New York Law Firm Publicly Naming Sex Predators

Just in case you didn’t think the tide was turning, check out this New York Child Victims Act Dashboard, which contains clergy abuse statistics in New York state and lists names of predators, including 176 predators who have not previously been publicly named.

And this week the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police announced they had solved a 32-year-old cold case involving a teen’s rape and murder.

Check this out: “With less than 15 human DNA cells left to sample, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police submitted a 32-year-old cold case to a Texas laboratory for testing in January. Six months later, police positively identified the suspect involved.”

Before you go to that place in your brain that automatically defends law enforcement in the OCCK case because “there was no DNA testing back in 1976 and 1977,” ask yourself why, in the biggest investigation in U.S. history at that time which used up a ton of grant money in addition to tax payers dollars, this case would have been “put to bed” in the haphazard way that it was with no regard for basic evidentiary standards for that era.

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  1. I firmly believe that law enforcement knew, or had a very good idea who was involved with the OCCK case. Due the affluence of those individuals, the suspects were never officially charged, or brought to justice. There was a lot of ass covering once certain individuals were named, and came to the forefront. It’s a tragedy that money was able to buy freedom and silence.

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