does not name two Birmingham cops who lied their asses off to us, to our faces, over the years. Fuck you, too. I hope you enjoyed your long careers and are enjoying your pensions. “I don’t recall.” The hell you don’t. This is the most corrupt county in Michigan.

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  1. Cathy, your father and Tim will never be forgotten. I cant believe what F’s Richard Thompson and Jessica Cooper were. I am praying Karen McDonald will do something, I realize she hasnt been in office long but, I am getting disappointed that she hasn’t done anything on the OCCK case yet. I wrote a letter to Lamborgine in prison. I knew he wouldnt answer me back but I figured I had nothing to lose. My thoughts and prayers are always with you and your family and I do believe this will be solved.


    1. Thanks, Jeremy. I really appreciate your words and your letter to the monster. Karen McDonald has her hands full, I’m sure. She inherited a very corrupt office. Time to think outside the box.

    2. I agree with Jeremy – hoping Karen McDonald can cut through the lying. And hoping Jessica Cooper, Bouchard and others are exposed.

  2. Cathy,
    I’m quite new to this group. Your posting prompted me to introduce myself, and to offer whatever assistance I can. I’m a quite recently retired University professor who has focused on the sexual assault of children, moral panics and the intersections between trauma, culture and memory. Most of my work has been based on archival research—so I’m not intimidated by reports, articles and logs, even when there are thousands of pages of them, nor by sitting in front of a computer for hours to find more of them.
    But most of all, I wanted to extend my sympathy for your past and recent losses, and for the painful memories the month of March brings.
    The OCCK case had a profound impact on me when I returned to Grand Rapids in the mid-1970s to work with kids in a crisis intervention program. We talked about the case constantly. We developed all kinds of strategies (none of them very good, in the end) to teach kids to be safe. And then time went on…and on. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago when I stumbled across The Snow Killings that the OCCK case came flooding back.
    Please let me know how I can help.

      1. Thank you for calling them out. I was going to ask if I could. By 2006, the bullshit was finely honed and Studt was at the grindstone. I am still saddened and now embarrassed at how naïve I was to believe I could talk to him and think he’d feed me anything but bullshit. He had a story, a reason, and memories that he placed like bricks as he built this wall around himself and anything I asked or said. By the end of our conversation he knew I was aggravated but what the hell did he care? He had case lore and a blue wall protecting him.

        1. We’ve shared similar stories on Studt. I tried so hard to convey my side to all of this. My wife and I talked to Studt and when he stated to us that he interviewed the staff at Big Boy back in 92, we were very determined to find who they talked to. We were disappointed to find out that no one talked to any of them at that restaurant as we still had close connections there at that time. The aftermath of all of this is simply that Helen Dagner was scuffed at as nothing to investigate based on Studt’s reference point which was probably further guided by Gray and others afterward. But here we are looking at FOIA papers from 10 years ago from Georgia with red flags raised by the polygraph test and no one has any answers why! It’s best just to continue to ignore it! Maybe it will just go away.

          1. If I remember, you actually met with him face to face. He looked you both in the eye and lied. That goes beyond disappointing; that is malfeasance.

            These guys took advantage of Mr. King‘s grief by doling out the appropriate amount of sympathy so that their bullshit held a level of false credibility. Disgusting.

            1. Judi, Yes both my wife and I met him face to face. This was planned beforehand with his office and they already knew what it was about. It was pretty much at the beginning of the discussion where I introduced myself and simply said the discussion really did take place at that restaurant. His response was “yes, I know. I interviewed the Big Boy staff.”

              It might have just been his a gesture on his part of a way of trying to say I”m on your side. After he said that though, I introduced my wife and said she worked at that same Big Boy. He seemed surprised but as I further asked him who he talked to at the Big Boy he seem to dodge things. Nevertheless both my wife and I took his word for that and we took another trip up north to find out who they talked to. My problem with all of this is that I spent personal time and money to try to get to the bottom of this whole thing. When I took time off from work to drive to Birmingham from previous planning and to talk to him, I would expect more than just bullshit. Gray was the worst yet. They were all a waste of time when it comes down to it.

  3. I am so sorry about your grief and tragedy , and also the second tragedy which followed, of being disrespected.I love the idea of 60/90 party. Prayers for peace and justice.

    1. Thanks, Maggie. The true disrespect was showed by Oakland County and the MSP to the four known victims of the OCCK and all of the other kids who were terrorized or victimized by these monsters.

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