In other jurisdictions:

Here is a recent case demonstrating the relentless pursuit of the FBI in Georgia to protect vulnerable children and expose the threads of a complex child trafficking and porn case:

In the OCCK case or any related sex crimes against children from that era, if you contact the FBI you get SA Sean Callaghan from the Detroit office, who was an assistant prosecutor for the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office before he became an FBI agent. Yeah, that Sean Callaghan. And yeah, that OCP. See The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, by Marney Keenan, pages 142, 162, 163, 193, 220, 259, 260. No complex thread-pulling going on there. Put the tip in File 13.

Next we have a 72-year-old pedophile receiving an 80 year sentence in federal court in Florida for for producing and possessing images and videos depicting the sexual exploitation of children. The court did not fall for the “take pity on me I’m an old man” line that these types (especially priests) try to use. If anything, his age and his crimes demonstrate that these types never stop. It might take decades for them to get caught, but they never, ever stop. It could be your neighbor, your co-worker, your brother, your uncle, your father, your grandfather. If you don’t report, they will keep it up. Five decades from now, if unchecked, they will still be at it and you can now count yourself as an enabler. Eighty years sounds about right.

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  1. Joe says:

    Hey Cathy. I never met a sex abuse therapist who said those guys could be fully rehabilitated.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My daughter was abused at daycare last April in Lenawee Co. I reported it. The cps worker lied on the report and said he couldn’t get much out of her; when he never spoke one word to her. My case was transferred to Wayne Co for no logical reason. The Child Advocacy Center ghosted me and the Wayne Co worker’s ph number, which had no state message on it, was registered to Port Huron. They closed my case without anyone speaking one word to my daughter. I’ve been digging into this relentlessly and it’s so fucking dark and ugly. Both my work and personal phones have been hacked and guess where my incognito tab says my internet connection is located….Fucking Oakland Co. While these “well-respected” citizens run free, I get to sit here and choke down my food in between sobs and tears. I’m screaming from the mountaintops and all I hear is the echo of my own voice.

    • cathybroad says:

      Someone in Michigan help us navigate this bullshit; an attorney, a social worker, someone who actually knows what they are talking about!
      Dark and ugly is exactly right. This CPS worker has to be reported. Who can explain why it was transferred to Wayne County? Why can’t this person get answers for FS? The Child Advocacy Center in Lapeer? Lapeer is on my radar. They ghosted you–they need to be outed, too. Why can’t this person get an answer to why the case was closed? Is the person you reported or the owner of the daycare “connected” politically or with someone in law enforcement? That’s how things seem to disappear or get taken care of around Michigan. An H. Lee Busch can pick up the phone, call the prosecutor and have his call taken and this person can’t get answers from anyone! The fact that your phones have been hacked show once again how Michigan cares more about fucking with victims than putting away sex offenders. A prosecutor recently scoffed at my claims that my and my family’s phones and computers were hacked when we started raising questions in the OCCK case. “Do you know how hard that is to do today?”

      Who helps people navigate this impossible shit?! Everyone will tell you “REPORT” and then when someone does, this shit happens?! The abuser is still abusing, I guarantee it. Someone needs to explain to this parent how this case has taken the turns it has and why nothing was done! These PsOS who still think when someone comes forward about sexual abuse that they are making it up. START BY BELIEVING, ASSHOLES!

      I am so sorry you and your daughter are going through this. All I can suggest is calling CARE House of Oakland County (248)332-7173. Ask if you can explain your situation and ask for guidance. I am so very sorry.

  3. Joe says:

    Up until several years ago each county in Michigan had a CPS office. It was good in that the call center knew the psychologist, nurse, etc. if he reported often enough. Example, “Hey Joe, How is your mother ? What is going on with this case you are reporting ?” Now the cases are filtered to an 800 number located in western Michigan. I have been told all the calls are recorded and you are given a case number.

  4. Joe says:

    In Michigan CPS can be transferred if the abuse happened in County A, but the family resides in County B. I do not know why cases are transferred to other workers.

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