A picture is worth 1,000 words (*trigger warning).

I last wrote here on March 16. Now it is March 22, around the time my brother’s body was found. What did you do all week? Can you account for the hours since last Tuesday evening? Imagine if you were held captive this entire time. Held captive by people who wanted to hurt you in every way possible, scare you and humiliate you. Who probably told you if you just didn’t fight back you could go home. Who probably threatened you and your family many times during your captivity.

Picture where you will be in a little over a month from today. Will you be fully vaccinated? Will you be planning a trip? In about 32 days you will have passed the mark of total time that four Oakland County children spent in captivity. Forty-five years later, after the biggest manhunt of its kind at the time and after millions of dollars allegedly spent on the case, officials would have you believe they are no closer today than they were over four decades ago to “solving” these heinous crimes in one of the wealthiest counties in the country. Four homicides. Four abduction sites; four body dump sites. Four forensic examinations of these bodies that weighed less than some large dogs. But no evidence! Times were different! No usable DNA. Sorry, we just fucked up. At least only Oakland four kids died. Nothing to see here. We owe you no answers because there aren’t any.

Ask yourself how that can even be true? Ask yourself how everyone who really knows or even suspects what was going on in Oakland County back then and what happened in this case and in this investigation lived with themselves. Ask yourself why officials never answered questions in this case. The obvious answers should cause mild discomfort, if not great concern.

By the way, the Michigan State Police “tip line” is active again after a few months off. Maybe someone forgot to pay the phone bill. 833-784-9425. Now that almost everyone who participated (in the OCCK murders and related crimes) or fucked up is dead, why not make the call? It’s never too late. Is it?

When you don’t examine the past, it can happen again. NEVER AGAIN. Not the crimes, not this investigation.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Perfect for a billboard,though I don’t think they would allow it.
    To profane ,societies hate to have their dirty laundry aired.
    It’s better that they keep thinking that they are safe and the police and politicians are sacred.

    Best of luck,I hope this is the year you finally get the answers that you were owed many years ago.


  2. Lynda says:

    The pic is heartbreaking, the fact that they have allowed these monsters to not be held accountable is profane. I pray for all these children and that you, Catherine, finally get justice for Tim and all the little ones.

  3. Robin says:

    The “trigger” warning was warranted. A thousand words and emotional rage are going through my mind after looking at that. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen that particular photo of Hastings.

    The photo of Tim’s discarded small body on a road side is so wrenching to the heart and gut.

    No justice. No peace.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The pain must be unbearable for the families. Lifting you all up in prayer. Why did it take decades and a whole new generation until detective Williams came along to move the case forward? He figured it out with good detective work – why couldn’t the largest task force in history? People have to be forced to talk and officials need to be held accountable. This is a huge stain on Michigan and it’s not going away.

  5. Jeremy says:

    I wish there was a way to put the tip line number on billboards across Southeast Michigan.

  6. JN says:

    Is that scruff ball photo Hastings ? I’ve never seen that one before. Come on Nessel

  7. Joe says:

    Who is the man in the coat and tie ?

  8. Livonia Guy says:

    I had never seen that picture of Hastings before. He certainly resembles the wanted poster picture,as well,of course as Doug Wilson’s memory drawing.

    Who is the guy in the bottom right with the suit and tie?

    • Extra Observation says:

      It sure does look like Hastings but it also also looks a lot like Greene as well and since Greenes ID card is right next to it in the arrangement, I’m assuming the composer is hinting it’s Greene. Looks like John McKinney’s pic is right in the way blocking the hair line so it can’t be determined the ‘widows peak’ characteristic which is the very telling difference between Hasting’s and Greene. It does look like a hint that the hair is possibly parted on the left side of the head though which is where Hastings always had his hair parted so my vote is on Hastings. Either way it’s a photo I’ve never seen before whomever it may be.

      • cathybroad says:

        That’s Hastings in his passport photo. The upside down men are people the police did not adequately investigate because roads would have reached Busch and H. Lee.

        • Extra Observation says:

          Well Hastings photos always seem to be hauntingly close to the OCCK sketches including the Doug Wilson one. This is sure no exception. So the cops have had this one as well all of this time? What is more damn scary than itself is how this has been ignored all of this time. Wake up! A picture sure does tell a 1000 words. In this case, many more!

          • JN says:

            The eyes never lie and Hastings eyes sure don’t. One thing to ask Yrself . Who do you think a kid would most likely go with a Hastings or a grease ball Greene? Who do you think had the capacity to lure a child? The big questions are did Hastings drive a LeMans ? Was Greene in jail ? Those are two questions that can be answered

            • Extra Observation says:

              Helen commented a few times that she had a photo of John that looked so much like the OCCK sketch including down to the very detail of the hairstyle. She was upset and claimed that Ray Anger lost the photo. This being the first time I’ve seen this one, it makes me wonder if this is the one she might have had a copy since it’s passport related. One thing noticed was that John’s girlfriend back in 77 turned him in for many reasons but one was that he matched the sketch. (FOIA papers) For obvious reasons now with no doubt looking at this. Helen noticed how he quickly changed his hairstyle coincidentally after OCCK events in another old photo of him with his brother Tom. He actually had it parted differently with a shag style although is just didn’t look natural. Greene in jail? Seems like the authors of these books want him to be out of jail at the time so badly they go to any extreme to make it look that way. What are the real facts? Who cares?

              • cathybroad says:

                Tell me how a lifelong POS like Greene comes up with the money to walk around before he is sentenced to life? “NO DEALS.” “KEEP SECURED AT ALL TIMES.” That man and his family couldn’t have come up with the $1,000 Busch’s dad dropped so he could walk after his arrest in Flint, let alone a percentage of the $75,000.

                • Extra Observation says:

                  Not only that but Greene being accused of being the OCCK is probably the highlight of his entire miserable life. So I ‘m sure he was bragging about his OCCK involvement in prison to his roommates as it’s a way to pass the time away. Many stories are told I’m sure but how many are true?

                • JN says:

                  I kinda got that impression that Greene didn’t have two dimes to rub together . Well if he was in jail, then that leaves girly man Hastings. I never heard that a photo got to Helen. I know I’ve seen multiple photos of Hastings and he most definitely matches the Composites. It doesn’t take much to see it. I knew “ Sylvia” his gf that had his child thought he could have been the killer. Didn’t know the girl friend from back then did as well. I’ve basically heard enough about this dick head now. It’s time for the grand jury to bring him in. Has anyone shown Doug Wilson Hastings pics? He remembers enough to get composites done. It would trigger his subconscious.

                  • Extra Observation says:

                    Helen sure had her exchange with Sylvia a few times. Sounds like she just didn’t want to get involved. However, the gf from 77 that actually turned him in, Helen never could get her name to try to find her although she tried. There was something in regards to John and possibly one of his brothers (Mike or Tom) being at a party somewhere. Memories are sketchy now but something in regards to an Aerosmith song Children of the Season referenced at the party. Maybe someone can find it in the docs somewhere? Much of it was bleeped out from what I recall.

  9. livoniaguy says:

    I had never seen that photo of Hastings before. He sure does look like the guy in Wanted posted, as well as the Doug Wilson memory photo.

    Who is the guy in the bottom right with the suit and tie?

  10. Joe says:

    I thought it was H Lee. The father of a monster.

  11. Marianne Carniak says:

    Heartbreaking to say the least. Every time I read your posts it takes me right back to that timeframe when we were not safe (as a 12 year old living in Birmingham). My mom went to Tim’s funeral to pay her respects, and took my 11 year old brother, hoping he would understand how dangerous it was to go anywhere alone. My dad and I used to drive around in the middle of the night doing the “citizen’s night watch,” but that didn’t save the children who were abducted in broad daylight. I have your beautiful brother’s photo in my scrapbook from childhood. After all these years, I want you to know that you are far from alone in your anger at our county officials/law enforcement and elitist executives who are all guilty of murdering young children, not to mention the sexual assaults that were so prevalent. I still pray that God brings the dark secrets into the light and gives closure to you and your family, and to all of us who lived through that trauma. Hugs to you and your family.

  12. KP says:

    This picture is just heartbreaking- I have been shaken up since, I can’t imagine what it is like for you Cathy. But it got me thinking… why did they stop keeping the kids. If they were using them for films, you would think they would have held them longer. If it was just about H. Lee being back in town- they also had Ess Lake and just stay secluded up there. Or was the real motive about killing and they held out as long as they could? I wish one of the many bastards that have info could be forced to talk/followed up on. I also think about the DNA- I know some has been destroyed or whatever through testing, but wouldn’t there be DNA reports with those colored in blocks that could possibly be uploaded to the genealogy sites to check for a match?

  13. Mary deYoung says:

    The picture is such a cruel reminder that Tim, as well as Kristine, Jill and Mark, did not have a fighting chance against their perpetrator(s). As awful as it is to look at (and Cathy, I can’t imagine how hard it was for you to post it), it drew me away from tracing the national and international child pornography rings of the 1970s and straight back to the question that has to be answered: Who did this?

    I’m an academic (for my sins), so when the OCCK case was occurring, I went to the scholarly literature to see what studies had been done on child abduction/murder. You won’t be surprised–hardly any. But I returned to that search after seeing this photo and 44 years has made quite a difference. So, I’ve reviewed two large-scale national statistical studies, and a smaller qualitative one that is based on in-depth interviews with 25 incarcerated child abductors/ murderers. I’ve parsed through the data and kept the focus on strangers (as opposed to acquaintances or family members) as perpetrators, and bullet-pointed the findings of each to make them as accessible as possible.

    It’s too long at 5-pages to post here, but I’m happy to email it anyone who wants to review it. You can contact me at deyoungm@gvsu.edu.

    I have no illusions that this egg-headed approach will answer the question of who did this, but it is a form of profiling that may be helpful in thinking about the “fit” of current suspects, as well as what additional information about a suspect might move the needle a bit.

  14. Extra Observation says:

    For what it’s worth which is probably nothing. Helen’s old notes indicate that John Hastings first girl friend that turned him back in 1977 time period was interviewed some where in the FOIA papers around the pages BLK 01608 & BLK 01609 although I can’t seem to find those pages now.

  15. dts1017 says:

    just gut wrenching Cathy. I’m so sorry

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