“A massive institutional failure that occurred over the course of nearly four decades.”

Consider this piece about the WilmerHale report concerning U of M’s prolific predator, Dr. Robert Anderson which contains “more than enough evidence to determine that what occurred at the University of Michigan from 1966-2003 is the largest sexual abuse scandal in the history of college athletics”:


The report makes clear that the institutional failure of U of M resulted in many preventable sexual assaults and rapes by a physician employed to care for students. I believe a similar institutional failure, emanating directly from the office of the Oakland County Prosecutor and also continuing more than four decades, resulted in a preventable homicide (my brother) and the continuation of a prolific child sex and porn ring operating in Oakland County and therefore the continued sexual assault and rape of many child victims.

Where is a WilmerHale-type report on the OCP and complicit law enforcement in the OCCK and related child rape cases? The battle for transparency and accountability is always a fierce one, especially when it involves offenders, politicians and law enforcement with power. They can just bury mis and malfeasance, run out the clock and then, decades later, claim that no one is left alive who is guilty and just what the fuck do you want from us now? Truth and transparency, for starters. And exposure of those down the line over the decades who hid what their criminal predecessors did. You don’t get to decide what the greater good is here. You have already proven total incapacity for such decisions.

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  1. The issue is as always, money and reputation. U of M has a brand to redeem so they hire WilmerHale to do a study on past evils so they can “learn”. Oakland County and the State of Michigan would prefer to remain in the shadows playing ostrich hoping the past will go away rather than providing real justice for the people involved. There is no personal benefit to any of the current players to open Pandora’s box so it will remain closed. Politics has no real room for justice.

    1. Also… Epstein’s (mind-blowing newer information) pad at Interlochen was right….there… so close to N. Fox Island. And we know he loves a plane ride. I apologize if this is unhelpful; Please let me know.

      1. It is worthy of examination and consideration, if nothing else to think in broader terms of the high end “suits” who may have been involved in the child sex rings in Michigan. That this was never investigated in Michigan, unlike investigations in Illinois and Tennessee, for example, is very telling. Pedophiles in Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Ann Arbor and Charlevoix were all safe. And they knew it. And no one in a position to do anything about it then or now cares.

      2. Epstein was transitioning from teaching to finance in ‘76 when Sheldon vacated N. Fox Island and the US. Furthermore, Sheldon and company abused boys around 10-12, Epstein liked girls a couple of years older. Were they in contact later in life? Who knows. I’m not positive either one is dead.

        1. If Epstein was transitioning from teaching when Sheldon was vacating N. Fox Island, isn’t that saying they WERE right there at the same time?? Also, yes we know Epstein went for young girls, but his huge operation was connecting elites with kids to sexually abuse. Who’s to say he didn’t also provide boys to rich monsters? Just speculation.

          1. Epstein was a student at Interlochen in 1967 but never taught there, only in Manhattan. It wasn’t until the’90’s that he became a benefactor of Interlochen and a lodge bearing his name was built. I agree that traffickers would likely provide wealthy and powerful customers with victims outside of their own preferences. They are business people after all. It’s very likely that Epstein and Sheldon had a mutual acquaintance or two.

    2. It’s plausible that Dr. Anderson was involved with the same charitable organizations as Sheldon. He wasn’t the only pedophile doctor in Ann Arbor at the time — Dr. Howard Weinblatt was a pediatrician for decades who was caught a few years ago watching a young neighbor (and patient) undress.

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