A game-changing day of some accountability and justice.

Today former Upper Peninsula priest Gary Jacobs was sentenced to 8 to 15 years in prison in a second child sexual abuse case for crimes he committed in 1984. https://www.mlive.com/news/2021/07/former-up-priest-sentenced-to-8-15-years-in-2nd-child-sex-abuse-case.html. I specifically direct you to that article because it contains links to the victim impact statements. I consider this required reading, especially for the minimizers in the crowd.

Jacobs was sentenced in May to a term of 8 to 15 years in a different Michigan county for sexually abusing children from 1981 to 1984. Sadly, the sentences will run concurrently. (Don’t give me that “but he’s an old man!” nonsense. He got decades of free passes.) It is impressive that the AG went after this former priest in two different counties. He is where he belongs. Behind bars.

Also today, a long-awaited report issued from the Justice Department Inspector General which revealed gross failures by the FBI during the sex abuse investigation into former MSU and USA Gymnastics Dr. Larry Nassar.


Nassar was sentenced in 2018 to 40 to 175 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of sexual assault of patients and possession of child pornography. This scathing report followed the insistence of victims that the FBI be investigated for having ignored their allegations against Nassar in 2015, with the result that many more athletes and patients were victimized. In fact:

The report noted that according to civil court filings, about 70 women and girls were victimized by Nassar between the time when the FBI was first told of the allegations, and when Michigan officials arrested him on the basis of separate information.


This report found the FBI dragged its feet in probing these sexual abuse allegations and it bluntly accused two FBI officials of lying to cover up “numerous and fundamental errors” that allowed the abuse to continue for months. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/us-justice-watchdog-release-report-into-fbi-probe-ex-usa-gymnastics-doctor-2021-07-14/. They lied to cover up their errors. They made shit up to cover their tracks. The FBI conducted no investigative activity for more than eight months following a September 2015 interview with a victim. USA Gymnastics had contacted the Indianapolis office of the FBI concerning Nassar prior to that in July 2015. It then failed to take any serious investigative steps and Nassar continued to sexually assault patients until his arrest more that a year later on separate charges. https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2021-07-14/justice-department-inspector-general-nassar-investigation?_amp=true. You have to read this to believe it. It’s really bad.

The report has been called “mind-boggling” and “chilling.” https://www.kpvi.com/news/national_news/absolutely-chilling-senators-push-for-criminal-charges-accountability-after-dojs-nassar-report/article_2cc6dc77-ab44-53b4-b831-fab2bec72ef2.html . Two U.S. senators who championed Olympic reform legislation last year are now pushing for Congressional hearings on the details in the report. U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Jerry Moran (R-KS) said they want to press the FBI on how it will make sure similar allegations are not mishandled in the future, and questioned why the DOJ did not pursue criminal charges against some FBI agents, including those in Indianapolis, who made false statements during the Inspector General investigation. Blumenthal said “There has to be some measure of accountability enforced for the failure to properly pursue the investigation by the FBI and indeed the possible cover up that may have occurred.” (Possible??)

No kidding. And you know what? This report found exactly what victims said happened–the FBI blew them off. But it took an IG investigation to prove not only did the agents blow them off; they did not take the allegations seriously, did nothing, and then lied to cover their asses. This was not just two bad apple FBI agents; it involved three separate bureaus. Lid has been blown off. Now let’s see if everyone just stands there slack-jawed or if some serious accountability and serious changes are made in the wake of this report.

I think this report could be multiplied many times over in an investigation into the handling of the OCCK case. So none of this Nassar stuff with the FBI surprises me. It sickens me, but it doesn’t surprise me. What surprises me is that someone had the balls to back these bureaus and agents against a wall and investigate how this happened.

Where are Michigan’s politicians on any of this? As a reader points out, most are cozy with MSU and/or U of M, and football season is right around the corner.

And speaking of sickening, the detective who investigated the allegations against predator U of M Dr. Robert Anderson is being “reassigned” to road patrol and having his pay cut.


Another good cop getting gaslit. It never fucking ends. What is it with Michigan?

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  1. You know what is crazy I was sexually exploited by what I thought was nice people and later found out I was working for the Mafia, well they had many parties that I was put in cute clothes that were sexual attracting to the pedafile, and I was put in to positions like bartender and cocktail waitress when I was 16 now I do remember that one of the couples I worked for were professors and I met many professors this would have been in 1982 or 81, I wonder if I really met the the nasty clan of the OCCK and well I had one man that insisted that I could be his in house nanny in Birmingham, is it possible I crossed paths with the OCCK twice in a small life time hmmm un real I just remembered all this that they were professors at a college can’t remember exactly but believe it was MSU, I am sick with all of this, and one of the ladies tried to set me up with her brother named Johnny, Johnny took me home a couple of times in his vette, what teen-age girl would say no to a ride in a vette, Johnny was 26 when I was 16, never thought he was interested in me like that until his sister whom I worked for tried to set us up for a tennis game together,I am sure I have been exposed to the OCCK twice, I wish I could remember all the names I met but seriously can’t and some of them I worked for I never knew their last names we were on a first name basis. There was something creepy about the man that wanted me as an in house nanny and I never thought about it seriously, but I seen him again at another party at another house I worked for and he tried his luck again, Damn the Oakland County Billionarie Boys Club Bastards, I was just a little girl and was made to serve all these men drinks, there were many at these parties that said I was too young to be serving drinks or cocktail waitressing, but no one was complaining about my mini skirt I was in and with a little crop top with tassles to stop me, I mean as a teenager I was being paid 10.00 dollars an hour in the 80’s that was some money for a kid, now I look back at it and feel like throwing up, and not to mention the tips I was getting, I originally cleaned houses for 6 dollars an hour, but the parties were more money for me, they loved dressing me up in costumes for all of their theme parties, I ask myself am I crazy or could I have met all of them at one party on the lake and one of the woman’s summer home off of an Island in Michigan, I am too afraid to say too much information here as I know that one of the parties knows I figured out they were Mafia but I played it off as best as I could not to be killed, I believe if they knew I knew forsure they were Mafia I would have been killed, all from a dang conversation I overheard while I was working concluded it.

    Okay I decided to say this take it for what it is but maybe more professors need to be looked into from the 80’s just saying hope it will come up with some answers but I will tell you forsure their were plenty of pedafiles at this party I worked at.

  2. Two sisters went to the FBI in the 1990s to report the abuse of Jeffrey Epstein. The FBI did nothing. Sounds like a familiar pattern with the FBI.

  3. I’ve been investigating the disappearance and murder of several girls, most of them from the South, for roughly three years. Early in my investigation I made note of many connections to Michigan that all of the victims have. The more I’ve dug, the more convinced I have become that there is a vast pedophilic network encircling the states of Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Colorado, Arizona and Utah and Air Force Bases in those states.
    But the spider web has proved too vast and complex for me to unravel and my outreach to the authorities–yes, the FBI, too–has been mostly unfruitful. I fear that further attempts to unravel even smaller subsets of this network will result only in the unraveling of my mental and physical health. This network runs deep, scarily deep as you surely know far better than I.

    1. Are you aware of the mind-boggling connections between Jonbenet Ramsey and the North Fox Island Ring and the Air Force?

        1. Jonbenet’s father’s dad was fully in charge of, i believe, the landing strip on North Fox Island. I haven’t looked it up in a while, but you can search and find lots of information. Insanely odd connection

  4. I don’t like when people give all props to Nessel. I am betting 100% these people were investigated because of a complaint that led to an investigation and warrants and what happen was is the state ripped these cases from local jurisdictions as a way to take credit. First off she opposes the sex offender registry and even post that on the state ag website.
    Dont believe me check put the state website link below https://www.michigan.gov/som/0,4669,7-192-47796-489212–,00.html
    This is her exact words Dana Nessel- “The state Sex Offender Registration Act has gone far beyond its purpose and now imposes burdens that are so punitive in their effect that they negate the State’s public safety justification.”
    I think she loves attacking the Catholic church. If it was 100% only about human trafficking and child molestation I would believe her stance to be more genuine. Myself and others have reached out to Nessel over and over on her twitter and Facebook about the OCCK case at times where she only would get up to 20 or less comments in the comment section. She knows about this case and she sits at the highest position of law enforcement as far as the state of Michigan law enforcement goes. I wish more people would confront her about this case. Maybe people should send copies of Marnie Keenans book to Nessels office. Either way there are many responsible for that mans conviction. Lets first by acknowledging the VICTIMS first and foremost for being brave enough to step forward. Also brave detectives who helped convict these bastards and of course prosecutors and judges. This is all in reference to the state cases involving catholic priest. As far as Nassar goes I mean this is why I didnt think handing this case to the feds was a great idea either. The feds are far more corrupt. Then look at the HOFFA case and all these other federal cases. Its like they live conspiracy theories so they can expand budgets all while having the backing of citizens. People say all this crazy stuff about hoffa he and where he is buried smh come on someone murdered that guy in Detroit so what they travel the country with a dead body as a trophy smh I call bs. I bet 100% that man was buried or disposed of here but of course the FBI likes those rediculous strung out conspiracy theories

    1. Copies of Marney Keenan’s book were sent to Dana Nessel and Karen McDonald, along with hundreds of pages of Cory Williams investigative notes in January of this year. No one will touch this case. Their avoidance just increases my cynicism. Living victims have come forward and received no response. This is why cases can be kept “unsolved” for decades and then, after enough people who participated in the crimes and cover up have died, they can say “too bad, so sad.” They waited out my Dad. They are trying to do the same to me.

  5. Just a reminder. About 15 years ago, acting on a weak tip, the FBI and others spent over a million dollars digging up a horse farm in Milford, Michigan. They were looking for Jimmy Hoffa. They found nothing.

    1. Yeah right and we all know that he is in the foundation of the Renaissance Center everyone from Michigan knows that.

      1. Someone told me a call was made to Hoffa’s widow many decades ago, telling her where her husband’s body was disposed and this seemed to close the matter for the family. I would rather deal with the mob than the OCP.

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